Approximately two days ago I wrote this tweet (try to ignore my low battery, I did place it on charge after this don't worry). It ended up being a thought that a lot of other people agreed with, which actually shocked me. The reason I wrote this tweet was because of some activity on my time line that same day. This particular activity was actually someone saying how rude and unsupportive they thought it was that a woman they followed, had unfollowed them on all of their socials. This tweet said person wrote got a lot of people replying, saying they agreed it was rude and totally uncalled for. Sorry? It’s not OK to unfollow someone? This really didn’t sit right to me.

Life’s all about change, it changes more often than we think. So what’s wrong with us wanting to change what we see on our feeds? It almost comes hand in hand with our every day life. I started to ponder about this and think of ways I could describe why this is OK. So, here’s what I thought of... Think of it as a trend, let’s use gingham as an example here. Gingham has been around for a while and has become something I’ve fallen out of love with, I don’t enjoy still seeing it in the shops or on the runway, I’m over it. Here's another example, remember when your mother got wind that you like that dinner she cooked up that one time, so she constantly made it until you couldn't stand it anymore (we’d still eat it though because food is food, am I right?). Stupid examples aside, we don’t always enjoy the things we did previously.

I’ve followed YouTubers in the past that I absolutely adored, but then I got bored of their content (especially those who started click-baiting) so I unsubscribed with no guilt at all. I’ve even gone too and from creators, enjoying them one month and going off them the next. I’m sure influencers know this is the pattern of their followers. I mean, how many people who watched Zoella six years ago, still watch her today? I grew out of her content because it’s aimed to a younger audience, and I’ve grown up. I still enjoy the idea of her as a person because she does seem like a total cutie, but that’s besides the point, I won’t sit and watch her vlogs every week because it just doesn’t appeal to me anymore.

People’s style changes too, we are in a world where new trends and brands appear constantly, and we change along with them. If someone’s personal style evolves, who’s to say we’ll still enjoy seeing their content anymore? We change, you change, and that’s OK.

Whether blogging is a job or a hobby, I think we need to look at it as a business. I rarely follow a personal friend outside of the blogging world on Instagram or Twitter, because I feel like I don’t need to see their content. I use these platforms for my blog and getting reach of other like-minded creatives, not to know what my friends been up to, because more often than not I spoke to them thirty minutes prior anyway, but mostly because it doesn’t matter to me in a blogging/business sense.

If we followed every person we ever met outside or inside of the blogging circle, we wouldn’t be keeping true to ourselves. Let’s be real, we’re not going to like everyone we meet (and if you do you’re a far nicer individual than me) so why bother following them? I think it’s more rude to follow people we’re not even fond of, because that’s two-faced, and why on earth would you even want to see their content anyway?!

This has sparked me to do a big unfollow on twitter which felt pretty good, and it's almost made me enjoy it more as a platform. I've made it a place I now like to go and really see what the people I adore most are creating. I may come across as cruel, and not everyone will agree with my words here, but I’m being real and so should you. It is OK to use that unfollow button if and when we please. It’s your life and your time line and we have the luxury of choosing what we see.

Of course there is always the mute button, which might seem less harsh. But wouldn't it be really awkward if you get asked wether you've seen their latest tweet?! I couldn't handle that, I'd rather the grown swallow me whole. It's an option though, and if this suits you better than I say go for it, but hopfully whoever it may be would understand. Let's face it, I'm sure you wouldn't be unfollowing people who you do conversate with all the time anyway, right? 

Whatever the case may be, we as bloggers don’t have a oath to fulfil, it’s not our rite of passage to support everyone we find on the internet. Remember - life is forever changing, and so is our time lines.


Bristol is a thriving pool of creativity, there are artists swarming the streets and musicians everywhere you turn. Since moving here I've met many amazingly talented people that make beautiful works of art, or can sing melodies perfectly while playing intense guitar riffs, just one of the many reasons I love this city. I got the chance to capture one Bristol band that made me want to get out and see more of what the music scene it has to offer.

Meet Zepher, a Bristol based rock-pop band that will get you singing along to their songs instantly. The band consist of Welsh brothers Louis Ellis (lead vocals) and Toby Ellis (drums, vocals) and guitarist Shannon Edwards, who put in a lot of hard work that will surely bring them plenty of success in the industry. I was lucky enough to hear them play at a gig back in May. This was my first time seeing them and I was instantly hooked. I find it easy to love bands that fall into the pop-rock genre as they depend on catchy lyrics and epic choruses. Of course, most of Zepher's songs have those in spades, which made it a gig that I could enjoy every minute of. Their stage presence is electric, with each member playing with everything they have and using up all parts of the stage (bar Toby, who sits himself firmly at his drum kit getting into the moment).

I met front man Louis when I first started working at my job and without even asking, I knew he was a musician. Creative people usually ooze some sort of flair, he was no exception. Louis does the rock'n'roll thing rather well, which is ideal if you're the singer of a rock band. Shannon and Toby match perfectly also, which means as a trio they are sure to put on a show. Zepher have been together since 2012 and have been busy throughout those four years writing and recording original material and playing shows around the UK. The entire band have eclectic music tastes and influences and try to listen to a varied and diverse range of music. However, the group's original material is, in essence, riff-based rock that relies heavily on melody and pop sensibilities.

The band used to be a foursome, so have created music with other members in the past. I got to see them all together but I'm excited for what's to come with their new, slightly smaller team. Having recently dealt with the line-up change, they took some time away to concentrate on songwriting and their sound as a three piece, but they are now gearing up to make one hell of a return to the scene with brand new material and a bigger sound. The band are also in talks with various studios and producers with regards to recording new music for an EP; release TBC. With all these plans in place, they are sure to come back strong and ready to take on whatever comes their way.

My favourite Zepher song so far is She Trouble, released in November last year. Every time I think about it, it's stuck in my head for days - a blessing rather than a curse. There's no denying it's a complete tune that has a memorable chorus and a compelling sound. When scrolling through their YouTube to have another listen, I can across an absolute gem that I had yet to see, a 90's inspired power-ballad that isn't just a good tune, but a great time for Louis's hair. Grow it back! Hair aside, the great thing about their videos is the high production value, which is rare to see from an up-and-coming band. Usually it takes a good while before parts like that become decent, but Zepher have put time and effort into their music in all ways possible.

Zepher work so hard to make music their passion by forever practising and coming up with new ideas, which was great to witness when having the chance to shoot them. The boys asked me to take some photographs of them for their Facebook page - obviously I said yes! I've been wanting to try out music photography for some time now and what better place to start than with Zepher? A band full of talented lads with so much energy and charisma to give.

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TOPSHOP HAUL | 15.11.15

It feels good to get up more content on my channel and whats better than a haul, a Topshop haul at that! I've always said I've wanted to try new things over on my YouTube channel but I'm yet to adventure out and do so. I have recently started the Monthly Mixtape section but that's just the start of all my never-ending ideas. Maybe I'll be brave enough to give it all again soon. For now though here's my latest video and while I'm at it I should apologise about the lack of outfit posts recently.

I dropped my camera down a flight of concrete stairs, it was horrendous. But, I have ordered myself a new lens and should be back on the regular styling posts soon. A little life lesson for you all - always wear your camera strap...

AUGUST HAUL | 6.9.15

I've just uploaded my monthly haul! It's not the most exciting collection of items I've ever hauled but there you go. I've been a little quiet on the blogging front this week due to me not feeling too well, as you can tell from this video I have a stinking cold and because I'm pathetic I've been moping about in my PJ's on my sofa for the past few days - tragic. I have got a new outfit posting coming tomorrow though so I'll be back to my usual self soon!

Anyway, enjoy the haul and apologize again it's a little basic. Subscribe if you enjoyed and anything you need to know will be in the down-bar below!



It's music time again! It's my second 'Monthly Mix-tape' and hopefully I've got some good songs this month for you to have a listen to.

Don't forget you can follow my Spotify to hear my playlist, although I can't get Dre's new album on there so I did join Apple Music instead - guilty. But, nevertheless you can still find most of the songs I'm loving over there.

For more information check the down-bar to the video. Hope you enjoy and don't forget to subscribe if you did!


EAGLE BOMBER | 17.8.15

My mind is blown at the fact it's taken me this long to wear this bomber, this totally amazing bomber. I bought it more than a month ago and kind of forgot about it until now, I am aware of how bad that is and I have given myself a well deserved slap on the wrist for it. You may have seen it in a haul video I did two months ago but since then it hasn't been worn despite how awesome I think it is. But having said that, today was in fact the day this beauty came out to play!
Top - Forever 21, jacket - H&M, shorts - Forever 21, boots - River Island, sunglasses - Matalan.

I thought it would look cool with some boho pieces like these tapestry shorts from Forever 21 as the jacket itself is quite native. I wanted to take that further and add some pattern and these shorts were a match made in heaven, the colours go perfect together and make a change from a pair of denim cut-offs. I'm so obsessed with Forever 21 and their selection of shorts that I've worked up quite the collection, these being my favorite so far so I just had to get some more wear out of them before the sun went down for another year!

I feel I haven't worn much pattern in a while so I went all out with a clash of leopard print for my booties, booties that I can't actually walk in without highly embarrassing myself and towering over any person that walks past... They do make my pins looks extra elongated and thin for once though which I am happy about. As much as I think these boots are killer (in more sense than one) I've got to be honest as I have only worn these once to a club and hated every moment of it - not just because I was in a club but because they made me stick out like a sore thumb in a small room full of drunken teenagers half my height. With that being said I am thinking of passing these on to someone with more heel experience so you may just see them pop up over on my eBay along with lot's of other bits and bobs so make sure you head there for some of my pre-loved goods!



7TH JULY 2015

It's monthly haul time! I've got a few bits from Primark and Topshop with some other bits and bobs like my beautiful Duo boots you saw in last weeks outfit post. Hope you guys enjoy this months round up of purchases! Make sure to subscribe if you did and anything you may need to know will be in the description box below. Thanks for watching!


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22ND JUNE 2015

I finally bit the bullet and filmed a video I've thought about doing for months and months, proud moment over here! Even though I like to share my music with you guys here on my blog (have you ever noticed the 'Current Sounds' drop down menu over in the top right hand corner before?) I've thought about sharing more over on my YouTube channel by making a monthly video about my favorite music the month. I know most of us are music lovers so I hope some of you will enjoy finding new music through these videos, or maybe even sharing the love for a certain song with me. Think a beauty gurus monthly favorites video but swap that certain special foundation for a rock song, yep, that's what these videos are all about!

I'm going to post these at the end of every month even if they get barely any views (let's hope not...) because it's something I'm 100% up for doing on the regular. So, keep an eye out on my channel to hear what I've been playing non-stop throughout that particular month.

Along with a video I've also created a Spotify playlist which you can follow if you're a fellow Spotify user like me! If not then you can find all of the songs mentioned in the description box of the video itself. I'm hoping the playlist will get bigger and bigger over the months, as it currently only has these songs on it for the minute!

If you've had a listen to the song's I've mentioned then let me know what you think in the comments over here or on YouTube, whether you love or hate them! You can leave me a few songs to check out too if you like, I'm constantly looking for new music and I bet some of you have some killer songs hiding away on your iPod's.

So, I leave you with this and I hope you enjoy it. It's a little different and as much as I adore fashion and beauty videos, I want to bring my love of music to my channel and create more lifestyle posts an videos for you all. Thanks for tuning in and giving it a watch if you did and make sure to subscribe if you enjoyed!


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16TH MAY 2015

I've been in Bristol for over a month now and strolling about finding all the best spots have made for the ultimate day out. Seriously though, what more could you want than a day consisting of browsing the shops, having some lunch, resting those tired legs in a pretty park and stopping for coffee on the regular, not much really! That's what most of mine and Dan's date days consist of and we always look forward to them.

As we're still pretty new to the area we have a lot of places left to discover and we plan to jump on a bus whenever we can to explore our little hearts out, that £17 a week bus ticket does have to come to some use after all. We ended up heading to a place known as The Triangle after passing there after we hunted out a Gumtree seller who sold us our coach. We went through in our hefty transit van and were drawn in by the sight of independent shops and quirky cafes, so it definitely made the top of our 'To Explore' list.

We aimed to head out by breakfast that day but you know how it is, plans fail when it comes to waking up early on your day off... So, by noon we finally exited our front door and hoped on a bus to search out the place we went past a few weeks back. Thank goodness for Google Maps because we would of been hella lost without it! We found it once again and immediately stopped for something to eat as we did end up skipping breakfast. We went straight for the wonders that was an all you can eat Chinese, Indian with a bit of British comfort food and sushi thrown in too (I know, it sounds too good to be true doesn't it?) because how could you not - spoiler alert IT WAS AMAZING. We both had a couple of plates but were eventually defeated and needed to walk off our carb infested bellies with a walk around some shops. We stumbled across a very cool record store called Rise Revival which also sells books, clothing and art work. We purchased a few bits for our home and of course ourselves.

After a wonder around and a coffee in our system we ended up being drawn towards a group of teenage skaters having a quick ten minute skate around on their breaks from the day job. There's something about skating that is incredible to watch, the thrill and the cool vibes that come with it make for great entertainment, especially with a few bails.

We initially wanted to go out on the search for Banksy art work but got a little sidetracked with everything else we came across. Luckily we found a couple on our way, including the Wall Hanger. We're not massive Banksy fans but it was actually great to see some of his work first hand and when in Bristol, you've got to hunt out at least one of his pieces.

I'm hoping you liked the idea of this sort of post as I plan on doing a lot more in the future. I also picked up my vlogging camera yesterday when in the middle of writing this, I must of had too much inspiration flowing about my brain as that could potentially be bad idea. Stay tuned on my YouTube channel for that and for more of these lifestyle posts!


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8TH MAY 2015

My May haul is up and it features a few different bits this time as there's not many high-street items for once! I've got one hell of a beaut shirt from Marc Jacobs, a rare Depop purchase and a couple of items from a little independent store called The Cove Boutique, which I spoke about in my last post.

You can head over to the video itself to find any information you need in the description box as per usual. Hope you enjoy and make sure to subscribe if you did!


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26TH MAY 2015
LISTENING TOO: THE BEATLES - NO REPLY ♫ Top - Forever 21, jeans - M&S, jacket - thrifted, hat - eBay, sunglasses - Topshop, boots - M&S, watch - Topshop.

And they want their everything back. I'm literally taking a trip back in time with this outfit and I'm so into it. We all know seventies styling has come back in full force and I've always been head over heels in love with it. Although I think it was a great time for fashion, the people of the seventies will probably disagree. I love the tassels, bell bottoms, colours and the music, all of it is right up my street!

Another reason to love the seventies is because many of the greatest bands (I personally think anyway) come from that era from the likes of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones and obviously The Beatles to name a few. I'm a huge fan of rock from that era so the fashion side of it does come with it as I do find myself looking similar to those who attend a Bob Dylan concert. The Beatles are the star of the show in this case and I'm looking more like a roadie from one of their shows instead.

I showed you guys this crop top in my most recent Forever 21 haul on my YouTube channel and went on and on about how much I adore it so I wont go on about that too much. I do seriously love it though because the shape and the cut is super unique and makes a change from my dozens of other band tee's. It's also got the classic seventies colours with the yellow and the orange, I really wish I owned a suede jacket because that would of made this outfit extra dreamy. Oh dear, that's next on the list now!

I've got to mention the fact I'm wearing a pair of burgundy cords, like seriously am I turning into my Mother already? I'm not complaining as she is a hella stylish lady but I never thought I'd wear a pair of cords again. I wore them years ago before I even cared about skinny jeans and thought I would never look back. But as a true lover of style around that era, I was completely drawn to these cords. I think it's stupid to say you'll never wear a certain item of clothing because believe me it's easy to be swayed...

I ended up scrolling through way too many sites before finding this seriously retro hat on eBay and my goodness it was stressful, I wanted one so badly. I've wanted one ever since seeing my main man Harry Styles wearing one while looking ridiculously cool walking through the streets of London during winter. I really do get swayed too much by his style because even if he was donning a neon pink cat suit I would probably give that a go too. He just looks good in anything and is quite possibly the male version of myself.

To top it all off I've got my favorite ever pair of sunglasses to add an even more old school vibe. I have so much love for all of these items that this OOTD is one of my top and yes, I would like to be buried in it, ok?


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26TH APRIL 2015
It's that time again where I show you all the things I don't need but did in fact really badly want. This month I've purchased a fair few items from the likes of Primark, H&M, Forever 21 and more. If you'd like the links for any of the items featured then head over to the video via YouTube and check out the description box as everything I could find is listed for you there!

Thanks for watching, feel free to leave a comment or even subscribe if your heart so desires!


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19TH APRIL 2015

So the lovely people over at Your Tea sent me some tea (duhh) to try! They sent me the Tiny Tea 28 day TEAtox, you can also buy one that's only 14 day if you'd rather have a trial run before spending a little more money on the longer one. This is supposed to help with bloating, cellulite, problematic skin and increasing energy. There are a couple more things it will assist you on but these are the problems that really stick out for me, and if something may help those then I'm willing to give it a try!

I 've also made a video on my YouTube channel reviewing the tea, but I thought I'd write a bit more about it over here as well.

First off I really did enjoy giving this tea a go, I'm a bit of a tea snob and have at least 5 cups a day, so I was pretty stocked to try something new in the tea region and mix it up for a change. I was slightly worried before trying it because I'm a standard British tea kind of gal, I do love myself a green tea every now and then but most of the time I need a strong cup of plain ol' English tea! I did wonder if it would be a floral or fruity taste, two things I hate in a tea, BUT all was well and it tasted lovely. It was a lot like green tea as it felt fresh drinking it and didn't leave me feeling bloated at any point, something that regular tea tends to do to me. Over all the taste was joyus and pleasant to drink.

I talked about this a fair bit in the video, and that's the fact that I found it hard at first to fit in the time to consume my tea. I'm a bit of a forgetful person anyway so that probably didn't help in the slightest, but at the time I received this lovely box of tea, I was working non-stop at my retail job and that takes up 8 hours of a day. I usually work from 11am to 7pm, which between that time is when lunch and dinner is usually had. On the leaflet it tells you to drink your tea half an hour before any meal three times a day and that's where I struggled, I couldn't pop out the back thirty minutes before my lunch break and sit and have a cup of tea, then go back again thirty minutes later and eat, that's just not happening! So I couldn't have any tea for 80% of my day, which defeats the object really doesn't it?
I ended up saving it for a couple of months until the busy winter season at work was over and I wasn't working as much, I'm really glad I did because it gave me a chance to actually enjoy it.

From January I decided I wanted to stop eating meat, this is because I suffer badly with bloating. I would eat a meal with meat in and instantly feel the size of a house, I'd sometimes even get bad stomach pains. Weather that was because of the meat or not, ever since quitting it I've felt so much better. There are a few other thing's I've cut out because of my bad tummy, such as bread, and I now feel like a much healthier person. As this tea suggests it helps with bloating so I was eager to give it a go and although it had reduced significantly already it helped just that little bit more in making me feel less full. If you also struggle with bloating then I highly suggest giving this TEAtox a go because I know just how bad it can make you feel and it helped me greatly!

Also, because I've stopped eating meat (I still eat fish, I know, rubbish vegetarian and all that) my energy levels aren't all that great. I suffer greatly from that especially when it's warm, I tend to loose all will to do anything that requires effort and that's not something I enjoy. This was an issue before I stopped eating meat, but has became worse since. I noticed mostly that the tea would help me a lot in the mornings, I would have it thirty minutes before breakfast and already feel energized and I'm not a morning person so I found this pretty surprising.

As for my skin my pimples did reduce on my forehead, which I like to call my 'bad area'. I suffer a fair bit with spots appearing at awful times in places highly visible to other people and it's the worst. I know most of us suffer with spots and bad skin so I'm sure you can all feel my pain with this one! Watching my skin appear less covered was a pretty good feeling, although since stopping the tea I have now got the mother of all spots right on the center of my forehead - typical. Given, it's not something that will last forever but it was good while it lasted.

I wouldn't say I was the most unhealthy person in the world, I definitely watch what I eat but I of course enjoy eating bad foods occasionally too! As if I can resist chocolate or cake or crisps... But I did feel like a healthier person during my time on my TEAtox, knowing you're drinking something so good for you makes you feel a lot better about yourself, and my stomach didn't look too bad either!

If you want to see more about Your Tea then check out their Instagram page @yourtea , or @yourtinytea for the teaTOX I did! If you've tried this tea for yourself I would love to hear what you thought, if you like you can leave a comment on my video review here!


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14TH MARCH 2015

As promised in my last video, my Forever 21 clothing haul is here! I found some beautiful bohemian pieces online and had to add them to my basket - pronto! They have really lovely clothing and accessories available at the moment and I currently have fours tabs open containing more items I need want. Uh-oh.

Thank you for watching and if there's anything you want to know or you would like the links to the items I was able to find, then head to the video here and check the info box below it!


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2ND MARCH 2015

The start of my monthly hauls, HOORAH! I'll be doing a clothing haul at the end of every month from now on to show you guys what I've been buying throughout the month. But as mentioned, I will also be showing you collective hauls, beauty hauls or homeware hauls in between. Stay tuned and subscribe for a seriously, seriously good Forever 21 haul coming up next week too!

For more information about the video or any of the items featured then head here and read the video bio where links are available to anything I've mentioned.

Thanks for watching!


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