I promised new content and here it is, a shiny new segment. Saying segment makes me feel like a news reporter and I kind of dig it. News reporter Chloe at your service! So if you didn't know I'm a little bit of a magazine hoarder and by that I mean I used to get Vogue every single month for about three years straight. I realised I should stop once I saw the piles and piles of ancient issues taking up every empty space in my room, bye-bye extortionate monthly payments.

Issue nov/dec 2014 pages 252-263 shot by Ash Kingston

This time round I'm more of a 'get every now and then so I don't get carried away' sort of buyer. If the cover features someone I have a particular interest in or there's an article I want to read then I'll make the purchase, they are expensive after all. Think of all those monthly payments I once made - yikes!

Let's get into this 'segment' I'm going to call Spread, it's a post where I share a shoot or interview I've found hiding away in a magazine that you may of missed or one that I've finally gotten round to reading. First up, Wonderland. The popular Wonderland issue that had the princes of pop Miss Swift gracing it's cover last winter, which  BTW was a great cover and that's coming from a non-Taylor fan. Anyway, the shoot I'm talking about is titled Jive Talkin' which is basically a seventies dream filled with very cool gentlemen in very cool suits thanks to the likes of Robert Cavalli and Paul Smith. I think we all know my feelings towards men with long hair in suits and printed shirts, dreamy.

The styling in this spread is perfect, the mix of colours and patterns makes it extremely pleasing on the eyes before even taking a peek at the men wearing them. It's nine pages full of what look like young Jim Morrisons and it's obviously fabulous. I really would love a snake print suit now thanks to Isak on page 255! It's funny seeing that even last winter the seventies trend was making it's comeback and is still going strong. My favourite piece from the shoot has to be Yves striped blazer and silk shirt combo in the second photo from the bottom (although sadly the gent is half cut off but his outfit still shines on). The rolled up suit pants and chunky white socks makes it look completely chill and effortless rather than up-tight and formal like a very expensive YSL suit should. Just three dudes hanging out in some high-end designer gear smoking cigarettes and wearing sunglasses indoors to like it's the norm and I'm so into it!



On Friday I took a trip to the capital for London Fashion Weekend, the part of fashion week that's a little more toned down and tame - basically a celebration that all the not as cool people can enjoy, I'm talking about purely myself here. I'm yet to experience LFW but hey, there's always next year am I right?! Experiencing just a little part of it was great fun though, seeing designers collections and a catwalk show along with dozens of stylish people was seriously inspiring. But I'll save that for my next post, for now it's all about the OOTD I wore for such occasion.

Dress - Missguided (similar), belt - Missguided, shoes - eBay (Asos originally), denim jacket - Depop, ring - Bloody Mary Metal.

I wanted to dress true to my style with an outfit that really reflects 'me', so rocking some gear majorly inspired by the rock 'n' roll era, that Harry Styles lad and the one and only YSL is what this chicks all about, it was sort of an homage to the greats if you will. I am and forever will be obsessed with Yves Saint Laurent and the S/S collection that we saw a few months back was so inspiring for me. I always think of velvet, stars, glitter and the rock genre when YSL comes to mind so this outfit was majorly taken from that.

On the subject of Styles and YSL - two things that go marvellously in the same sentence, these boots are my version of the many pairs of boots and trainers that Saint Laurent has come out with, the metallic gold boots that Harry wears are my all time favourite shoe that I long to own, seriously just give me all the glitter and metallic boots please! My not as fancy but still pretty bad ass booties are an Asos special that I won on eBay for £3.60 including postage, yep you did read that correctly it wasn't your mind playing tricks on you because you're tired after a long day at work, honest! I feel so sorry for the lady who sold me these because they originally retail at £45 so I am very sorry lovely lady on eBay but you have made me very happy if it makes you feel any better?

I think if I was made into a cartoon character that wore the same clothes every episode (why so cartoons never change clothes by the way?), this would be my outfit. It reflects me and my style perfectly.



2ND JULY 2015

Shirt - Primark, jeans - Primark, jacket - Primark, shoes - Vans Classics, sunglasses - Matalan, bandana - Claires Accessories.

I've taken a leaf out of the YSL book of incredible fashion and channeled some serious boyish vibes. If you saw last weeks post featuring the Yves Saint Laurent S/S 2016 collection that I was in a constant drool over then you'd see where the inspiration came from. To be honest though, my style is already so inspired by menswear and masculine cuts that I mostly just threw together what I already owned and made one head-to-toe tom-boy outfit that I felt right at home in. 80% of the time I am a bit of a tom-boy, the other day I went to the shop with the baggiest pair of pants on, slip on vans and a t-shirt made for a XXL male, but it felt great and I loved every minute of it. I do feel like i'm wearing more of the boy's clothes than he is and I'm not even sorry about it!

This OOTD is very menswear inspired and I just so happen to actually be wearing menswear as this shirt was too funky not to join my ever growing collection, no shock there. The YSL collection is full of quirky patterned shirts which are quite obviously one of my favourite things as well as lots of leather and denim, I know it was like it was made for me. If you haven't checked it out yet do, seriously, I'm still scrolling through the photos now!

Before I leave you to your joyous Monday night I feel I should address my new 'strawberry blonde' locks, they're a work in progress and were supposed to turn out 'Bronde'. Totally awkward home dying situation where I'm inexperienced, cack-handed and just generally have no idea what I'm doing. I'm embracing it though and using quite a lot of silver shampoo to help me through this difficult time. Hopefully it'll look a little less brassy soon, pray for me.


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23RD JULY 2015
All photographs from Vogue.com

We need to talk about this collection from the one and only Saint Laurent before I burst with joy. I cannot express my love for this runway show, every single one of the looks showcased perfectly sums up my ideal style. The amount of Cobain and Jagger vibes coming from it excites me to no end, it's unreal. As soon as I saw the chisele jawed male with Kurt Cobains hair and Mick Jaggers face, I melted, and it's not even about models personal appearance! They all ooze cool complete with 90's grunge vibes, I'm so obsessed. It feels like we've taken a step back to the night of a Hole concert and selected people from the audience to walk the catwalk. Think Aerosmith, Motley Crue and Poison all in one place, I know, I could fucking swear it's that cool, oh wait...

I don't know if a lot of you know this but I do have quite strong feelings towards a certain Cobain (I have the man tattooed on my arm) but we'll save that for another day when there isn't so many other men to talk about. I couldn't get over how much the gentlemen modeling the Saint Laurent garments looked like Kurt especially having long bleached hair and his iconic white sunglasses, it's almost uncanny. The cardigans, plaid shirts and converse just made up the look even more.

Not only is there an array of perfect mens clothing but there were a few womens looks that were just as awesome. They featured baby doll dresses with big chunky boots and leather with the occasional neck wear - I mean, a bow-tie?! That reminds me of a phase I had where I wanted to dress in a suit and wear a bow-tie because men could so why couldn't I? I took 'menswear' to a whole new level and kitted myself out with a pant-suit from Newlook and a bow-tie from Topman and topped it of with a pair of black high-top converse, from then on menswear has always been a love of mine. This runway definitely gave me the chills and reminded me of how much I adore mens fashion.

Of course, I can't end this post without mentioning the patterned blazers, coats and obviously shirts. I am actually drooling. If only my bank balance allowed me to kit myself out in every single one if these looks then I could die a happy girl quite honestly. I haven't been taken back by a collection in what feels like forever so hats off to you YSL for making my knees week and my heart melt, you rule.

If you head to their website there's lookbook slideshow right on the homepage which I've been staring at for ages. So much inspiration on a fashion and photography point of view it's all just flowing right on out of me!


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