Before we talk about how awesome this backpack is, I will just apologise for the lack of my face (lucky you) and outfit posts on the blog this past week. If you didn't know - I'm sure you do as a lot of moaning came from me, then I have had a pretty bad head cold which is also known as woman flu. But you know, I'm here now and have put some make-up on and graced the outside world with my presence! I still have a super sexy cold voice though, how lucky for you guys.

Dress - Newlook, shirt - Topman, boots - Next, sunglasses - Asos, backpack - Nica*
Let's not feel sorry for me too much though and get onto the real importance of this post which is my beautiful Nica backpack that I've been wearing non-stop since I got it. Backpacks remind me of that cool girl in college that even though shes not a young teen anymore, shes still going to rock her year 8 backpack because fashion. Backpacks are cool so that instantly makes me cool, don't you think? I can hear the sounds of you all laughing in the background, harsh.

I do love this thing though, it's so original and quirky and very much me. I love the faux pony hair detailing along with the embossed sides and the super cute navy pom pom, it's all so beautiful! Another quirky touch is that you can wear it over the shoulder or carry it in your hand with the handle on top, which is the way I've been wearing it most. It's really comfortable to carry and looks pretty good too.

I was lucky enough to be gifted it during my brunch with Nica herself a couple of weekends ago, you may of seen my post about it. We had a lovely day out and meeting Nica was really special, knowing my bag came from such a well loved company and from the mind of an inspirational woman like Nica makes this bag all the more special to me. It's from their new in collection for A/W and also comes in two other colours including a dark grey shade which is so perfect for fall and a light tan colour too. They've got some seriously lovely bags on the site so do have a little browse, maybe get yourself a new bag for the winter? You always need a new winter bag! There you go, I justified it for you which means you can buy yourself some winter gear! go you!



4TH MARTH 2015
Dress - F&F @ Tesco, shirt - Motel, jacket - M&S, boots - Next, rings - Accessorize.

I had to pinch myself while editing these photographs due to how much colour I'm wearing, I'm still in a total shock now. I can't get over it, especially at this time of year and to be honest I rarely wear red as it is! It was a very beautiful sunny day though so I think the sun is to blame, it clearly made me feel a little too jolly and messed with my head. Have no fear, I'm back in a full black attire as we speak, but hopefully not for long!

This pretty little number was found at the back of a rail in Tesco's clothing section, yep that's right, Tesco. I wore it with a classic Motel Stella shirt underneath to add a collar, oh how Alexa Chung of me I know. This dress has a bit of a retro feel to it so I teamed it with some thigh high boots (not only for retro-factor but to cover my cold legs) and my mothers denim jacket, we can't have retro vibes going on if something isn't borrowed from the parents closet now can we?

I've really missed wearing dresses with winter and have seemed to collect quite a few in the sale over the past few months so I'm actually really looking forward to sporting them in the upcoming, more warmer months. I've noticed I've grown out of wearing tights with dresses lately, in fact I don't think I've come face to face with a pair in the past year. I used to live in floaty dresses and 60 denier tights but now I just want to save my dresses for the warmer seasons, maybe I've grown up and realized mother was right all along, I will freeze if I wear above the knees dresses in December!


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