I give credit to anyone who takes live music photos for a living, it is hard. It probably wasn't my smartest idea as it was my first time in doing so, and the fact I was shooting heavy pop-punk bands didn't equate to an easy ride. These lads know how to use every inch of their stage by jumping around and screaming singing with the audience, which as you can imagine is hard to capture in photo form. I tried my very hardest but I think I'll leave it to the experts next time.

Photographed - Vaults, Limiter, Tuskens.

Let's go back three weeks and talk about an event my friend Sophie put on at The Stag & Hounds in Bristol with some friends for their college course, which I'm sure they aced as the night was great. It was full of hardcore, male driven bands who look like they jumped straight off of their skate boards and onto the stage. I admit that the music wasn't my usual choice but anything made after the 90's usually isn't so no hard feelings there I hope.

The headliners (Tuskens) absolutely smashed their set and that's coming from someone who hasn't got a clue about this side of the music spectrum. The crowd knew the songs on the set list which I'm sure felt great to the boys in the band. I felt myself nodding along with the heavy guitar rifts and the sound of the lead singers Americanised vocals. It was a glorious throw back to when I fell in love with Blink 182 and Sum 41, both not as heavy as Tuskens but give off that old-school feel both Blink and Sum 41 do.

It was hard not to get into the spirit of things when you're surrounded by men and women who clearly have a passion for the bands they are there to see. We witnesses one young gentleman trying to start which I assume was a mosh pit but looked more like interpretive dance. I adore it when anyone gets so into the music that they just let it all go, if I were seeing a The Smiths tribute band I'd be getting my moves out too!

The venue was small but intimate, almost like we were in someones living room and the bands were playing purely for their friends (which was probably the case) and family. There's something about pop-punk that feels like a culture rather than a taste of music, a lot like rock and roll. These kids live and breath the bands they listen to, the way they dress and act reflects that. Snap back caps and over sized t-shirts with an intense quote plastered on the back seemed to be their version of the leather jacket and spray on skinnies. 

I learnt a lot that evening like how to not take photos of bands, but also it was a reminder that music truly is a way of life. Thank you to Sophie for the good times, I hope you smash your course out the window like Keith Moon would a guitar!

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GIRLS IN GRIMMY | 26.10.15

I've walked past the Nick Grimshaw x Topman range nearly everyday since the launch on October 15th and it's been a painful couple of weeks let me tell you that. I fell in love with it when seeing a little sneak peek on social media after the preview party back in June. Monochrome goodness and leopard print at it's finest, It was obviously going to make me weak at the knees with all those rock star vibes. I read somewhere that he wanted it to be the kind of clothes a posh boy wants to wear to look scruffy and I love that idea, who wants to look prim and proper all the time? It makes me think of some teen that wants to go out and be a little naughty for the night and he should do it in one Grimmys patterned shirts instead of his freshly ironed Oxford. Go on, be a little messy and untuck that shirt.

Shirt - Topman, waistcoat - Vintage, jeans - Newlook, boots - Asos (Depop), hat - eBay, necklace - Topman, rings - Bloody Mary Metal

With the range being a pretty big hit in the men's department I had to put my spin on it by being my usual self and wear clothing 'made' for the opposite sex, and why the hell not? 'But it's a mans shirt' you say, blah blah blah I really don't care and neither should you. I think it's bad ass and I will wear it no matter what, fashion is about wearing what you want and how could I pass up this shirt? Well I couldn't, OK? Men's or women's if you like it, don it. Also, did you see Harry Styles wearing it? Of course that's going to make me want to wear it even more than I already did. I do wonder what Nick himself would think of a woman wearing or promoting his clothes though, would it be bad for his line or would he think it was cool? I like to think he'd enjoy it as much as I do because lets get real, gender isn't needed for a t-shirt or in general.

The collection looked dreamy on both Nick and Harry and it's completely my sort of thing too. I love the leopard print coat so much I've had it looming over me for days now but am still yet to press the 'Buy Now' button which is what I usually do when I love something on a high level, thinking about an piece of clothing night and day is ridiculous but it is the jacket of my dreams, quite literally. As for the item I did go ahead and purchase though, I adore it and it's taken centre stage in my large stash of shirts. The shirt screams Styles so I really did have to wear my glitter booties with it, I tried to steer away but I just couldn't, it needed some brightness with a little girlie - grunge added to the mix, (these are all excuses if you couldn't tell) the perfect combination.

I do like Nick Grimshaw and let's face it his personal style is on point and totally the male version of mine at times so I was certainly going to be a supporter of his Topman range from the start. He really has out done himself and created some great one-off pieces that also make great outfits when put together, which is something I really like about it. You could wear any of the tops under any of the jackets and you're sorted.

Now listen Mr Grimshaw, although I don't have man-size feet I do think it's time you brain stormed some shoes because I'm sure they'll be just as rad as the rest of it. I'm thinking leather rocker booties that would make any indie band member proud to be seen in?! Time to get scrap booking!



I am yet to fault Ted&Muffy, this is the second time they have left me speechless with a pair of shoes. Granted if anythings going to make me speechless it will be a pair of glorious ankle booties but still, I really was lost for words when I got these from Mr.Postie. I have a couple of red ankle boots but they're nothing compared to these beauties. These are so cool I can't stop staring at them, I almost don't want to wear them because of how amazing they are - they are the ultimate rocker boot! Think Kate Moss and Alison Mossheart, those rock babes would don these boots in a heartbeat.

I don't know if you remember but a few months back I did a post on Duo, which is now Ted&Muffy. They've gone back to their roots and picked up their old name and it's defnitely for the better as Ted&Muffy does have a ring to it. I adore the last pair I received so when I got another I seriously couldn't contain myself, they are the most comfortable, well made shoe to ever grace my feet and like I said in my last post about the brand, I've changed my tune and opened up about spending money on high-end items. The love that goes into these boots is on another level and I know they'll last me many years to come.

Obviously the boot itself is unreal, but I've got to hand it to them for the packaging. I'm one of those package snobs that refuses to pay for somthing if the packaging is all kinds of wrong. When they were still Duo the box they came in was lovely but this time round it's ten times better! The illistration that covers the box and the little intrecut detaling makes it so exciting when unwrapping them - 10/10 for that!

Just wait till you see these guys in action, they really are something special. The A/W collection over on the website is so to die for that I'm certain I need another five pairs from the range including these amazing studded brogues, even these silver snake skin ones are insane! I need shoe therepy and Ted&Muffy you are NOT helping!


ALBUM LOVE | RYAN ADAMS - 1989 | 1.10.15

I've got to give it to Taylor Swift and her writing skills because I've never even considered her talent as anything more than mainstream and for that I apologise. It may of taken Ryan Adams to make me realise this but hey, I've come to my senses now. I remember when Swift was a wavy haired, doe-eyed country singer that sang straight from the heart with youth to back her up as well as her acoustic guitar strapped to her back. I think we all know that when a singer/songwriter becomes known at a young age they're bound to change pretty much every aspect of their look and sound, and that's what happened to Taylor. Now, that's not exactly a bad thing and although I'm not on the Taylor bandwagon I still appreciate why her and her songs are loved by millions. This cover of her latest album 1989 is like a flash back to the ears, a brief reminder of how good her songs are, especially with out the pop music going on in the background.

Some may think this is bias because I wont lie I am a big Ryan Adams fan but I promise it's not, this is a judgement made purely on the sound of the album, I swear. When I first heard the news of the re-make of 1989 I did shrug my shoulders more than I should of, it didn't seem like the greatest collaboration idea I'd ever heard of. I'd also love to know where and when this idea came to Adams mind, do we think he's a huge Taylor fan? Imagine him relaxing away in his studio in his Canadian tux and dirty Black Flag shirt jamming away to the sounds of  Shake It Off, what a glorious yet surreal image. Seriously though, he must of agreed with the fact her songwriting is on point and although her songs may be about love and heartbreak that's completely relatable and I do love hearing Adams sing about broken hearts anyway. I do hate myself for judging this idea so quickly because I'm completely in love with this cover, It's a folk-rockers take on a pop-queens smash hit album and it's an amazing one at that.

What I've always loved about Ryan Adams is how raw his songs and sound is, he could hit a high note in a bad way but it's completely OK because he can pull it off and sound on point, it's raw and original which is uncommon these days. He's also great at covering plenty of songs too - songs that I don't even care for such as Foo Fighters - Times Like These, a song I'm not over the top about but whenever I listen to his cover I get shivers all over my arms and legs and every other inch of me too. I also can't not mention that Wonderwall cover which is one of my favourite songs to date, again, shivers all over. That's whats so good about artists that aren't afraid to take a risk and cover a song that is so many peoples favourite, risk is definitely worth taking sometimes. It was 100% worth it in this case too, I can imagine the thousands of Swift fans tweeting about this Ryan Adams character and asking about who the hell he is but it's great that even the hoards of screaming girls wont stop him and hey, they may hate this cover but I think it's refreshing and it's a chance for her younger audience to experience something other than pop culture.

I've listened to the album too many times to count now (and can I just say I'm not even close to bored yet) and a few songs certainly stick out for me. My number one is I Know Places, a song I have never even heard of before which leads me to mention that I've only ever heard about three songs off the original album to start with. It's a given that all of these songs have a folk vibe to them but this one is a little more up-beat and musical, the twang of his guitar during the entire song along with up and down tempo makes it the sort of song you can listen to in any mood. I also adore the chorus to the song as the lyrics are genius. My other favourites include Out of the Woods and Wildest Dreams - now I know I said I wasn't a Taylor fan but I have listened and sang along to this song on many occasions so the original I can relate to - side note: I really enjoy that song. But in all honesty I can't listen to it anymore without wanting to switch it back over to Adams cover. As 'epic' as the original version of Wildest Dreams is, sometimes stripping everything back works so much better.

All in all, this album does so much for me in terms of finally appreciating talent where I didn't exactly see it before and the sound, obviously. Ryan, you sure have done your fans and Taylors proud and released one very special and classic album alongside a not-so-bad chart topper.



22ND JUNE 2015

I finally bit the bullet and filmed a video I've thought about doing for months and months, proud moment over here! Even though I like to share my music with you guys here on my blog (have you ever noticed the 'Current Sounds' drop down menu over in the top right hand corner before?) I've thought about sharing more over on my YouTube channel by making a monthly video about my favorite music the month. I know most of us are music lovers so I hope some of you will enjoy finding new music through these videos, or maybe even sharing the love for a certain song with me. Think a beauty gurus monthly favorites video but swap that certain special foundation for a rock song, yep, that's what these videos are all about!

I'm going to post these at the end of every month even if they get barely any views (let's hope not...) because it's something I'm 100% up for doing on the regular. So, keep an eye out on my channel to hear what I've been playing non-stop throughout that particular month.

Along with a video I've also created a Spotify playlist which you can follow if you're a fellow Spotify user like me! If not then you can find all of the songs mentioned in the description box of the video itself. I'm hoping the playlist will get bigger and bigger over the months, as it currently only has these songs on it for the minute!

If you've had a listen to the song's I've mentioned then let me know what you think in the comments over here or on YouTube, whether you love or hate them! You can leave me a few songs to check out too if you like, I'm constantly looking for new music and I bet some of you have some killer songs hiding away on your iPod's.

So, I leave you with this and I hope you enjoy it. It's a little different and as much as I adore fashion and beauty videos, I want to bring my love of music to my channel and create more lifestyle posts an videos for you all. Thanks for tuning in and giving it a watch if you did and make sure to subscribe if you enjoyed!


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19TH APRIL 2015

So the lovely people over at Your Tea sent me some tea (duhh) to try! They sent me the Tiny Tea 28 day TEAtox, you can also buy one that's only 14 day if you'd rather have a trial run before spending a little more money on the longer one. This is supposed to help with bloating, cellulite, problematic skin and increasing energy. There are a couple more things it will assist you on but these are the problems that really stick out for me, and if something may help those then I'm willing to give it a try!

I 've also made a video on my YouTube channel reviewing the tea, but I thought I'd write a bit more about it over here as well.

First off I really did enjoy giving this tea a go, I'm a bit of a tea snob and have at least 5 cups a day, so I was pretty stocked to try something new in the tea region and mix it up for a change. I was slightly worried before trying it because I'm a standard British tea kind of gal, I do love myself a green tea every now and then but most of the time I need a strong cup of plain ol' English tea! I did wonder if it would be a floral or fruity taste, two things I hate in a tea, BUT all was well and it tasted lovely. It was a lot like green tea as it felt fresh drinking it and didn't leave me feeling bloated at any point, something that regular tea tends to do to me. Over all the taste was joyus and pleasant to drink.

I talked about this a fair bit in the video, and that's the fact that I found it hard at first to fit in the time to consume my tea. I'm a bit of a forgetful person anyway so that probably didn't help in the slightest, but at the time I received this lovely box of tea, I was working non-stop at my retail job and that takes up 8 hours of a day. I usually work from 11am to 7pm, which between that time is when lunch and dinner is usually had. On the leaflet it tells you to drink your tea half an hour before any meal three times a day and that's where I struggled, I couldn't pop out the back thirty minutes before my lunch break and sit and have a cup of tea, then go back again thirty minutes later and eat, that's just not happening! So I couldn't have any tea for 80% of my day, which defeats the object really doesn't it?
I ended up saving it for a couple of months until the busy winter season at work was over and I wasn't working as much, I'm really glad I did because it gave me a chance to actually enjoy it.

From January I decided I wanted to stop eating meat, this is because I suffer badly with bloating. I would eat a meal with meat in and instantly feel the size of a house, I'd sometimes even get bad stomach pains. Weather that was because of the meat or not, ever since quitting it I've felt so much better. There are a few other thing's I've cut out because of my bad tummy, such as bread, and I now feel like a much healthier person. As this tea suggests it helps with bloating so I was eager to give it a go and although it had reduced significantly already it helped just that little bit more in making me feel less full. If you also struggle with bloating then I highly suggest giving this TEAtox a go because I know just how bad it can make you feel and it helped me greatly!

Also, because I've stopped eating meat (I still eat fish, I know, rubbish vegetarian and all that) my energy levels aren't all that great. I suffer greatly from that especially when it's warm, I tend to loose all will to do anything that requires effort and that's not something I enjoy. This was an issue before I stopped eating meat, but has became worse since. I noticed mostly that the tea would help me a lot in the mornings, I would have it thirty minutes before breakfast and already feel energized and I'm not a morning person so I found this pretty surprising.

As for my skin my pimples did reduce on my forehead, which I like to call my 'bad area'. I suffer a fair bit with spots appearing at awful times in places highly visible to other people and it's the worst. I know most of us suffer with spots and bad skin so I'm sure you can all feel my pain with this one! Watching my skin appear less covered was a pretty good feeling, although since stopping the tea I have now got the mother of all spots right on the center of my forehead - typical. Given, it's not something that will last forever but it was good while it lasted.

I wouldn't say I was the most unhealthy person in the world, I definitely watch what I eat but I of course enjoy eating bad foods occasionally too! As if I can resist chocolate or cake or crisps... But I did feel like a healthier person during my time on my TEAtox, knowing you're drinking something so good for you makes you feel a lot better about yourself, and my stomach didn't look too bad either!

If you want to see more about Your Tea then check out their Instagram page @yourtea , or @yourtinytea for the teaTOX I did! If you've tried this tea for yourself I would love to hear what you thought, if you like you can leave a comment on my video review here!


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