This ones for my Mum, and all of the special women in my life. Today is Mothers Day, and this week we also welcomed back International Women's Day with open arms. This past week has been all about sharing our appreciation for incredible females, and even though I spend a lot of my time spreading the love in their general direction, I've certainly been feeling the love back recently. It doesn't take much to pay someone a compliment, and it will only cost five minutes of your time to send a nice text to a loved one, so there Is no reason we can't all take the time to share the thoughts we have in our hearts on any day of the year,

not just these dedicated days


As I've grown older, I've learnt that saying a few nice words to a person can give a lot of joy to both parties. I adore sending positive vibes and making everyone feel warm and fuzzy, and getting it in return can be just as nice. I know not a lot of us enjoy being given a compliment, it certainly makes me blush and go from 0-100 on the social awkwardness scale. But I've learnt to embrace it and take it all on board by appreciating myself more.

On IWD, I had so many beautiful messages from females I know both in real life, and through the internet. I was feeling warm inside all day, and to be honest I have never in my life felt more great about myself as a person. Knowing a few people enjoy what I do and embrace my personality is honestly incredible and I couldn't be more grateful for it.

Blogging is a difficult community to get my head around sometimes, there's a lot of negativity surrounding it and I struggle to handle those bad vibes. I hate the competitiveness and pettiness, and honestly I have felt that in my own life recently. I am a teeny,


blogger on the big scale of things, I'm barely even a blogger if you think about the other amazing people that put their heart and souls into it, working full time to produce their content.


, I am still a creative and I have suffered with the online struggles that come along with it. I have turned a leaf and realised that it's not about the hate and the conflict, the people that bring you down are not the ones you need to keep in your life. I had my moment of realisation when I received these direct messages, and I thank you to those who sent them, because you have honestly changed my view on myself and the life I lead.

So with that I want to say a big personal thank you. Thank you to everyone who supports me and has made me the way I am today. I love and appreciate so many of you, the ones I have met since the start of my blogging journey, and the ones that I've known since the beginning of my young adult life. And of course,

my Mother


Happy Mothers day, you rock my world. I decided to share these images with this post because we're taking a trip to see The Rolling Stones this year, and there is no one else I'd rather go with. I'm seeing my dream band with my best friend, and I am completely grateful for that. For those of you who aren't spending this day with your parent for one of many reasons, then spend your day fulfilling other people with all of the love you have to give, because it's not just Mothers who need it on a day like today.

I also want to say thank you to


, who shot these images and all of my new content for me. She is incredibly talented and someone I want to give my appreciation to this week. Thank you for slaying these photos, I am so over the moon with them and all of the work you create! I ended up spending IWD with her and a few of my other favourite ladies which brought so much joy to my day.










When some people think of


they think of pornography, cheap, dirty pornography. But, I'm a firm believer it's a magazine that embraces woman and their bodies. Granted, it's risque and can be seedy at times but whats wrong with the way we decide capture the naked body anyway?! Whether it's full nude or not - it's art, it's daring and it's cool. Some of my favorite ladies have graced the covers of their magazine, looking flawless and doing it for girl power. It gets a lot of stick but for me it's a powerful publication that I stand by. We need to forget about the men behind it and look at all of the amazing work and imagery these woman have created by showcasing their powerful bodies and not giving a fuck. I've looked up to these ladies for years and always adored their courage and confidence, these include models like

Ashley Smith


Zippora Seven


Taylor LaShae

to name a few. I aspire to be like these powerful individuals and seeing them achieve a goal like this is inspiring and great for my personal self confidence. Another strong reason to enjoy Playboy is the care free mentality towards models and their size, by using incredible '

plus size

' women like the unreal

Molly Constable

. We read fashion magazines and view the photo spreads within them, but nudity isn't there, females are covered and the chance of seeing a plus size model is unlikely. Times are changing and we need to move with it, freeing a nipple or exploring peoples unique beauty needs to become the norm and not something we turn our noses up at.

Playboy is that publication for me


People spend their lives being shocked and disgusted about the way we choose to display our bodies, whether it's through the power of social media or even the way we dress. Wearing a crop top or a pair of shorts just that bit too short can make people tut and sigh, but why do we care so much about what others think? I use my platforms as a way to embrace my body and I spend most of my time on these sites commenting with love about these images that showcase the beauty of these people. I'm pro nudity in any form, be it through art or through lifestyle. I don't turn my nose at a photo on Instagram that shows too much boob, or feel ashamed when I see a nipple. We need to take away the blur and not care about those who find our bodies so damn offencive.

You know what the sad thing is? This outfit might be deemed as '

too sexy

' because I'm broadcasting Playboy and I choose to wear a pair of tight leather trousers. But my care level is at zero and I'm expressing myself and my opinions though the power of fashion. We have these tools around us and the clothing to help us become the people we are. I'll often wear a motif tee with a powerful expression on, and I'm forever wearing the same leather jacket that is covered in badges that promote LGBT and peace. This is who I am and I want to share it with the world, not hide it because I'm afraid of what others might think of me.

If you are passionate about something and want to shout about it, then do it! We have a voice that is made to be expressive, so don't hide and think about all these things you could do but won't because of the fear of judgement. Your opinions might be different to mine, and

that's OK too

. The beauty of the human race is our difference in personalities so express it with true pride!







I've had many friends in life, those who I still consider to be close to, and those who have slipped right through the net of life. The ones you think about when you see a Facebook post telling the world they're newly engaged or moved in with their partner, to which you make the effort to congratulate them by having a light catch-up - don't roll your eyes at me,


you've done this before! It sounds savage, being so honest about it, but I think I've finally become a person that doesn't want to hold on to old '


', because what's the point when you've moved on and so have they? I think you get to a certain age and it suddenly hits you, '

who are my true friends?

', you start to eliminate the people you no longer want to spend your free time with and focus on the ones you do. When you become an adult you don't have a lot of time for socializing like you did in school, it's a whole different ball game now.

In school you'd spend five days a week with 20 or more pupils, learning everything about them and who they are, then forming special connections with a selected handful. You were able to hang out after school, walk home together and play GTA non-stop until mum said it was dinner time. Now, I find it hard to switch on my XBOX for anything but catch-up TV in the background of a working situation,

on my own

. You'd be able to have fun

all day

on the weekends and be nothing but totally free, I'd head to the beach with a few of my friends, sitting in the sand dunes for hours listening to The Killers on repeat until it was finally time to get fish and chips, drag that on for a bit and wait for a call from my mum to tell me dinners at 7pm, not what I wanted after stuffing my gullet full on fried goods. But that was my early teenage years, nearly total freedom and no adult responsibilities. Friendship isn't an adult job, it's something we cherish and adore, but when you out grow your teens you start to wonder if you'll ever keep in touch with the people you had these memories with, or if they'd forget all about you once they'd moved off to new places. This was me, picture the scene... Just out of college, not wanting to spend another minute of my time studying, but watching all of my friends apply for University, getting in and leaving me on my own. It was a lonely time but one that certainly grew me as a person.

What else was there to do but think?

My parents tell me it gets harder, your best friends form new lives, get married, have a baby and then you only ever see them for the celebration of a new life in


life, another person to take them away from you. It all sounds incredibly selfish and very doom and gloom, but it's the cold hard truth. You grow up, learn to let go and live your life as is, with a close knit group of friends while the rest is history. It's funny how we think our school friends will be best friends forever, we look towards the future and imagine living together, holidaying in a hot country and being each others Maid of Honor. That was all I wanted when I was fifteen, but now it's a very distant memory. We all grow up and most importantly,

we change

, more often then we think. I've grown to love change and enjoy new possibilities when they arrive, this included friendship. The past year I've made some great new friends, and I hope these stick. I'm 24 this year and I want to make all the time in the world for the best friends I have today, and learn to say goodbye the ones that have left my life for good. I'm embracing the new and not spending too much time thinking about the old, as I think reflecting on the past can be dangerous. That's not to say I regret or don't miss my old pals, I very much do. But it's also nice to remember those times for what they are and leave it at that.

I'm a dreamer

, I often go into a world of my own and think about my life all those years ago, while looking forward to new beginnings. New friends come and they go, but I'll be embracing every one that comes my way and treasuring it for what it is, whether it's here for the long run or the short. I think it's good to enjoy it and if it loses it spark, that's OK too, it's still a memory.

I've said farewell to 'BFF'S' and made new ones, and I don't regret anything because some people just aren't for me. Life throws obstacles at you and situations don't work out the way you think they will. Over the New Year period a lot of people were talking about making a conscious effort to get rid of toxic people, the ones that put you down and don't make your life enjoyable. This is a good way of thinking, who need's a bad friend in their life when they have others anyway? And if not, will be sure to make some a long the way. It's best not to get caught up in these things and think about yourself, because if there is one thing I've learnt in my (


) 24 years of life, it's that we need to focus on ourselves more often. We don't need negativity surrounding us when life is hard as is, it's all about making it  as much as a positive experience as humanly possible.

I love everyone in my life right now, and I'm so excited to meet new people and see what the rest of my young adult life has in store for me. Now's the time when I'll be meeting the most inspiring and incredible people, and I couldn't be more ready for it. I've released my sadness about losing touch with old friends and keep reminding myself that the best is still yet to come...






HAT - H&M 





Last week I had the absolute please of meeting the brilliant George Hodgson, founder of Maison de Choup, a fashion label which supports mental health. The brand itself helps mental health sufferers find the support they need, by teaming up with Young Minds and raising money for the charity. This sits very well with me. I myself am surrounded by friends and loved ones that struggle with mental health issues, it's a common theme in this modern day and to find people out there who can help is just what we need. It's important to not feel alone with struggles like this, which is why I fully support and encourage you to at least click on THIS LINK and read more about what Maison de Choup and Young Minds can do for you. If you want support this cause then have browse at the fashion pieces they've got online, as 25% of the profits made from their new Warrior and Words Fail Me collections go to Young Minds - incredible!


Before I met George I knew all about his brand and what he does, I've been a fan of his for a good while. I've read his story and am truly inspired by what he's created from turning the negativity of anxiety into a positive, by creating contemporary clothing for a good cause.

When we eventually decided to meet up and shoot, I knew we'd create some really cool images for his products. I obviously had to take some for myself, and it had to be in the Warrior Not Worrier blazer, a product I'd been lusting over for ages. I'm big on tartan and yellow is my go-to colour of the season, so I was all for this jacket and was over the moon when George said I could wear it. Not only is it a very cool, masculine jacket, but it has a lot of thought and meaning behind it (quite literally). Like a mullet, it's business at the front and party at the back. It's great when clothing can make a statement in more ways than just being 'out there', when it has a literal statement to make, that's a whole new level of cool.

Thank you, George, for letting me in on what you do at Maison de Choup. It was a huge honor to take your photograph and see your brand in person. I have huge respect for you on speaking out about your experiences with anxiety and personal mental health issues. It takes a lot of be so courageous and that's just what a company like this needs, a strong, passionate and inspirational individual. Keep on doing what you do, the world needs more people like you. I can't wait to see where this project ends up!


Approximately two days ago I wrote this tweet (try to ignore my low battery, I did place it on charge after this don't worry). It ended up being a thought that a lot of other people agreed with, which actually shocked me. The reason I wrote this tweet was because of some activity on my time line that same day. This particular activity was actually someone saying how rude and unsupportive they thought it was that a woman they followed, had unfollowed them on all of their socials. This tweet said person wrote got a lot of people replying, saying they agreed it was rude and totally uncalled for. Sorry? It’s not OK to unfollow someone? This really didn’t sit right to me.

Life’s all about change, it changes more often than we think. So what’s wrong with us wanting to change what we see on our feeds? It almost comes hand in hand with our every day life. I started to ponder about this and think of ways I could describe why this is OK. So, here’s what I thought of... Think of it as a trend, let’s use gingham as an example here. Gingham has been around for a while and has become something I’ve fallen out of love with, I don’t enjoy still seeing it in the shops or on the runway, I’m over it. Here's another example, remember when your mother got wind that you like that dinner she cooked up that one time, so she constantly made it until you couldn't stand it anymore (we’d still eat it though because food is food, am I right?). Stupid examples aside, we don’t always enjoy the things we did previously.

I’ve followed YouTubers in the past that I absolutely adored, but then I got bored of their content (especially those who started click-baiting) so I unsubscribed with no guilt at all. I’ve even gone too and from creators, enjoying them one month and going off them the next. I’m sure influencers know this is the pattern of their followers. I mean, how many people who watched Zoella six years ago, still watch her today? I grew out of her content because it’s aimed to a younger audience, and I’ve grown up. I still enjoy the idea of her as a person because she does seem like a total cutie, but that’s besides the point, I won’t sit and watch her vlogs every week because it just doesn’t appeal to me anymore.

People’s style changes too, we are in a world where new trends and brands appear constantly, and we change along with them. If someone’s personal style evolves, who’s to say we’ll still enjoy seeing their content anymore? We change, you change, and that’s OK.

Whether blogging is a job or a hobby, I think we need to look at it as a business. I rarely follow a personal friend outside of the blogging world on Instagram or Twitter, because I feel like I don’t need to see their content. I use these platforms for my blog and getting reach of other like-minded creatives, not to know what my friends been up to, because more often than not I spoke to them thirty minutes prior anyway, but mostly because it doesn’t matter to me in a blogging/business sense.

If we followed every person we ever met outside or inside of the blogging circle, we wouldn’t be keeping true to ourselves. Let’s be real, we’re not going to like everyone we meet (and if you do you’re a far nicer individual than me) so why bother following them? I think it’s more rude to follow people we’re not even fond of, because that’s two-faced, and why on earth would you even want to see their content anyway?!

This has sparked me to do a big unfollow on twitter which felt pretty good, and it's almost made me enjoy it more as a platform. I've made it a place I now like to go and really see what the people I adore most are creating. I may come across as cruel, and not everyone will agree with my words here, but I’m being real and so should you. It is OK to use that unfollow button if and when we please. It’s your life and your time line and we have the luxury of choosing what we see.

Of course there is always the mute button, which might seem less harsh. But wouldn't it be really awkward if you get asked wether you've seen their latest tweet?! I couldn't handle that, I'd rather the grown swallow me whole. It's an option though, and if this suits you better than I say go for it, but hopfully whoever it may be would understand. Let's face it, I'm sure you wouldn't be unfollowing people who you do conversate with all the time anyway, right? 

Whatever the case may be, we as bloggers don’t have a oath to fulfil, it’s not our rite of passage to support everyone we find on the internet. Remember - life is forever changing, and so is our time lines.


First off, happy International Women's Day! We don't need a day purely to celebrate our women's rights, we should be celebrating it on the daily. But neither the less, it's amazing seeing men and women across the globe shouting about it constantly for a glorious 24 hours. Let's keep it going!

My heart goes out to my mother today, the woman who helped me become the person I am. She taught me how important it is to love yourself, support your rights and fight for equality. Not only does my beautiful mother give me the courage I need, but the dozens of inspiring gals in the world of blogging give me light and a huge breath of fresh air in this sometimes cruel world.

Everyday I struggle to see people on social media fighting for our rights as women, fighting those who are against us. So today, I wanted to mention my favourite blogger babes who inspire me in both their writing and their selves as bad ass feminists!

Firstly, a personal thank you to Megan Gilbrade who I have the pleasure of knowing just a little. Your writing is the most powerful I've read in a very, very long time. You write about personal challenges and it gives me a whole lot of strength when I need it most. Knowing you're not alone in life is so important, and Megan reminds me of that when she gets real with us on her beautiful blog. You're doing so well, please never stop being you!


Secondly I'm saying cheers to my gal pal Chloe Plumstead, a loud and proud feminist who I absolutely adore. Chloe wrote a big something last year titled, 'Feminism: Can We Blog About it More Please', a piece of writing that has stuck with me for nearly a year now. It stuck with me because of the truth told within the post, and the sheer amount women commenting and sharing their thoughts and stories with us all. Coming together as a community is unreal to see and like Chloe says, we need to shout about it more. Whether it's sex, equality or other taboos - we need to use our voices! She has surely helped me gain confidence to be my extroverted self and with that, keep on being the sassy little feminist you are!

I dont want to take away from the importance of this post, so I'll briefly mention about my outfit. I'm in nearly head-to-toe Topshop, no shock there! Topshop are owning the high street with their range of 'girl power' pieces. I paired my skirt with the sassiest metallic pink mini skirt, which is my favourite piece in my wardrobe at the moment. I've had so many compliments on it, the only thing is when I say mini I fucking mean it, I'm pretty sure you can see my butt cheeks - still cute though!

I'll leave on a thank you, a thank you to every single person out there who credits themself on being a feminist. We have the power to overcome the vast negitivity that still surrounds this strong and powerful word, so let's do this!


On Friday the boys of The Shantics came to visit, not only to see me (joking) but to play at Bristols finest gig venue, The Fleece. They co-headlined with Zepher, who I've written and photographed many times before - have a read! I was pretty excited when they got the gig as I've only seen them practise in their very cool and cosy band room, so this was a right treat for me. You could say I'm a fan girl of the band, being friends with the boys in general helps I suppose. Friendship aside though, these boys are next level songwriters and performers. So, me and Louis of Zepher got together a big group of our nearest and dearest to watch the magic happen. It ended up being a fun night full of tipsy antics and brilliant music.

THE SHANTICS |  YouTube | Spotify | Instagram | Facebook | Official Website

ZEPHER | Youtube | Facebook | Instagram

The night started off with a couple of local bands, but sadly we missed them play due to taking far too long to get ready, typical of us girls. We managed to get there half an hour before The Shantics were due to go on so we ordered in the drinks, took our positions and waited for start of Colour Wheel to kick in. They played a set list of songs that are yet to be released which sadly means I can't share them with you. You can keep updated on their social media like me though, I'm waiting patiently for their next release so I can add it to my Spotify and listen at my leisure. There isn't a single track I'm not a fan of so I'm buzzing to see what these boys get up to in the future, It's going to be one hell of a ride! Their first self produced single, Maybe I... is available to listen to on both YouTube and Spotify so you should add it to your play list right away. To give it a quick listen it's available on my music player to the left of this page, or watch the official lyric video below.

After a glorious half and hour set from The Shantics, Zepher made their mark on stage, obviously killing it. Louis has started to include a tambourine in his performance which I'm super keen on, his rock and roll persona when throwing it off the stage is brilliant and certainly gets me going! They added a song or two I hadn't heard of before which was a pleasant surprise, and after spending the night before in Manchester I think they were still on a buzz that certainly rubbed off on us all. Being the entertainer he is, Louis dedicated a song to the city itself in a Mancunian accent, trying to be a Gallagher of course. All in all it was a perfect night for me, sirrounded by people the I adore most while being entertained by the boys and their ridiculous talents.

Thank you to both bands for making it a night to rememeber, let's do it all again soon!

(Photographs used are my own, please credit if used)
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On Sunday night I had the pleasure of shooting my favourite group of lads, Zepher. This is the second time I've gotten the chance to take their photos and this time I was put under pressure by taking my first ever set of gig photos. I was thrilled to have my first attempt with them though, as I adore each of them and will happily take their photo whenever they want, which I think will be often after how happy they were with these images. It was a huge weight off of my shoulders when they told me how much they loved them, I really didn't know if I would be any good at this type of photography but I have given myself a strong pat on the back after seeing these.

It was so much fun getting close and personal, capturing their performance in photo form. The gig itself was at one of Bristol most loved venues, The Fleece. Home to many clubnights and tribute bands like Guns 2 Roses, The Doors Alive and Novana, sounds like a laugh doesn't it? I'm yet to see a tribute band but I'm intrigued at the thought of it, as it's not like I'll be able to see Nirvana live, so why not enjoy a night of their music performed by a look-a-like band? Sounds like fun! The night I attended wasn't for a cheesy cover band though, it was for their Night Before Halloween event which hosted dozens of bands playing from 1.30pm till later that evening. I sadly missed the other bands though due to working all day, but made it just in time to see the boys.

You may of caught my last post on the band, where I shot some images for their Facebook page and took the opportunity to write about them and share some of their music with you, but if you missed it you can have a read here. It was a pleasure hearing them live once again, this time surprising me with some new material as well as my favourite track of theirs, She Trouble. I pestered Louis a few times to put it on the set list for me and he pulled through! It's my favourite and a definite crowd-pleaser.

If you're heading to Bristol or happen to be a local then keep your eye out for nights on at The Fleece, and definitely keep watch of Zepher and their social medias for upcoming events and new releases from them. The Bristol music scene is ecstatic so I highly recommend a night of seeing talented bands come together to support each other and play the music they are so passionate about.

Many thanks to the guys of Zepher for having faith in me and bringing me along, I had a blast!

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BANNED THE BRA | 28.9.16

When I was thirteen years old the only thing I wanted in life was a bra. I wanted to be able to wear a product that strapped my barely formed breasts into place and give them a shape that was clearly fake for a teenager. It was purely so I could get changed in P.E class without the girls thinking I was even more of a tom-boy than I already was, it was only to fit in. I have never been one for doing anything seriously 'girly', I spent most of my years as a pre-teen wearing boys jeans and carrying a skateboard, if you've known me for years you'll know exactly what I mean. Every day I wore Dr Martens and a Nirvana t-shirt with a greasy centre-part that was almost at a state of being dreaded because I refused to put a hairbrush through it, much to my mothers dismay. I enjoyed that part of my life and I still am that person, just a more matured version. I do use a brush from time to time! When it came to trying new underwear it was almost a forced process rather than a complete need for it. Inside I knew I didn't want it, but I did it for the people around me. I wanted one because all of my classmates were strutting about with their push-up bras and I assumed that was what I had to do too.

Photographs by Martha Iona Oram | 'Ban The Bra' Vest - Brandy Melville

Now I'm a twenty two year old woman who doesn't give a fuck about what anyone else thinks, I decided it was time to ditch it. This was the best decision I've ever made, I feel like I wasn't born to wear a bra and that I was put under a microscope of judgement from a young age where if you didn't wear one, you'd be classed as a freak. School is a difficult time for a lot of people, especially if you're more of the quiet type that wants to sit in the back of class thinking about what Blink 182 album you were going to listen to when you got home. Girls were the hardest with judgement at that age, but everyone judges you and I can't lie, I've been known to do the same! I think you get to an age where you forget overthinking other people's opinions and realise that it's time for your own personality to shine without any holding back.

It's not that I don't ever wear a bra, there are some cases were a top is just that bit too see-through to get away with. I also find a lot of them attractive, how could you not when brands like just For Love and Lemons make such beautifully crafted pieces? It's a personal decision if I want to wear one one day and not the next, I shouldn't be judged for that choice. I've realised that I don't want to spend my time worrying about how my boobs look in a low-cut top or my lack of cleavage, I just don't care and to be honest, that's not me. I've become so much more confident with age and this is another step I've made to help me love myself the way we all should.

When erasing something from your life that you don't enjoy, you feel a huge weight off your shoulders and more like yourself. It's like breaking up with someone, you soon remember that it wasn't worth your time and it's gone for a reason. In the wake of getting rid of my bras I did some thinking about how we as woman were born without them anyway. Now that might be a serious feminist thing to say but that's another huge part of my life, so I'm not scared to sound like a proud woman who fights for our rights. We as women formed thinking we needed to wear underwear for many reasons, the main of course to be attractive for the partners in our lives. Matching panties and stuffed cup bras are known to be a pleasure for the love in your life, but if you feel like a goddess in them then that's a bonus, you shouldn't wear it for their sake. It's all about you, and the life you lead should revolve around that statement. It's empowering being able to bare it under my shirt and not care, if I can have that simple pleasure in life then I'm all for it.

It's a shame that I do still have people in my life that find it complete madness that I don't wear a bra, but you don't see me finding it weird that they're wearing one, do you? It's almost a form of equality, like all woman have to wear a bra in order to feel equal and if I'm not, it's a complete shock and I'm looked down on. That shouldn't be the case but sadly it is, it's now seen as natural and normal like eating breakfast or using toilet roll, but it's not. We were born without it and and if I don't want to wear one, I won't. That's my right as a woman and I'm allowed that little bit of enjoyment in my everyday life.

I'm still haunted by a friend of mine telling me to go and put a bra on because she could see the shape of my nipple through my vest. It was a horrifying moment, not because she could see my breast, but because she thought it was so offensive that I should go and cover myself up immediately. Remember, it's your life and no matter what everyone else around you is doing or thinking, just do you. Be yourself, whether that's wearing a bra or not. It doesn't matter! Do what makes you comfortable and happy and stay true to yourself in the process.

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WELCOME HOME | 24.7.16

One week ago I moved out of my studio flat and into a four bed house with my three best friends. A decision not to be taken lightly, but a one to definitely consider. Since we moved in we've had the most fun together, getting up in each other's business and just having a good old time. People always say that living with friends isn't as good as you think it'll be but I can't think of anything better than to live with three people I have chosen to call my friends.

I wanted to share some of it with you as it's coming together rather nicely, I'm sure our parents would like to see what it looks like too. So, if you're into home decor or you're one of our rents, then this is for you! I've tried to link a few of the pieces shown but a lot of it is either vintage or not available to buy online anymore. Hope you enjoy this little sneak peak around our new abode!


I left home for the first time last year and since then I've lived in four different places. I'll be brutally honest, life's a bitch. I've got a lot of nice homeware out of it though which has come in handy when decorating our new place. It feels nice to unpack boxes that are familiar to you rather than buying a load of flat-pack furniture with zero sentimental value to them. My room is full of my style icons and coffee table books that I've kept for years, and even though I've seen them so many times before, I couldn't unpack my room without them.

I've got a lot of personal items on display, like a frame filled with photographs and gig tickets that me and Kieran have been to which I adore seeing every time I come into my room. I've also got my vintage Arizona varsity jacket hanging up by my beautiful bay window to remind me of my mother and our family. You don't really realise how sentimental you can be until you start to fill up a room full of your fondest memories. I'm totally in love with my new room and can't wait to make it even better when I cover the walls in giant posters of Robert Plant and Kurt Cobain.


White lantern - Ikea
Arrow cross stitch - The Cove Boutique
Cactus - Ikea
Cork Board - Wilkinsons
Clear hanging photo frame - M&S
Popcorn basket - Poundland
Pulp Fiction print - Parlor Tattoo Prints
Bunting - Tiger
Pegs & string - Poundland

The rest of the house is filled with tacky knick-knacks that we all have a love for, like endless pictures of our favourite musicians and vintage home wear like my ceramic pineapple that was once used to store drugs in 70's (so the man in the charity shop told me). Like I said, so tacky but I wouldn't change it, a home should be where you can express your true self and we've certainly let all of our personalities come out and made it the homliest of homes for all of us.

I personally have a love for home decor which makes having my own space to get crafty pretty exciting and makes my hefty Pinterest board worth all the effort that went into re-pinning the 500+ images within it. It's not quite that LA loft space that features in my dreams, but it's something.

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ONE YEAR ON | 20.3.16

This shirt strongly represents how I'm feeling because in exactly 49 days time it'll be my one year anniversary of living in Bristol, what a hectic and crazy year it has been. I wont scrimp on the details with you after all I put hard work and effort into this blog so why not put my heart and soul into it too? This past year has been full of stress, complications and a lot of tears but that's been completely out-weighed by the glorious feelings I have towards my life now.

I moved to Bristol with my now past boyfriend thinking that our new life would contain happiness and last longer than the few months it did but I wasn't happy and I didn't want that life I'd created to last any longer. I don't regret moving away because that wouldn't of made me the way I am today, or my life the way it is either. I learnt a lot during those few months, some more valid then others like how to set up a joint account or what a water metre is and that some men leave urine on the toilet seat, so there were some great life lessons to be learnt. I'm sometimes a strong believer that things happen for a reason and I wouldn't be here in Bristol without that shit happening.

I am now out of the flat I shared with said ex and into a house share which by the way I worked myself up about for weeks on end. It's so daunting thinking about moving into a house with complete strangers that it made me ridiculously anxious, will we need the bathroom at the same time? What if I need to brush my teeth and the bathrooms occupied? Which by the way has already happened and I ate a whole pack of mints that day. These are all very petty things to dawn on but my brain overworked itself and my nerves were another level when I first moved in. Don't get me wrong it's still a little awkward and not quite the one bedroom flat I dream of but it's far better than living with an old boyfriend.

I've also moved on in a relationship sense and without getting into it too much I'll just say it's all tops. Being with someone so kind and loving through the hard times I've faced these past few weeks has been a blessing. With that and what I suppose you could call my new life I'm doing well, really well in fact. I'm still on the hunt for somewhere I can call home but I'm keeping my head held high while browsing Gumtree every hour for a housemate. That being said I'm the happiest I've been in months or maybe even a year which is a good example of things happening for a reason, wouldn't you say? I adore my life in Bristol and wouldn't change this past year for the world, OK, maybe less tears would of been nice but I won't get picky.

I can't wait to see what the next year of my life holds and in the nearer future I'm so looking forward to summer. Who else is counting down the hours until it's warm again? I don't mean to be rude, Spring, but do get over and done with so I can feel the heat again. I have a hunch this summer is going to be one of the best ones yet! I do hope you are all doing well and keeping yourselves happy in life, if my rubbish situation could get better then yours could too. Chin up, move on and enjoy life.



I've had some big personal changes happen in my life recently and It's made me feel a lot of self doubt which is more than normal for a sorry-for-herself 21 year old going through a rough time. It's time to embrace change and remember that things happen for a reason and I'm really not the failure I think I am. I'm starting to endure new things in all aspects of my life and one of those is definitely my creativity in blogging. I love to shoot and write and I think about it most hours of the day but rarely actually do it because that little niggle in my head stops me from it. I'm seriously over-flowing with content ideas at the moment and it's time I grew a pair by taking those ideas out of my journal and onto the web.

I'm having to train up some poor new souls to shoot a few photos for me which is the reason for the lack of outfit posts the past few weeks, but you never know one of them could be a budding photographer in the making! As well as training up a new camera man I'm also forcing kindly asking a couple of friends to help me out with some features I want to get up and running, all good things to come I hope. It's taken me a while to pluck up the courage to start something fresh and head for new directions but that's one good thing about going through a bad time, you come out far stronger on the other side. It's time to get those ideas off of the paper and turn them into something good!


TAKE SOME TIME | 15.12.15

I'm hoping that you wondered where I've been hiding away to these past few weeks, did you miss me? Did you even wonder? Well, it's been a tough few weeks in casa del Tigerlily and having some time to myself was necessary. Not just to take some personal time off to make myself feel semi-normal and get a brain cell back but having a general break from the interweb can work wonders for all.

Dealing with drama and emotions is one thing but having to maintain a happy writing style while doing so isn't ok, neither is trying to take photos while you're breaking out with a huge influx of spots thanks to all that stress. When I don't feel good on the inside I'm not going to be feeling good on the outside whether that's on camera or written on a page. I'd rather stop trying to be creative than force it!

I always encourage breaks, I see a lot of bloggers struggling with a stupid amount of work and no time to breathe, unless it's to draft a moany tweet about said work load. Take some time and do you because I can assure you It feels good to have some time and come back even better than before. If you're going through some rough times then sit back, sort it out and come back when you're good and ready.



Last weekend was a quick trip to London for me and my great buddy Kristina, we went for the LFWEnd madness and it was lovely. It's so great getting away for just a day and even though London isn't the most relaxing place on earth, it's still a change from the norm. It's espeically fab to meet someone you've been interweb pals for, for what feels like years and when we did meet we certainly felt like we'd been best friends forever - BFFS! What a better place to meet a fellow blogger then at a fashion event, a pretty important one at that. London Fashion Week is an event we all know and wish to attend, some of us are yet to go (me, me and oh yeah me...) but the weekend event is one that whoever pleases can attend, just simply buy yourself a ticket.

Let's get real for a minute because it's fair to say that not everyone is attending these prestigious events so being able to attend one that's still part of the fun feels nice, it's great to get involved! If you sit behind your computer every Fashion Week thinking 'I wish I was sat on the FROW at so-and-so's show' then next time book yourself that ticket and go. It may not be at the Burberry show sat next to Moss or Delevigne but who cares? Me secretly A shows a show and seeing some of the lesser known but incredible designers work is all kinda of inspiring. Yes, Burberry is phenominal and I dream of attending literally any of the A list catwalks but we're not all serious fashionistas, we have got to start somewhere though.

Realness over and onto the day. We met up around mid day after my morning meeting at the Feels office where I spent some time having my photos taken for the app, which if you haven't downloaded yet - do. I wore an outfit from the Lazy Oaf x Ragged Priest collection and posed infront of some brick walls, so edgy. I had fun and seeing the work that goes on behind the app was pretty cool. I'm planning a post on Feels next week so definitely keep your peepers peeled for that but in the mean time you should defnitely do some research and give it a download.

After my stop by the Feels headquarters I met up with Kristina at Waterloo, we then took a few tube stops to the beautiful Soho where the Saatchi Gallery is located. I adore Soho, it makes me feel warm inside strolling down the streets surrounded by endless designer stores and hip brunch spots, add a filter and it's basically a filler shot for Made in Chelsea and I love that. We took some time and wondered about the shops, the main point of interest being Brandy Melville of course. Screw the high end fasion we wanted comfy-casual laidback gear and that's the ultimate destination for comfortable dressing. Kristina left with a bag full and I left with a ring, we were both happy with our buys though. We headed for lunch at Pret because we're simpletons that couldn't decide on what cool café to go to so that seemed like the obvious choice - shame on us. After lunch, back to the event!

Once in the Saatchi Gallery we were greeted by a couple of entrances which led to endless rails of designer clobber which is any fashion lovers dream. I wish I went there with a wod of cash and came out with several bags full, sadly I did not. I did however leave with a rad shirt from Little White Lies and a goody bag which contained snacks amoung other things but hey, the snacks are probably the best thing to come out of any goody bag...

We finished up browsing the rails, getting our make-up done and having our photos taken at the very cool Sunglass Hut photo booth and waited for the show to start. We planned to see the Peter Pilotto AW15 catwalk in the evening which is totally worth the wait, it was glorious! The shapes, the prints and the mother of all boots were everything for me. I'm still dreaming of those Nicholas Kirkwood for Peter Pilotto shoes that left me with serious boot envy. The show contained eligant dresses with a colourful twist and structured winter coats with incredible detaling covering every single inch. I loved seeing the models strutting down the catwalk with serious sass donning the designers creations for all of five minutes, it was an unreal five minutes that left me inspired to no end. I wish I could of seen more shows and stayed in the Fashion Week bubble for longer but it was a short and sweet visit for me and Kristina! I had such a great time and will defnitely attend more in the future weither it's Fashion Week or the weekends events, I'll be there.


HAPPINESS | 20.8.15

Today I did something a little bit mad, well, last week to be exact but today was the day it truly happened and boy do I feel good about it.
I quit my job, my job that I had only been at for three months which in work terms is very short. I started to feel down in the work place and where I was heading which made me think to myself, 'hold on, I don't need this', I'm 21 years of age and I don't need to be spending half of my time doing something I really don't want to do. It was a hard decision and a pretty ballsy one at that as I do have my own place now and bills need to be paid as well as food on the table and of course when you quit a job there is no other source of income, but that being said I just didn't care. So what if you have to scrimp and not purchase that super cute top you saw, it may kill you inside to leave it but you can do it, eventually when you pick yourself up you can go ahead and buy that top unless it's sold out and many more cute tops. It will all be worth it in the end, trust me.

I'd also like to say that it wasn't the people, the people were so welcoming and I truly feel I made friends from my time being there. I came into the city not knowing a single soul so having found a couple of friends made it all feel a little less lonely, which sort of makes it even more difficult as they are the only people I know here so no longer being somewhere where they are is a bit of a scary thought. I can't thank them enough for being so lovely to an outsider like me.

It's not that the job was that awful either it was just sometimes all a bit too much and I just didn't feel happy. I had started to progress within my role and realized that I didn't even want that to happen, it was all getting a bit much for a job I had only been in for a few months. I don't even know what I want to do for a career so I'm not about to start one for the sake of it! I also came from such a close-knit, well managed store that it all just sort of felt wrong. Some people rustled feathers, hey, maybe even I rustled a few and that's not what I want from a place I plan on spending half my week. Things just weren't right and I wasn't enjoying it, there are a few other things which made me decide to quit but they're all a bit uninteresting in comparison. The point being is that if you're unhappy you should do something about it. No matter how scared you may feel and how difficult it can be, go for it. It's so easy to get comfortable in a situation and say you're going to change time and time again but when will you act upon your unhappiness?

I'm scared, in fact I'm well and truly crapping my pants at the thought of having to start somewhere new again but I know it will all be worth it in the long run. Nothing is worth your time if you're unhappy doing it because happiness is so important and you deserve every single bit of it and in the words of Shia 'don't let your dreams be dreams, yesterday you said tomorrow so just do it!'



16TH MAY 2015

I've been in Bristol for over a month now and strolling about finding all the best spots have made for the ultimate day out. Seriously though, what more could you want than a day consisting of browsing the shops, having some lunch, resting those tired legs in a pretty park and stopping for coffee on the regular, not much really! That's what most of mine and Dan's date days consist of and we always look forward to them.

As we're still pretty new to the area we have a lot of places left to discover and we plan to jump on a bus whenever we can to explore our little hearts out, that £17 a week bus ticket does have to come to some use after all. We ended up heading to a place known as The Triangle after passing there after we hunted out a Gumtree seller who sold us our coach. We went through in our hefty transit van and were drawn in by the sight of independent shops and quirky cafes, so it definitely made the top of our 'To Explore' list.

We aimed to head out by breakfast that day but you know how it is, plans fail when it comes to waking up early on your day off... So, by noon we finally exited our front door and hoped on a bus to search out the place we went past a few weeks back. Thank goodness for Google Maps because we would of been hella lost without it! We found it once again and immediately stopped for something to eat as we did end up skipping breakfast. We went straight for the wonders that was an all you can eat Chinese, Indian with a bit of British comfort food and sushi thrown in too (I know, it sounds too good to be true doesn't it?) because how could you not - spoiler alert IT WAS AMAZING. We both had a couple of plates but were eventually defeated and needed to walk off our carb infested bellies with a walk around some shops. We stumbled across a very cool record store called Rise Revival which also sells books, clothing and art work. We purchased a few bits for our home and of course ourselves.

After a wonder around and a coffee in our system we ended up being drawn towards a group of teenage skaters having a quick ten minute skate around on their breaks from the day job. There's something about skating that is incredible to watch, the thrill and the cool vibes that come with it make for great entertainment, especially with a few bails.

We initially wanted to go out on the search for Banksy art work but got a little sidetracked with everything else we came across. Luckily we found a couple on our way, including the Wall Hanger. We're not massive Banksy fans but it was actually great to see some of his work first hand and when in Bristol, you've got to hunt out at least one of his pieces.

I'm hoping you liked the idea of this sort of post as I plan on doing a lot more in the future. I also picked up my vlogging camera yesterday when in the middle of writing this, I must of had too much inspiration flowing about my brain as that could potentially be bad idea. Stay tuned on my YouTube channel for that and for more of these lifestyle posts!


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30TH MARCH 2015

Hello again! I'm back from my holiday in Lanzarote, in fact I've been back for a week now but as soon as we got back home at 5am, (due to being delayed) I then had to sleep for 2 hours and get back up again and get on a train to Bristol. From then on it's been work, work, work and I feel like I still haven't recovered from my lack of sleep last week. Boo!

Anyway, I'm back to blogging after a lovely week away with my mother and sister. A much needed and from what I feel, deserved break! We enjoyed ourselves and although it wasn't always good weather we still had a great time with each other.

I thought I'd share some pictures I took while there, there's a tone of pictures of palm trees and cactus so I tried to whittle them down to only a few. If you follow me on my Instagram (@tigerlilyblog) then you may have already seen a couple of these snaps, but there are a few here I'm yet to share.

So, back to reality and loathing the rubbish weather of Britain, fab!

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