It's a given that I don't spend big bucks on new clothes, as much as I would obviously love to. Being an independent twenty three year old that has NOT  got their shit together means I have to save my money for the future, instead of buying that pretty dress on Zara's A/W lookbook. This has meant that I've learnt some nifty tips and tricks on making an outfit current and 'on trend', so I thought I'd share a few pointers with you...

It's all about shopping second hand. I know I know, you've just rolled your eyes and sighed because I've painted myself as some trendy hipster. But seriously, don't knock it till you've tried it, I've found some of my favourite ever pieces in charity shops. I admit I have a rather love/hate relationship with them, as they can often be over priced and not genuine vintage (I think I rolled my eyes at myself then). I mean come on, don't stock last season Primark in the 'Vintage Finds' section of your charity shop, because that's just taking the piss and us savvy shoppers are not that bloody dumb. But, when I'm on cloud nine and striking lucky then I really enjoy finding those one-off items that are unique and cool. 

I wanted to show you how I style the old with the new, by teaming this new in Topshop dress with three vintage pieces. THREE VINTAGE PIECES you say?!  Yeah that's right, who'd have thought it?! This outfit is an autumnal dream that could of definitely been picked up from the high street for triple the amount I scored it for.

I knew this cute little check dress needed something underneath for layering, and a roll neck made for the ultimate sixties essential for this look - £2, Sue Ryder, yes please.

As my pins are on full display (because I'm an idiot) I needed some upper body warmth which is where my brown faux fur jacket came in handy. I purchased this from a charity shop in Slough of all places, for a nifty £5. What did I ever do to deserve such luck?

Lastly, this outfit is tied together with a very lovely mini handbag I got for 50p, that's probably cheap than a fucking freddo.


Have I changed your mind on shopping second hand yet? 

It's fun to mix and match items together, it makes the new look retro, and gives the old a new lease of life. It's also really fun to save money and spend more on food, that's the truth...

Honestly though, It's so hard to keep up to date with current trends when you're on a strict budget. I would love to just roll on into Zara and buy a shed load of A/W gear, but I can't allow myself to do that. What I can do though, is buy myself the odd new season item and wear it with something already hiding in my wardrobe. I can easily pop in to a couple of charity shops and buy a handful of clothes, and this outfit goes to show that it's totally do able and still fashionable. Roll necks and fluffy coats are always a winter must-have, so why not take a trip to your local high-street and swap H&M for Oxfam. Don't forget that you'll also be supporting your local charity while you're at it, and that's not a bad thing, is it?


Hello to Instagram babes Vicky Gallagher and Gemma Edwards! I met these two mega beautiful and seriously cool girls through the wonders of social media, honestly, I've met some of the best people through Instagram I feel I should personally thank it somehow...

We spent a sunny Sunday in Camden and Primrose Hill shooting numerous outfits including some of their own retro garms and some hand-picked pieces from vintage store E.R. Saloon run by the equally beautiful Eliza Moore. I was jealous of the pair of them all day in their ultra seventies looks that where made to be worn by them both. I'm especially in love with the pin-stripe jeans, can we find me a pair and wear them together in the hopes of looking just as bad ass as you two?

To see the whole shoot head to the portfolio section of my site.

Looking back at this shoot reminds me of how much I adore vintage clothing (not that I ever forget), it's rare you look this cool in high street clobber. So, huge thank you to E.R. Saloon for letting us style your dreamy vintage pieces and thank you to Vicky and Gemma for shooting with me, it was an absolute pleasure!

GIMME THE LOOT | 18.9.16

When I hear the word vintage I think of pound symbols and sad looking bank accounts, but I know a place with retro pieces that we can certainly afford. Loot, which is located in the heart of Bristol (just next to the central bus station, if you're stopping by on public transport then you've got to pop in!) is an emporium of hand-picked gold dust from simpler times. They have a hefty amount of sports team sweaters, old school Levis and an unreal selection of band tees. I know, my idea of heaven, if only it was my personal closet!

There are tons of second hand shops here in Bristol, like the many gracing the streets of Gloucester Road and Park Street, but Loot has something about it that makes it a blast to shop in. Whether it's the old-American vibes, the killer tracks they play or all of the incredibly cool clothing they supply, they have it all. I may be biased as it's everything I love condensed into one room, but I really can't think of anywhere else I'd rather buy my thifted goods from. Charity shopping is fun and all, but you're not always guaranteed a good run, so if I'm stopping off here I know I'm not going to leave empty handed.

As if browsing Loot wasn't enough, I was lucky enough to spend the day with the team shooting some looks for their website, which was a lot of fun. It's always interesting being in front of the camera rather than behind, so I'm excited to see my little face gracing their website. Keep an eye out for me! Although you can be sure that I'll do a post sharing some of the images they shot and styled soon.

If you're not a Bristol local then be sure to check out their website, if not for my mug, then for the many vintage pieces that are also available to buy online!

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