19TH APRIL 2015

So the lovely people over at Your Tea sent me some tea (duhh) to try! They sent me the Tiny Tea 28 day TEAtox, you can also buy one that's only 14 day if you'd rather have a trial run before spending a little more money on the longer one. This is supposed to help with bloating, cellulite, problematic skin and increasing energy. There are a couple more things it will assist you on but these are the problems that really stick out for me, and if something may help those then I'm willing to give it a try!

I 've also made a video on my YouTube channel reviewing the tea, but I thought I'd write a bit more about it over here as well.

First off I really did enjoy giving this tea a go, I'm a bit of a tea snob and have at least 5 cups a day, so I was pretty stocked to try something new in the tea region and mix it up for a change. I was slightly worried before trying it because I'm a standard British tea kind of gal, I do love myself a green tea every now and then but most of the time I need a strong cup of plain ol' English tea! I did wonder if it would be a floral or fruity taste, two things I hate in a tea, BUT all was well and it tasted lovely. It was a lot like green tea as it felt fresh drinking it and didn't leave me feeling bloated at any point, something that regular tea tends to do to me. Over all the taste was joyus and pleasant to drink.

I talked about this a fair bit in the video, and that's the fact that I found it hard at first to fit in the time to consume my tea. I'm a bit of a forgetful person anyway so that probably didn't help in the slightest, but at the time I received this lovely box of tea, I was working non-stop at my retail job and that takes up 8 hours of a day. I usually work from 11am to 7pm, which between that time is when lunch and dinner is usually had. On the leaflet it tells you to drink your tea half an hour before any meal three times a day and that's where I struggled, I couldn't pop out the back thirty minutes before my lunch break and sit and have a cup of tea, then go back again thirty minutes later and eat, that's just not happening! So I couldn't have any tea for 80% of my day, which defeats the object really doesn't it?
I ended up saving it for a couple of months until the busy winter season at work was over and I wasn't working as much, I'm really glad I did because it gave me a chance to actually enjoy it.

From January I decided I wanted to stop eating meat, this is because I suffer badly with bloating. I would eat a meal with meat in and instantly feel the size of a house, I'd sometimes even get bad stomach pains. Weather that was because of the meat or not, ever since quitting it I've felt so much better. There are a few other thing's I've cut out because of my bad tummy, such as bread, and I now feel like a much healthier person. As this tea suggests it helps with bloating so I was eager to give it a go and although it had reduced significantly already it helped just that little bit more in making me feel less full. If you also struggle with bloating then I highly suggest giving this TEAtox a go because I know just how bad it can make you feel and it helped me greatly!

Also, because I've stopped eating meat (I still eat fish, I know, rubbish vegetarian and all that) my energy levels aren't all that great. I suffer greatly from that especially when it's warm, I tend to loose all will to do anything that requires effort and that's not something I enjoy. This was an issue before I stopped eating meat, but has became worse since. I noticed mostly that the tea would help me a lot in the mornings, I would have it thirty minutes before breakfast and already feel energized and I'm not a morning person so I found this pretty surprising.

As for my skin my pimples did reduce on my forehead, which I like to call my 'bad area'. I suffer a fair bit with spots appearing at awful times in places highly visible to other people and it's the worst. I know most of us suffer with spots and bad skin so I'm sure you can all feel my pain with this one! Watching my skin appear less covered was a pretty good feeling, although since stopping the tea I have now got the mother of all spots right on the center of my forehead - typical. Given, it's not something that will last forever but it was good while it lasted.

I wouldn't say I was the most unhealthy person in the world, I definitely watch what I eat but I of course enjoy eating bad foods occasionally too! As if I can resist chocolate or cake or crisps... But I did feel like a healthier person during my time on my TEAtox, knowing you're drinking something so good for you makes you feel a lot better about yourself, and my stomach didn't look too bad either!

If you want to see more about Your Tea then check out their Instagram page @yourtea , or @yourtinytea for the teaTOX I did! If you've tried this tea for yourself I would love to hear what you thought, if you like you can leave a comment on my video review here!


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