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Sister Jane

, and this time it's all about their




. When I went to the

Siser Jane

store I thought I'd only be greeted by rails of floaty dresses and patterned suits (

their staple product

), fact is I also got shown the new collection from



it was a total treat!

So, instead of picking a select handful of purely Sister Jane, I decided to try on some pieces from them as well. Turns out this one ended up coming home with me, or to the cabin shall I say. I'm a sucker for a frill, and this rusty orange shade is the most perfect colour for autumn, so I couldn't resist. A perfect piece to shoot in the warmth of our cabin we acquired of the night! So here it is, part two of my collaboration with the dream team that is Sister Jane and Ghospell...






recently launched their latest collection,

Winter Paradise

, which is filled with rustic hues, winter florals and of course a ruffle or two. Ruffles are huge this season, and perfect for any man or woman wanting to feel a bit Bowie circa 1970's. As the bohemian ruffles made me feel like it was an ode to Bowie, I wanted to team it with some trousers that I know he would of enjoyed. Say hello to my sequin flares of dreams that were made to be worn with  girlie frill! 

This outfit borders on rock and roll with the sequins and flamboyant blouse, I could image rock stars like Alex Turner picking the shirt and Mick Jagger selecting the trousers, it's a bold mix and match outfit, but for me it totally works. If I was a front man this would be my stage outfit, but sadly every time I've picked up an instrument I've failed miserably, and boy have I tried! I'll stick to wearing this combo off stage and keep singing into my hairbrush in private, something I do all too often.

These flares are going to be my winter party piece. They're so easy to style because they do all the talking for you. Wear them with a basic t-shirt and your outfits pretty much made. I bought mine from


, but since picking them up I've seen brands like



Pretty Little Thing

jump on the hype. I think our Insta feeds will be filled with sequin OOTD's from here until January 1st and I'm excited about it! I can't wait to take these babies for a spin on the town, maybe I'll head to a karaoke bar and live my dream of wearing the ultimate front man attire on an actual stage with an actual real life microphone and not my Tangle Teaser. Maybe, but probably not...

Stay tuned for my next photo set which features even more

Sister Jane

and even more ruffle!


Hello to Instagram babes Vicky Gallagher and Gemma Edwards! I met these two mega beautiful and seriously cool girls through the wonders of social media, honestly, I've met some of the best people through Instagram I feel I should personally thank it somehow...

We spent a sunny Sunday in Camden and Primrose Hill shooting numerous outfits including some of their own retro garms and some hand-picked pieces from vintage store E.R. Saloon run by the equally beautiful Eliza Moore. I was jealous of the pair of them all day in their ultra seventies looks that where made to be worn by them both. I'm especially in love with the pin-stripe jeans, can we find me a pair and wear them together in the hopes of looking just as bad ass as you two?

To see the whole shoot head to the portfolio section of my site.

Looking back at this shoot reminds me of how much I adore vintage clothing (not that I ever forget), it's rare you look this cool in high street clobber. So, huge thank you to E.R. Saloon for letting us style your dreamy vintage pieces and thank you to Vicky and Gemma for shooting with me, it was an absolute pleasure!


Wearing a mundane outfit and adding ridiculous accessories makes getting dressed in the morning easy, but also a lot of fun. You don't have to think hard about if something matches, you can just stick to a plain pair of jeans and a basic t-shirt and let the accessories do the talking. For me, it's all about the sunglasses, which easily make summer one of my favourite seasons. Who doesn't like wearing a pair of shades to cover the lack of sleep from the night before? Not only do they hide a multitude of sins but they also look cool as heck. I have an impressive collection which grows every summer. It ranges from the classic perfectly-round John Lennon specs to a simple RayBan Wayfarer knock-off, but these ones are quite possibly my most outrageous pair yet...

T-shirt - H&M
Jeans - Tosphop 'Hayden' jean
Belt - Primark
Jacket (un-customized) - Primark
Sunglasses - Vintage
Badges - Topshop
The Rolling Stones pin - The Rolling Stones 'Exhibitionism'
Large The Rolling Stones badge - Vintage
'K' necklace - Topshop (similar)
Star necklace - Pull & Bear
Rings - Vintage & Bloody Mary Metal
Items available to shop online are linked!

I think, talk and embrace 70's styling on the regular, which is why these sunglasses are ruling my life at the moment. They can make some people look like a sleazy director of a dirty movie, but they're also a pair that would make Hunter S. Thompson proud.

As my outfit is a boring pair of jeans three sizes too big and a plain white t-shirt, I thought it was about time I re-worked one of my many leather jackets to make my lazy outfits cooler. I've been searching for pins online for some time, but found that the best ones ship from America - just like everything else I want in life. I did manage to find some quirky ones from Topshop which fill my badge shaped hole rather nicely though. I mean come on, how cute is the little tooth smiling away on my lapel? I couldn't say no to that! I have, of course, added the pin I bought from The Rolling Stones exhibition we went to in London a few weeks ago, which I've been meaning to find a place for ever since. Along with another one I found at a local vintage stall in St Nicholas' Market here in Bristol.

I don't think you can ever go wrong with a basic outfit, but making it a little more exciting with the help of a few daring accessories makes you feel like you made more of an effort, and like the 'three sizes too big' jeans were part of the eccentric look, in my case anyway.

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I promised new content and here it is, a shiny new segment. Saying segment makes me feel like a news reporter and I kind of dig it. News reporter Chloe at your service! So if you didn't know I'm a little bit of a magazine hoarder and by that I mean I used to get Vogue every single month for about three years straight. I realised I should stop once I saw the piles and piles of ancient issues taking up every empty space in my room, bye-bye extortionate monthly payments.

Issue nov/dec 2014 pages 252-263 shot by Ash Kingston

This time round I'm more of a 'get every now and then so I don't get carried away' sort of buyer. If the cover features someone I have a particular interest in or there's an article I want to read then I'll make the purchase, they are expensive after all. Think of all those monthly payments I once made - yikes!

Let's get into this 'segment' I'm going to call Spread, it's a post where I share a shoot or interview I've found hiding away in a magazine that you may of missed or one that I've finally gotten round to reading. First up, Wonderland. The popular Wonderland issue that had the princes of pop Miss Swift gracing it's cover last winter, which  BTW was a great cover and that's coming from a non-Taylor fan. Anyway, the shoot I'm talking about is titled Jive Talkin' which is basically a seventies dream filled with very cool gentlemen in very cool suits thanks to the likes of Robert Cavalli and Paul Smith. I think we all know my feelings towards men with long hair in suits and printed shirts, dreamy.

The styling in this spread is perfect, the mix of colours and patterns makes it extremely pleasing on the eyes before even taking a peek at the men wearing them. It's nine pages full of what look like young Jim Morrisons and it's obviously fabulous. I really would love a snake print suit now thanks to Isak on page 255! It's funny seeing that even last winter the seventies trend was making it's comeback and is still going strong. My favourite piece from the shoot has to be Yves striped blazer and silk shirt combo in the second photo from the bottom (although sadly the gent is half cut off but his outfit still shines on). The rolled up suit pants and chunky white socks makes it look completely chill and effortless rather than up-tight and formal like a very expensive YSL suit should. Just three dudes hanging out in some high-end designer gear smoking cigarettes and wearing sunglasses indoors to like it's the norm and I'm so into it!



Now that I'm a Topshop employee I've become rather obsessed with browsing the site every single day, It's part of my job I guess? With that comes all sorts of wants but mostly needs, I really do need about 80% of the store at the moment I swear! With that being said I thought I'd start up a new post in which I'd style up some pieces from Topshop and Topman as I do dream of becoming a stylist one day, so this will be like a really crappy digital version of that which will help you and I get fashion inspiration and also find items we just need in our wardrobes - stat! Now, let's talk about outfit #1...

I can't start without talking about this mad 70's zebra print shirt in all of it's glory because it is in fact glorious. As it's a monochrome piece it needed a spot of colour from the skirt and the purple pop is just what it needs, the suede fabric is also pretty on point for the current seasons trend. Suede, suede and more suede - fine by me! I love the stitch detailing along the side, it adds a unique touch and helps bring in a western vibe, switch the zebra pattern for a plain white shirt and cowboy boots with an added neck-tie and you're away. With this outfit though we're keeping it retro and doing so with some 70's accessories like a super skinny scarf and a flimsy black boater hat.

Mixing more materials together I thought of placing a leather studded belt to wrap around the skirt as I'd tuck the shirt into my bottoms to make the most of the skirt. Also adding more leather with the perfect black booties which are pretty much good for any outfit.

To add a little more colour you could go for a bold lip, I'm thinking the shade 'Watermelon' would look super sassy but if you're more into a subtle shade try a toned down red in the colour 'Freak'.



As I was in Notting Hill on the weekend I obviously needed to take a few snaps in front of the beautiful town houses (thanks to Chloe for these photos by the way, you aren't that bad at it after all!) - much to the owners dismay. I can't resist those dreamy white walls and black fences which surround the million pound houses that I long to own, I'd be rude not too!

Top - Primark, jeans - Primark, boots - H&M, jacket - H&M, scarf - Primark, belt - Primark, jewellry - Topman and vintage

It was such a scorching day that half of this outfit wasn't worn for the majority of it, I can't exactly don a big fluffy cardigan in the humid streets of central London now can I? I am annoyed at myself for wearing head to toe black because I knew it was going to be hot, it always is in London especially when travelling about on a busy Saturday. I should of got my legs out, maybe even got a tan but what can you do? It's safe to say it was an uncomfortable day but still a good one at that.

I knew I'd be walking around the city all day so I wanted to wear something not too complex so I kept it simple with my all black ensemble of jeans and a tee while letting my accessories do the talking by layering up gold and silver necklaces under my 70's skinny scarf, a new favorite of mine. For the 100th time, I love the 70's vibes going around at the moment and skinny scarves are just the start of it. I've worn this thing so many times, not only around my neck but around my head Keith Richards stylie (as per usual) and also on my plain black bag to make it a little less boring and business like. It's the perfect accessory!

I can't end this post at that, I've got to mention this killer Bowie-esque jacket which is so mad and tacky that I personally think it's bloody fabulous. I'm in love with the colour of it too, purple is my all time favorite but I never wear it, to be honest I rarely wear bright colours or any colour in general so adding some purple shades to an all black attire mixes it up a bit and doesn't make me look like a do every other day of my life. Who knew I'd end up matching the pastel hues of Notting Hill as well? Good move Chloe, it's like you planned it!



For all my babes that love a bit of retro styling, I wanted to share some stupidly perfect shots I found on my Pinterest feed thanks to and their insane 'Suddenly Seventies' spring shopping guide *gets on hands and knees and thanks them over and over again*

For real though, if you adore 1970's fashion and everything else that comes along with it then I think you'd 100% agree that this lookbook is quite something. I'm one of those people who are fascinated with photo-shoots as I'm a bit of a photography snob myself - guilty! I'm always heading to brand websites to check out their latest and greatest new season pieces which often come a long with a pretty selection of images to go with it. Zara and the Topshop homepage are always on my bookmarks not only for me to do some online shopping, but also to view their 'New In' collections. If I could make a living out of shooting models and bloggers I would be the happiest little kitty in all the land as I live for being able to shoot photographs much like these, their super dreamy and give me all sorts of inspiration, I just loving taking photographs!

This post isn't about my little photographers fantasy though so we'll save that for another day. It's all about the glory that is this photoset, major thumbs up to the stylist on this one! All that leather, mustard and fur is giving me goose-pimples. I feel like taking a short break to the woods with a bottle of something sharp along with a playlist full of Paul Simon and Fleetwood Mac while shooting outfit pictures wearing the most garish printed clothing, knee high boots paired with big round sunglasses and untamed hair... Little trip to the forest anyone?