EAGLE BOMBER | 17.8.15

My mind is blown at the fact it's taken me this long to wear this bomber, this totally amazing bomber. I bought it more than a month ago and kind of forgot about it until now, I am aware of how bad that is and I have given myself a well deserved slap on the wrist for it. You may have seen it in a haul video I did two months ago but since then it hasn't been worn despite how awesome I think it is. But having said that, today was in fact the day this beauty came out to play!
Top - Forever 21, jacket - H&M, shorts - Forever 21, boots - River Island, sunglasses - Matalan.

I thought it would look cool with some boho pieces like these tapestry shorts from Forever 21 as the jacket itself is quite native. I wanted to take that further and add some pattern and these shorts were a match made in heaven, the colours go perfect together and make a change from a pair of denim cut-offs. I'm so obsessed with Forever 21 and their selection of shorts that I've worked up quite the collection, these being my favorite so far so I just had to get some more wear out of them before the sun went down for another year!

I feel I haven't worn much pattern in a while so I went all out with a clash of leopard print for my booties, booties that I can't actually walk in without highly embarrassing myself and towering over any person that walks past... They do make my pins looks extra elongated and thin for once though which I am happy about. As much as I think these boots are killer (in more sense than one) I've got to be honest as I have only worn these once to a club and hated every moment of it - not just because I was in a club but because they made me stick out like a sore thumb in a small room full of drunken teenagers half my height. With that being said I am thinking of passing these on to someone with more heel experience so you may just see them pop up over on my eBay along with lot's of other bits and bobs so make sure you head there for some of my pre-loved goods!



13TH APRIL 2015
Top - Primark (mens), jeans - Riverisland, trainers - Nike, bag - Topshop, sunglasses - Matalan, watch - Topshop.

Let's take a trip back to the 90's where MTV was at it's finest and programs such a Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant weren't even a thought. Given, Beavis & Butthead was already a thing when I was old enough to watch it but when I did feast my eyes on it's brilliance it became one of my most memorable 'cartoons' to date. Two rock obsessed dumbasses sat on their couch judging music videos and life for ten minutes is totally fine by me, as I'm a sucker for sticking on the top 40 music channel and scaring my eyes with some of the worst videos I have ever seen. Their are a few that are brilliant, but most of the time it's half naked women twerking to dance tunes, not something I want to be watching or even hearing.

I've got to give it to Primark, their selection of graphic tee's which send me into a distant memory of my teenage years is really quite something. Although their Hogwarts t-shirts are a little over done as I feel like I've been seeing them everywhere I go. But some of them are pretty cool, this one included. My t-shirt collection is full to the brim of film, music and tv designs such as the 80's/90's Game Of Thrones graphics by the amazingly talented Mike Wrobel, a five year old Sonic Youth shirt which I bought in the biggest size they had and then cut the arms out, so it now shows a ridiculous amount of side boob and of course, a Django shirt with Jamie Foxx' face on. I'm never stuck for a shirt to wear.

More 90's goodness is the faded out denim 'boyfriend' jeans, which are the most un-flattering, bum flattening pant ever made. But if you look behind the fact your bum looses all of it's shape, they're the comfiest jean ever and look so great in the summer.


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2ND MARCH 2015

The start of my monthly hauls, HOORAH! I'll be doing a clothing haul at the end of every month from now on to show you guys what I've been buying throughout the month. But as mentioned, I will also be showing you collective hauls, beauty hauls or homeware hauls in between. Stay tuned and subscribe for a seriously, seriously good Forever 21 haul coming up next week too!

For more information about the video or any of the items featured then head here and read the video bio where links are available to anything I've mentioned.

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