I am yet to fault Ted&Muffy, this is the second time they have left me speechless with a pair of shoes. Granted if anythings going to make me speechless it will be a pair of glorious ankle booties but still, I really was lost for words when I got these from Mr.Postie. I have a couple of red ankle boots but they're nothing compared to these beauties. These are so cool I can't stop staring at them, I almost don't want to wear them because of how amazing they are - they are the ultimate rocker boot! Think Kate Moss and Alison Mossheart, those rock babes would don these boots in a heartbeat.

I don't know if you remember but a few months back I did a post on Duo, which is now Ted&Muffy. They've gone back to their roots and picked up their old name and it's defnitely for the better as Ted&Muffy does have a ring to it. I adore the last pair I received so when I got another I seriously couldn't contain myself, they are the most comfortable, well made shoe to ever grace my feet and like I said in my last post about the brand, I've changed my tune and opened up about spending money on high-end items. The love that goes into these boots is on another level and I know they'll last me many years to come.

Obviously the boot itself is unreal, but I've got to hand it to them for the packaging. I'm one of those package snobs that refuses to pay for somthing if the packaging is all kinds of wrong. When they were still Duo the box they came in was lovely but this time round it's ten times better! The illistration that covers the box and the little intrecut detaling makes it so exciting when unwrapping them - 10/10 for that!

Just wait till you see these guys in action, they really are something special. The A/W collection over on the website is so to die for that I'm certain I need another five pairs from the range including these amazing studded brogues, even these silver snake skin ones are insane! I need shoe therepy and Ted&Muffy you are NOT helping!