It's time for my last instalment of my collaboration with

Sister Jane

, and I think I may of


saved the best till last? It's up for debate as my last two posts we're both quite something,

if I do say so myself!

It might seem funny to see me in such a feminine dress, I don't think I've ever debuted anything like this on my blog before, but that's not to say I'm not into it. In fact, after wearing this frilly number I'm now on the hunt for dresses similar that I can add to my wardrobe. I've always loved a ruffle, I even went on about my love of them in my

last post for Ghospell


so I'll try not to go on too much in this post, but that might be difficult because


, look at this beautiful frilly dress of dreams!




Let me introduce you to the

Sour Cherry Tiered Dress

. This piece may be considered a little kid's dream dolls dress, I can imagine a toddler wanting to play dress up and ram raid their mothers make-up draw, their is a child-like feel to it which makes it even more beautiful to me. It's not often someone would have the courage to wear a dress like this, which is the main reason why I love it. It has a couture feel to it, an almost fancy dress element that makes it all the more magical. It's rare you see garments like this, but when you do you remember your youth and how fun it is to get dressed up and have fun with fashion again. It definitely took me out of my comfort zone, and that's my favourite thing about styling, if something makes me feel daring and confident then it's a winner for me. Challenging our style is so important, and I'm so glad I challenged mine with this look!

There are two big reasons as to why I was drawn to this dress, the first being the colour. My favourite trend and colour combo this season is certainly red and pink, which is quite bizarre as these used to be two colours I wouldn't often wear, let alone together! I always told myself I looked terrible in red, classing it as my least favourite colour, I even longed to be able to look good in red lipstick but told myself I could never pull it off. Now I've gotten over myself and realised I can wear what I want and not actually give a damn about what other people think, or more to the point how I tell myself I think I look when I actually look OK. It's a daring combo and I've seen many people turn their noses up at it, but I'm obsessed and will be mixing these two colours all through winter to bring a little vibrancy to my life.

The second reason being the style, it takes huge reference on designers like Gucci and Miu Miu with the shape and of course the glorious frills. It's a very British design and throws back to the Victorian era or style, where sheer overlaying and ruffled detailing where huge. I wanted to keep with the inspiration of designers like these and pair it with my new thing,

socks and heels

. For my first post with Sister Jane I teamed the

House of Hearts

suit with glitter socks and chunky heels, and this dress just had to be worn with them too but this time I swapped the grey glitter with pink. If you're going to wear a dress like this you've got to go all the way and style it daringly. I'm so in love with the entirety of this look, and now I've embraced what it feels like to wear a dress of this calibre, I'll definitely be buying pieces like it more often. It's without a doubt a show stopper and perfect for dinner dates and evening events, or of course everyday wear if you're feeling confident. I guarantee the feeling of self love and confidence come included in this dress, trust me when I say you'll be spinning around and dancing your way through the day once you've got this on, I certainly was (

but then when am I not?



I for one, cannot live without my jewellery. If I go a day without it, I feel completely naked. I worry endlessly throughout the day about where I left my rings, or how bare my neck looks without my necklace. It's something that makes me feel whole and comfortable, also something I get asked frequently on. Having my chest exposed, thanks to low buttoned shirts, helps show off my silver I suppose.

I thought I'd update you on the latest pieces in my collection, as the last time I posted about it was years ago and I've mixed things up since then. I'll be posting in three parts, starting with my most loved piece - the Ziggy Stardust necklace. This was a gift from my Father who has spoilt me with many beautiful jewels in the recent years for Chrismas and birthdays. Having spent years helping fund my shopping habit with gift cards and a few notes, he decided to buy me sentimental items I could keep forever, now that I'm an adult it only seems right. With the help of my obvious hinting, he picked out this Ziggy Stardust silver from my favourite brand, Bloody Mary Metal - which is now his go-to for gifts. With Bowie being a huge part of my teenage years, it only seemed fitting to have a constant reminder hanging around my neck, as if my crap tattoo wasn't enough!


I own a few necklaces from Bloody Mary Metal, but the love I have for this one makes me not want to switch it up as often as I should. If I can face taking this one off, I'll be sure to show you the rest of charms...

THE BLUES | 18.1.17

It's come to my attention that the January Blues is real and not some made up bull people go through after the Christmas season is over because there's no more delicious food or presents to be had. I and the majority around me are struggling with a serious case of sadness and low energy, so I'm blaming it on the month, sounds logical? Probably not, but I find it bizarre that so many of us are feeling down with ourselves and our lives at the moment. For me, it's a struggle to get up for work in the morning and always end up thinking 'what am I even doing with my life?'. I could feel like everyone surrounding me is also feeling this because of our age. For young twenty somethings it's hard to be motivated when you're in a job you don't want as a career and spend most of our time there instead of out having a blast. Sadly, we've got to head to our sluggish jobs and make money to pay the landlords, and we can't reach for our dream jobs because it's not deemed realistic. Paying bills is more important than packing it all in and heading for the dream, which is bound to make you feel down.

Top - Topshop by And Finally...
Overalls - Topshop (similar)
Chocker - Primark
Necklace - Bloody Mary Metal
Rings - Bloody Mary Metal and Brandy Melville

I've been thinking over and over about what I want to do in my life and to be honest, I have no clue. Having no fucking idea on where I want to be in five years time is mighty worrying and makes me feel like I'm wasting away somewhere I really don't want to be. But, what else can I do when I don't know what I even want to do? It's all so confusing and has my head in a black cloud of self judgement and hatred. Why haven't I got any serious goals? Why haven't I done anything to be really proud of yet? I'm twenty two years old and still plodding along waiting for something to magically happen to make it all OK.

It's hard to feel 100% happy every hour of everyday, I get that. But it's not ideal when you go through these rough patches of doubt and sadness. I'm hoping once these dreaded January Blues are over I'll be feeling much more motivated and confident about myself and my life because in reality, my life is nothing to complain about.

I've written a few posts like this in the past, about how the daily struggles are a lot to battle with but it's good to have ramble and remember it isn't all that bad. We may not be as successful as the people we aspire to be, but we have so much to give and we will get there. I'm replaying that in my mind to keep me going through this horrible, horrible month of misery. I hope you're all feeling positive for this new year, but if you've been hit by the curse then trust me, it'll be over soon! We'll come out the other side and absolutely smash it!

On a lighter note, I've got my flared overalls back out of the wardrobe as I just had to pair them with my new denim choker. This is double denim done in a whole new, subtler way. As subtle as a piece of denim around your neck can be that is. I may be feeling tad blue but at least my outfits making me feel sassy, there's nothing quite like a killer ensemble to cheer you up a bit!

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SELF LOVE | 16.02.16

Firstly, happy valentine's day for Sunday one and all, not a phrase a lot of people enjoy hearing as it's become more of a day of hate than a day of love. For me though I believe you should spend everyday loving who you have chosen to spend your time with and if you haven't chosen (not that always a choice) to be with anyone at all, that's more than OK too. Don't feel lonely on the day of love, enjoy yourself and embrace your beautiful friends and family around you. I was kind enough leave this topic I'm about to discuss for a couple of days rather than pile my thoughts onto you when a lot of you are were a cloud of romance, so I hope you did enjoy your Sunday of pleasure (sounds naughty, maybe it even was) but now it's time stop putting it off and talk about self love - Righteous!

On that day in particular we see a lot of self hate in the way of status updates and retweets from a comedic genius who's made a great meme about being single for eternity, and as much as its all fun and games I know some people do genuinely feel down about it. My feed was a terrible sight on the morning of as I saw more miserable posts than happy ones. I say let's dedicate all future valentine's days to loving ourselves and our bodies and leave the downward spiral of misery for another day - or never. Just because you don't have someone showering you in cheese like how beautiful they think you are doesn't mean you aren't in fact that. It's not always about dedicating your love to another human being it's also about leaving some of it for yourself, remember that.

On the subject of this I've got something else to say... I don't know if you saw the disgust that was Kylie Jenners recent Instagram post condoning 'butt and breast' enhancing cream but I did and I was sick in my mouth, to be frank with you. Firstly, how she thinks it's a good idea to promote something that claims to do such a thing to her audience of which start from the early age of 13 maybe even younger is beyond me. It's disgusting to share these things with such influential young girls when they haven't even developed fully yet anyway, give it a few years and your breasts could look like that with no help at all! Not only was it shameful of her to share the post for that reason but also the fact she had the audacity to say 'what a perfect gift for Valentine's' it would be... No, no it would not. If your other half gifts you a product to make your already beautiful body 'better' then please hand him back the goods and do not give him your goods either. You do not need a jar of cream to look like a Jenner, the gym and a balanced diet would help if you really wanted it too. Don't let a somehow famous teenager make you feel bad about your body because your body is lovely and natural without a jar of butt boosting cream. As depressing as my Facebook feed was that morning, the comments I saw over and over again on that post made me feel even more down. The amount of self-hatred in this world is a scary thought so I won't go on about this any longer as I feel myself slowly boiling up inside. What I will say is this - spend some time appreciating yourself and the people around you, maybe go ahead don your best undies and enjoy your own company for once OR if you do have that special person then share the love with them.




Hat - Accessorize (similar), top - Forever 21, rings - Bloody Mary Metal, lipstick - MUA in 'Shade 1'

It's not often I take time out of my day to take self portraits, but today I did. I wanted to update all of my social media pages with a new photo because they rarely ever change. So, today I decided to pop my camera on my tripod and get to it. Time for an update! 

I would love to make more time for taking photos, not only of myself but of others too. There is something so satisfying about seeing an image you worked hard to create all edited and available for people to see. I also think they say a lot about a person, for example some of you may not even know about all of my tattoos or a piercing or even the fact I no longer have braces anymore. It's quite personal and shows others things they may never have knew about you.

As much as the word 'selfie' makes me want to vom and everytime I do take a photo I feel as of it's been forever ruined by the term, taking regular 'selfies' doesn't seem like such a bad idea. I recently looked back at some old photo's and saw how much I'd changed, not quite Miley Cyrus change, but a slight change at that. Seeing myself with a different hair cut and colour with no tattoos at all was a little strange, and in another year or two I'll be seeing how much I've changed again.

I feel a little like I'm getting too deep about my photo taking time today, so It's time for me to sign off. But go ahead, take a selfie or two, it aint that bad!