I promised new content and here it is, a shiny new segment. Saying segment makes me feel like a news reporter and I kind of dig it. News reporter Chloe at your service! So if you didn't know I'm a little bit of a magazine hoarder and by that I mean I used to get Vogue every single month for about three years straight. I realised I should stop once I saw the piles and piles of ancient issues taking up every empty space in my room, bye-bye extortionate monthly payments.

Issue nov/dec 2014 pages 252-263 shot by Ash Kingston

This time round I'm more of a 'get every now and then so I don't get carried away' sort of buyer. If the cover features someone I have a particular interest in or there's an article I want to read then I'll make the purchase, they are expensive after all. Think of all those monthly payments I once made - yikes!

Let's get into this 'segment' I'm going to call Spread, it's a post where I share a shoot or interview I've found hiding away in a magazine that you may of missed or one that I've finally gotten round to reading. First up, Wonderland. The popular Wonderland issue that had the princes of pop Miss Swift gracing it's cover last winter, which  BTW was a great cover and that's coming from a non-Taylor fan. Anyway, the shoot I'm talking about is titled Jive Talkin' which is basically a seventies dream filled with very cool gentlemen in very cool suits thanks to the likes of Robert Cavalli and Paul Smith. I think we all know my feelings towards men with long hair in suits and printed shirts, dreamy.

The styling in this spread is perfect, the mix of colours and patterns makes it extremely pleasing on the eyes before even taking a peek at the men wearing them. It's nine pages full of what look like young Jim Morrisons and it's obviously fabulous. I really would love a snake print suit now thanks to Isak on page 255! It's funny seeing that even last winter the seventies trend was making it's comeback and is still going strong. My favourite piece from the shoot has to be Yves striped blazer and silk shirt combo in the second photo from the bottom (although sadly the gent is half cut off but his outfit still shines on). The rolled up suit pants and chunky white socks makes it look completely chill and effortless rather than up-tight and formal like a very expensive YSL suit should. Just three dudes hanging out in some high-end designer gear smoking cigarettes and wearing sunglasses indoors to like it's the norm and I'm so into it!