WHIRLING EYE | 16.10.16

Meet my new favourite t-shirt! I know, I have tons of band related items of clothing but this one is my current love. I got it from the merch stand when The Kills played on October the 5th at Bristol's Anson Rooms, a great venue to get sucked into the music with its huge empty room, high ceilings and funky bar next door. I waited eagerly to see The Kills after buying my ticket in the presale months before the gig. After waiting patiently, the day finally came where I would see Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince perform together at last. I've been a serious fan from the early age of fourteen and what do you know, nine years later I saw them in the flesh only a couple of metres away. It was the perfect night and I came away with a bit of merchandise as well as a sore throat and a bump on my head thanks to my friend Lewis headbutting me when 'Heart of a Dog' started.

Top - The Kills 2016 Whirling Eye tour
Trousers - Topshop
Boots - Topshop
Choker - Primark
Sunglasses - Market
Necklace - True Rocks via Jewel Street *
Rings - Bloody Mary Metal and vintage

In true Mosshart style, I've paired my new shirt with some leather trousers, a last season purchase from Topshop. I'm due a new pair, I'm wanting something more on the vinyl side of things but I'm yet to find any that are a good middle ground between fashionable leather and obvious bondage PVC. I'm keeping my eyes peeled hoping Zara will pull a pair out of the bag soon, as they tend to do during the winter months.

I've chopped off my boots in this photoset, not intentionally but probably for the best. I've just said goodbye to my trusty silver Topshop ankle boots after a whole year of service. They hold a lot of memories though, like this gig for one. I seem to wear them to most evening events where I know they'll get trashed. The first time I wore them was at Tame Impala in February and in the morning when I stumbled to get dressed, I found them almost black with dirty foot prints and beer from the night before. Since then they've had a very worn out look which almost looked better than the perfectly shiny finish they had when first bought, but now it's a new low. In fact, a couple of days ago the right heel broke off. Definitely time to say my goodbyes, or I could keep them for future events. Better than ruining another pair of metallic booties I suppose!

I'm experimenting with my neckwear these days, mixing it up and replacing my skinny scarfs with chokers. This unusual looking one is from Primark and I've had a ton of comments on it, everyone wondering where I got it from. I'm a little bored of my plain black one so thought I'd be adventurous and try something a little different. I plan on stocking up on more soon so it will probably get to the point where I'm wearing one daily without hesitation. Another new accessory is these sunglasses, bought from a little market stall. I forget how many hidden gems these places have, making it a great change from the high street and giving you something a bit more diverse. I nearly always go for a round shape in my glasses and to be honest I do own five other pairs similar to these, but the blue and green lenses with the gold trim make a dreamy difference to the plain metal ones I had before these. Five whole pounds to the glasses of my dreams? You'll do!

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