My latest music obsession comes from the Bristol based four piece indie/rock and roll band Family Jools, who give off some serious vintage vibes. In a recent review from Rebel Noise (read the full article here) premiering their latest single 'Get Off', the band got related to The Beatles which was a huge deal to the band. Who wouldn't want to be related to the most influential rock band of all time?! For most musicians that's an achievement in it's self, and the first of many for the boys.

Their latest single really is special, I haven't heard anything to this calibre for a long time. It's a throw back to simpler times where bands would sit in their home-grown studio bashing out melodies with rough sound recordings and raw, dreamy vocals. Front man George has a unique voice that fits perfectly with the style of music they want to create. I've been to a few gigs they've headlined and it's even better in person which is an impressive skill to acquire, especially when creating these sorts of tracks that you'd think would only sound good on tape. George gets so involved screaming his raspy tones to the crowd and it's truly mesmerising, infact, It's so good I can picture Lennon smiling to himself peacefully, smitten over his rock and roll legacy still living on in up and coming, modern bands like Family Jools.

The boys are heading for good things in the future, having played a tone of recent gigs in places like Camden, and even scoring a Sofar Sounds session. Not only that but Fred Perry Subculture picked them as the ones to watch for 2017, which is highly impressive. You can see what all my hype is about by finding their tracks on Spofity, Apple Music, or iTunes. I've also added them to my Monthly Mix tape playlist on the left side of this page if you want a quick listen here and now!

I'll leave you with their latest video for their track 'Get Off'. Be prepared for a piano-riddled tune with laid-back North Soul attributes. It's a pleasure knowing these boys personally and can't wait to see it all unfold for them. Hopefully I'll have the complete joy of shooting them soon, so there will be plenty more coming up from me and these lads in the future!

30th Nov - LONDON - Fiddlers Elbow
15th Dec - LONDON - The Monarch
7th Jan - STAG + HOUNDS, Bristol

11th Jan - THE MONARCH , London
19th Jan - SOFAR SOUNDS - London
3rd Feb - THIS FEELING, Bristol
3rd Feb - St James Wine Vaults - Bath
26th Feb - Louisiana - Bristol

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On Friday the boys of The Shantics came to visit, not only to see me (joking) but to play at Bristols finest gig venue, The Fleece. They co-headlined with Zepher, who I've written and photographed many times before - have a read! I was pretty excited when they got the gig as I've only seen them practise in their very cool and cosy band room, so this was a right treat for me. You could say I'm a fan girl of the band, being friends with the boys in general helps I suppose. Friendship aside though, these boys are next level songwriters and performers. So, me and Louis of Zepher got together a big group of our nearest and dearest to watch the magic happen. It ended up being a fun night full of tipsy antics and brilliant music.

THE SHANTICS |  YouTube | Spotify | Instagram | Facebook | Official Website

ZEPHER | Youtube | Facebook | Instagram

The night started off with a couple of local bands, but sadly we missed them play due to taking far too long to get ready, typical of us girls. We managed to get there half an hour before The Shantics were due to go on so we ordered in the drinks, took our positions and waited for start of Colour Wheel to kick in. They played a set list of songs that are yet to be released which sadly means I can't share them with you. You can keep updated on their social media like me though, I'm waiting patiently for their next release so I can add it to my Spotify and listen at my leisure. There isn't a single track I'm not a fan of so I'm buzzing to see what these boys get up to in the future, It's going to be one hell of a ride! Their first self produced single, Maybe I... is available to listen to on both YouTube and Spotify so you should add it to your play list right away. To give it a quick listen it's available on my music player to the left of this page, or watch the official lyric video below.

After a glorious half and hour set from The Shantics, Zepher made their mark on stage, obviously killing it. Louis has started to include a tambourine in his performance which I'm super keen on, his rock and roll persona when throwing it off the stage is brilliant and certainly gets me going! They added a song or two I hadn't heard of before which was a pleasant surprise, and after spending the night before in Manchester I think they were still on a buzz that certainly rubbed off on us all. Being the entertainer he is, Louis dedicated a song to the city itself in a Mancunian accent, trying to be a Gallagher of course. All in all it was a perfect night for me, sirrounded by people the I adore most while being entertained by the boys and their ridiculous talents.

Thank you to both bands for making it a night to rememeber, let's do it all again soon!

(Photographs used are my own, please credit if used)
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On Sunday night I had the pleasure of shooting my favourite group of lads, Zepher. This is the second time I've gotten the chance to take their photos and this time I was put under pressure by taking my first ever set of gig photos. I was thrilled to have my first attempt with them though, as I adore each of them and will happily take their photo whenever they want, which I think will be often after how happy they were with these images. It was a huge weight off of my shoulders when they told me how much they loved them, I really didn't know if I would be any good at this type of photography but I have given myself a strong pat on the back after seeing these.

It was so much fun getting close and personal, capturing their performance in photo form. The gig itself was at one of Bristol most loved venues, The Fleece. Home to many clubnights and tribute bands like Guns 2 Roses, The Doors Alive and Novana, sounds like a laugh doesn't it? I'm yet to see a tribute band but I'm intrigued at the thought of it, as it's not like I'll be able to see Nirvana live, so why not enjoy a night of their music performed by a look-a-like band? Sounds like fun! The night I attended wasn't for a cheesy cover band though, it was for their Night Before Halloween event which hosted dozens of bands playing from 1.30pm till later that evening. I sadly missed the other bands though due to working all day, but made it just in time to see the boys.

You may of caught my last post on the band, where I shot some images for their Facebook page and took the opportunity to write about them and share some of their music with you, but if you missed it you can have a read here. It was a pleasure hearing them live once again, this time surprising me with some new material as well as my favourite track of theirs, She Trouble. I pestered Louis a few times to put it on the set list for me and he pulled through! It's my favourite and a definite crowd-pleaser.

If you're heading to Bristol or happen to be a local then keep your eye out for nights on at The Fleece, and definitely keep watch of Zepher and their social medias for upcoming events and new releases from them. The Bristol music scene is ecstatic so I highly recommend a night of seeing talented bands come together to support each other and play the music they are so passionate about.

Many thanks to the guys of Zepher for having faith in me and bringing me along, I had a blast!

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WHIRLING EYE | 16.10.16

Meet my new favourite t-shirt! I know, I have tons of band related items of clothing but this one is my current love. I got it from the merch stand when The Kills played on October the 5th at Bristol's Anson Rooms, a great venue to get sucked into the music with its huge empty room, high ceilings and funky bar next door. I waited eagerly to see The Kills after buying my ticket in the presale months before the gig. After waiting patiently, the day finally came where I would see Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince perform together at last. I've been a serious fan from the early age of fourteen and what do you know, nine years later I saw them in the flesh only a couple of metres away. It was the perfect night and I came away with a bit of merchandise as well as a sore throat and a bump on my head thanks to my friend Lewis headbutting me when 'Heart of a Dog' started.

Top - The Kills 2016 Whirling Eye tour
Trousers - Topshop
Boots - Topshop
Choker - Primark
Sunglasses - Market
Necklace - True Rocks via Jewel Street *
Rings - Bloody Mary Metal and vintage

In true Mosshart style, I've paired my new shirt with some leather trousers, a last season purchase from Topshop. I'm due a new pair, I'm wanting something more on the vinyl side of things but I'm yet to find any that are a good middle ground between fashionable leather and obvious bondage PVC. I'm keeping my eyes peeled hoping Zara will pull a pair out of the bag soon, as they tend to do during the winter months.

I've chopped off my boots in this photoset, not intentionally but probably for the best. I've just said goodbye to my trusty silver Topshop ankle boots after a whole year of service. They hold a lot of memories though, like this gig for one. I seem to wear them to most evening events where I know they'll get trashed. The first time I wore them was at Tame Impala in February and in the morning when I stumbled to get dressed, I found them almost black with dirty foot prints and beer from the night before. Since then they've had a very worn out look which almost looked better than the perfectly shiny finish they had when first bought, but now it's a new low. In fact, a couple of days ago the right heel broke off. Definitely time to say my goodbyes, or I could keep them for future events. Better than ruining another pair of metallic booties I suppose!

I'm experimenting with my neckwear these days, mixing it up and replacing my skinny scarfs with chokers. This unusual looking one is from Primark and I've had a ton of comments on it, everyone wondering where I got it from. I'm a little bored of my plain black one so thought I'd be adventurous and try something a little different. I plan on stocking up on more soon so it will probably get to the point where I'm wearing one daily without hesitation. Another new accessory is these sunglasses, bought from a little market stall. I forget how many hidden gems these places have, making it a great change from the high street and giving you something a bit more diverse. I nearly always go for a round shape in my glasses and to be honest I do own five other pairs similar to these, but the blue and green lenses with the gold trim make a dreamy difference to the plain metal ones I had before these. Five whole pounds to the glasses of my dreams? You'll do!

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Bristol is a thriving pool of creativity, there are artists swarming the streets and musicians everywhere you turn. Since moving here I've met many amazingly talented people that make beautiful works of art, or can sing melodies perfectly while playing intense guitar riffs, just one of the many reasons I love this city. I got the chance to capture one Bristol band that made me want to get out and see more of what the music scene it has to offer.

Meet Zepher, a Bristol based rock-pop band that will get you singing along to their songs instantly. The band consist of Welsh brothers Louis Ellis (lead vocals) and Toby Ellis (drums, vocals) and guitarist Shannon Edwards, who put in a lot of hard work that will surely bring them plenty of success in the industry. I was lucky enough to hear them play at a gig back in May. This was my first time seeing them and I was instantly hooked. I find it easy to love bands that fall into the pop-rock genre as they depend on catchy lyrics and epic choruses. Of course, most of Zepher's songs have those in spades, which made it a gig that I could enjoy every minute of. Their stage presence is electric, with each member playing with everything they have and using up all parts of the stage (bar Toby, who sits himself firmly at his drum kit getting into the moment).

I met front man Louis when I first started working at my job and without even asking, I knew he was a musician. Creative people usually ooze some sort of flair, he was no exception. Louis does the rock'n'roll thing rather well, which is ideal if you're the singer of a rock band. Shannon and Toby match perfectly also, which means as a trio they are sure to put on a show. Zepher have been together since 2012 and have been busy throughout those four years writing and recording original material and playing shows around the UK. The entire band have eclectic music tastes and influences and try to listen to a varied and diverse range of music. However, the group's original material is, in essence, riff-based rock that relies heavily on melody and pop sensibilities.

The band used to be a foursome, so have created music with other members in the past. I got to see them all together but I'm excited for what's to come with their new, slightly smaller team. Having recently dealt with the line-up change, they took some time away to concentrate on songwriting and their sound as a three piece, but they are now gearing up to make one hell of a return to the scene with brand new material and a bigger sound. The band are also in talks with various studios and producers with regards to recording new music for an EP; release TBC. With all these plans in place, they are sure to come back strong and ready to take on whatever comes their way.

My favourite Zepher song so far is She Trouble, released in November last year. Every time I think about it, it's stuck in my head for days - a blessing rather than a curse. There's no denying it's a complete tune that has a memorable chorus and a compelling sound. When scrolling through their YouTube to have another listen, I can across an absolute gem that I had yet to see, a 90's inspired power-ballad that isn't just a good tune, but a great time for Louis's hair. Grow it back! Hair aside, the great thing about their videos is the high production value, which is rare to see from an up-and-coming band. Usually it takes a good while before parts like that become decent, but Zepher have put time and effort into their music in all ways possible.

Zepher work so hard to make music their passion by forever practising and coming up with new ideas, which was great to witness when having the chance to shoot them. The boys asked me to take some photographs of them for their Facebook page - obviously I said yes! I've been wanting to try out music photography for some time now and what better place to start than with Zepher? A band full of talented lads with so much energy and charisma to give.

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It was about time I had a break from the norm and have a little get away if only for a few days. It was a joint decision from me and my best(and boy)friend, who was also massively up for some time off. London isn't quite as adventurous as New York or as warm as a beach in Greece but it's something. I'll go anywhere and no matter now many times I've been to London i'll always enjoy it, even more so in good company.

We were lucky enough to stay in Stockwell which was the perfect location to relax in after a hectic day in the centre of all the madness. Suprisingly, on the journey there you can actually enjoy a quiet tube ride after the Victoria stop had past, what a luxury! Thanks to Kierans brother we got to rest out heads in his lovely home just a few shorts minutes from the tube. He left out breakfast for us in the morning and gave us great recommendations for coffee and breakfast spots in Brixton, which was handy as the pair of us can't function without a cup in the morning. It felt like our own Airbnb and if their home was listed I'd be giving you all a link and them a great review with many stars, thank you for the stay!

On our first day we did the real mainstream thing and took ourselves to Oxford Street for some high street shopping. Being two Topshop and Topman workers we had to see what the flagship had to offer, it's sort of our duty. Before getting too wrapped up in shopping we headed to The Diner on Carnaby Street which is where I usually go to stock up on carbs for a big day ahead as they do a mean plate of pancakes which is surprisingly hard to find back in Bristol. We just shopped, shopped and shopped some more until all of the viscose shirts had been browsed then headed back to our tempery home for a plate of home cooked food and a decent nights sleep.

Day two was sure to be a good one as we were finally about to feast our eyes on The Rolling Stones exhibition, Exhibitionism. Without sounding like too much of an obsessed fan, I have honestly never been so excited for anything else, ever. You don't have to be a genius to know that The Stones are one of my greatest passions in life, it's pretty fucking obvious. I've planned a post about the exhibition in full which should be posted in the upcoming week so I won't go on any further, but if you are a mega fan then head to the Saatchi Gallery pronto!

After an emotional hour and a half of gallery viewing we headed in the direction of Southbank for a stroll along the riverside and a quick pop into Tate Modern, and by that I mean quick enough for me to use the bathroom and to walk around a couple of rooms. It didn't quite hit the spot the same way Exhibitionism did, sorry modern art. We did end up in yet another Topshop though where I scored some amazing flared dungarees, which I was very much feeling after seeing Keith's tour wardrobe earlier that day, swings and roundabouts!

Another day with a crazy amount of walking done and all we could think about was food, which to be fair is what we think about 80% of the time anyway. Kev (Kierans brother) recommended a pizza joint in Brixton called Franco Manca which sounded amazing and definitely met our expectations. It was located within a market in the heart of the ever cool Brixton and despite being in London it had a real authentic feel to it, if you didn't look at your surroundings too much it genuinely felt like being back in Rome. The Pizza, more importantly, was unreal. So unreal that Kieran stated it was the 'best he'd ever eaten' and that's coming from a man whose had plenty in his lifetime. For me, it was up there and that's coming from a girl whose tasted real Italian baked circles of doughy goodness straight from the heart of Italy. Basically, we highly recommend it. We ended the night having a drink in some trendy new bar in Brixton that I didn't catch the name of but Kieran had a Ziggy Stardust cocktail that impressed us a great deal despite it should of being called Aladdin Sane...

Our final day in London featured a trip to the eastern side of town where we ended up wondering around Shoreditch for most of the day. Like complete 'hipsters', we went to all of the vintage stores that are plonked in the Brick Lane area. They didn't have much to offer other than a motorcycle print shirt for yours truly, I'm also still dreaming about a pair of Led Zeppelin shorts I saw that had been crafted from an old tour t-shirt, I really regret not slipping my butt into those babies.

Day three came to an end and it was time to get head back home in style via Megabus, hoorah! It was a glorious few days away from our busy lives and it gave us time to be in a romantic holiday bubble for short while. Time to plan our next adventure and this time make it longer and hotter!

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I give credit to anyone who takes live music photos for a living, it is hard. It probably wasn't my smartest idea as it was my first time in doing so, and the fact I was shooting heavy pop-punk bands didn't equate to an easy ride. These lads know how to use every inch of their stage by jumping around and screaming singing with the audience, which as you can imagine is hard to capture in photo form. I tried my very hardest but I think I'll leave it to the experts next time.

Photographed - Vaults, Limiter, Tuskens.

Let's go back three weeks and talk about an event my friend Sophie put on at The Stag & Hounds in Bristol with some friends for their college course, which I'm sure they aced as the night was great. It was full of hardcore, male driven bands who look like they jumped straight off of their skate boards and onto the stage. I admit that the music wasn't my usual choice but anything made after the 90's usually isn't so no hard feelings there I hope.

The headliners (Tuskens) absolutely smashed their set and that's coming from someone who hasn't got a clue about this side of the music spectrum. The crowd knew the songs on the set list which I'm sure felt great to the boys in the band. I felt myself nodding along with the heavy guitar rifts and the sound of the lead singers Americanised vocals. It was a glorious throw back to when I fell in love with Blink 182 and Sum 41, both not as heavy as Tuskens but give off that old-school feel both Blink and Sum 41 do.

It was hard not to get into the spirit of things when you're surrounded by men and women who clearly have a passion for the bands they are there to see. We witnesses one young gentleman trying to start which I assume was a mosh pit but looked more like interpretive dance. I adore it when anyone gets so into the music that they just let it all go, if I were seeing a The Smiths tribute band I'd be getting my moves out too!

The venue was small but intimate, almost like we were in someones living room and the bands were playing purely for their friends (which was probably the case) and family. There's something about pop-punk that feels like a culture rather than a taste of music, a lot like rock and roll. These kids live and breath the bands they listen to, the way they dress and act reflects that. Snap back caps and over sized t-shirts with an intense quote plastered on the back seemed to be their version of the leather jacket and spray on skinnies. 

I learnt a lot that evening like how to not take photos of bands, but also it was a reminder that music truly is a way of life. Thank you to Sophie for the good times, I hope you smash your course out the window like Keith Moon would a guitar!

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This time last week I was sat on my couch reminiscing from the night before, letting all of the feelings and vibes sink in and that's because last Saturday I spent the night with one of my bestest pals in the beautiful palace of Alexandra, I'm talking about Alexandra Palace which by the way is the most incredible venue for a gig. We were overwhelmed with the beauty of the place and it seemed like the perfect location to lose ourselves in glory that is Tame Impala. If you've been living under a rock for the past 9 years they've been active (don't worry I haven't known them for the whole decade either) then let me fill you in a little bit. Tame Impala features a group of Australian dudes that produce incredibly psychedelic sounds of which Kevin Parker, the main man of the touring five piece wrote and made in his garage in a 'home-recording project' by himself, which sounds a little lonely but pretty artsy and impressive too.

Once we settled into Ally Pally with our £5 cider we were soon faced with drunken hipsters who thought they were at Glastonbury, the boy next to me insisted on sharing his shoulders with all of his friends before realising it's not impressive or kind it's just bloody annoying. That's nothing a good elbowing can't fix though and it wasn't going to ruin the euphoric state we were about to endure. We spent a couple of hours witnessing the group in all of it's glory while they showcased their latest hits with a sideshow of light displays and confetti.

It was a great time to be alive and the night itself was pretty magical. Knowing what went into the production of the tracks made it all the more impressive, thinking of Parker on his lonesome banging out his sixties inspired tunes made me appreciate the piece of art it really is.

If you're new to the band then I suggest taking a time out and listening to their latest album, Currents which is what they played for the hundreds of us at Ally Pally. It features simple yet catchy guitar riffs and drum beats teamed with the soulfully raw voice of Parker himself. Seriously, if you're into psychedelic rock or wondering what the heck that even is - listen to The 13th Floor Elevators as they were one of the first psychedelic bands in rock 'n' roll, a fact told to me by my friend Lewis. Thanks for your knowledge Lewis - then do check them out because you don't know what you're missing.


STARMAN | 12.01.16

After a day of reflecting I still feel heart broken, I always will. In the words of Suzanne Moore - 'My David Bowie, alive forever'. Bowie was a man of many talents and could do no wrong in my eyes, he is an idol to so many of us and even writing this I feel completely numb. For me Bowie was more than just the music, he was an icon that I looked up to for inspiration and guidance. I learnt to accept people for who they are no matter how colourful and flamboyant they may be. We are all special and unique no matter what clothes we wear or who we love. We can be whoever we want to be, Bowie taught me that.

I grew up with his music so of course one of my favourite songs has to be a Bowie record - Rock'n'Roll Suicide to be exact. I also remember the joy on my face when I got given my first Bowie record, hearing Heroes spinning around on vinyl already gave me shivers so imagine what it's going to do to me now. Some songs can make you feel a certain way and there's something about so many of his that make me feel funny inside. There's that classic Lou Reed song Satellite of Love that features Bowie on the backing vocals which is another top song of mine, maybe subconsciously because of him I don't know but that song will now mean even more to me. I feel fifteen again whenever I play that track as I had a mad The Velvet Underground phase back then and remembering his vocals gracing it makes the memory even more sweet.

I keep thinking about how people we don't know on a truly personal level can effect us so much. I go on and on about my love for Jagger and Richards that I just can't fathom the thought of them passing. I mean, I get worked up at the thought of Harrison Ford dying on the weekly and I don't even know these men! But I actually think it's pretty amazing that someone can be loved so much that if they're going through a tough time, we would be to. I will be a complete and utter mess when the idols in my life pass because these men have moulded me into the woman I am today, most of my likes stem back to my icons like the way I dress and the music I choose to listen to. I have grow up with their influences in my life and at the age of twenty one I still envy them as much as I did when I was a kid.

His last album feels like a goodbye now, listening back to the lyrics makes me feel stupid that I didn't figure out something was wrong sooner. Selfishly though I want to remember him as the light and soul he was and so tonight I will be swooshing about to Let's Dance in my silver booties as a tribute to Ziggy Stardust. You are my hero and you've shown me that we can be heroes too.


MY 2015 SOUNDTRACK | 01.01.2016

It felt strange writing that date and to be honest I'm surprised I even remembered to change the year after twelve months of writing it, we're off to a good start! OH and happy new year by the way, I hope your PM-AM was full of joy and happiness just like mine was - sat on the couch with pizza and Gossip Girl, how is that not pure joy? Without further ado I'm going to share my favourite sounds from the past year with you in the hopes that you'll agree that 2015 was a pretty good year for music. 

Best Albums
Kendrick Lamar To Pimp a Butterfly

Let's start with one of the greats, Kendrick Lamar. I'm a pretty big fan which stems all the way back to my love for his 2011 album Section.80 which holds some of favourite hip-hop lyrics - 'This is your generation. Live fast and die young. Who's willing to explain this story?'. But let's be real To Pimp a Butterfly slays any previous album by a mile, the record flows perfectly song to song and features vocals from other gods in the business. That's one huge reason as to why I love hip-hop as a genre, hearing dozens of artists come together to create an hour long masterpiece takes so much work which is completely inspiring. This has got to be the album of the year for me!

Favourite tracks: Institutionalized, King Kunta, These Walls.

Dr Dre - Compton

Keeping on the god like theme let's talk Dre and his latest triumph, Compton: A Soundtrack by Dr. Dre. The man has been going strong since the year I was born - quiet literally and I've listened and replayed all of his albums so many times it's like a second nature to me. Anything he does from his solo career to the insane ride with NWA has been incredible and a huge mark in the crazy world of hip-hop.

Favourite tracksAll In a Day's Work, Deep Water, Satisfiction.

Beck - Morning Phase

Now although this album came out early 2014 (I'm fully aware this is cheating) it was this year that it made an impression on me, the folk rock sound that Beck brings to the table is a rare thing in the modern days of music which makes listening to him feel retro and I forgot just how much I enjoy that. I love the mix of upbeat and relaxing tunes he displays on his albums, for example Guero has some cracking singles with a more rock sounding melody that Morning Phase doesn't quite reach but nevertheless It's still a top album for me. It was only the other day that me and my friend were trying to decide what style of Beck we prefer and for me it depends what mood I'm in, some days I can have a jam to E-Pro or laze around to Morning.

Favourite tracks - Morning, Blue Moon, Unforgiven.
One Direction - Made In The AM

It's time to talk about that band with a numeric digit in the name which contains four incredibly charming gentlemen that people are afraid to like, yep that's right we are about to have that talk. I know a lot of people out there have become a sudden 'Directioner' since watching that perfect Carpool Karaoke video which shows them all as the very normal and very humorous guys they most probably are, it's also not the first time this month that I've seen people convert to someone they never thought they would. You know I'm talking Bieber... But, let us forget about Justin and Adele or whoever else is in the top ten for a minute and focus on this glorious band (with no shame at all) for a whole two minutes, shall we?

Their previous album was one that made me fall for the once five some so when I heard the news of the much anticipated fifth album with only the remaining four of them I got pretty excited. I never really enjoyed the sounds of Zayn's voice, don't get me wrong he is incredibly talented but his voice is too 'boy band' for me. What can I say, I prefer the husky tones of a certain H more.

Their latest record, Made In The A.M. screams maturity and individuality and I'm all for it. Many of the songs bring out the best in the boys voices and shows us just how talented they are. You can really feel their personal influences shining through with this one, it features familiar sounds from some of my favourite bands like Fleetwood Mac, Paul Simon and the classic Shania Twain. I adore this album and these four boys so instead of thinking negative feels towards them before even a hint of a listen, do yourself a favour and just give it a go.

Favourite tracks -  Wolves, What a Feeling, Long Way Down, Perfect.

Keith Richards - Crosseyed Heart
Keith Forever! He may not have the other Stones helping him on this one but it's still a brilliant album which makes the twenty three years of waiting for it worth while. Crosseyed Heart is pure rock and roll that oozes husky tones and deep guitars that make my knees weak. I can imagine lots of whisky and late nights helped make this album what it is.

Favourite tracks - Amnesia, Trouble, Substantial Damage.

 Best Soundtrack - Palo Alto

Another cheat from me but It feels like this movie came to the surface this year rather than the two years ago it was actually released, so to me it's still classes as a 2015 special. Twenty fifteen was a year of good films with even better soundtracks but one stood out for me more than any this year. The work of James Franco is obviously going to have a hip and artsy soundtrack to match. With artists like Devonté Hynes (Blood Orange) and Mac DeMarco it's bound to be one that sticks out from the rest. I'm a complete sucker for 90's sounding music that was made for a film based on young love in southern California, such an indie cliche but who cares. If you've ever heard of the band Rooney then you may also be familiar with Robert Schwartzmans whose solo work shows up more than a few times on this soundtrack. His music video that goes along side the release of the film gives you a taster into what to expect from the movie and of the soundtrack.


ALBUM LOVE | RYAN ADAMS - 1989 | 1.10.15

I've got to give it to Taylor Swift and her writing skills because I've never even considered her talent as anything more than mainstream and for that I apologise. It may of taken Ryan Adams to make me realise this but hey, I've come to my senses now. I remember when Swift was a wavy haired, doe-eyed country singer that sang straight from the heart with youth to back her up as well as her acoustic guitar strapped to her back. I think we all know that when a singer/songwriter becomes known at a young age they're bound to change pretty much every aspect of their look and sound, and that's what happened to Taylor. Now, that's not exactly a bad thing and although I'm not on the Taylor bandwagon I still appreciate why her and her songs are loved by millions. This cover of her latest album 1989 is like a flash back to the ears, a brief reminder of how good her songs are, especially with out the pop music going on in the background.

Some may think this is bias because I wont lie I am a big Ryan Adams fan but I promise it's not, this is a judgement made purely on the sound of the album, I swear. When I first heard the news of the re-make of 1989 I did shrug my shoulders more than I should of, it didn't seem like the greatest collaboration idea I'd ever heard of. I'd also love to know where and when this idea came to Adams mind, do we think he's a huge Taylor fan? Imagine him relaxing away in his studio in his Canadian tux and dirty Black Flag shirt jamming away to the sounds of  Shake It Off, what a glorious yet surreal image. Seriously though, he must of agreed with the fact her songwriting is on point and although her songs may be about love and heartbreak that's completely relatable and I do love hearing Adams sing about broken hearts anyway. I do hate myself for judging this idea so quickly because I'm completely in love with this cover, It's a folk-rockers take on a pop-queens smash hit album and it's an amazing one at that.

What I've always loved about Ryan Adams is how raw his songs and sound is, he could hit a high note in a bad way but it's completely OK because he can pull it off and sound on point, it's raw and original which is uncommon these days. He's also great at covering plenty of songs too - songs that I don't even care for such as Foo Fighters - Times Like These, a song I'm not over the top about but whenever I listen to his cover I get shivers all over my arms and legs and every other inch of me too. I also can't not mention that Wonderwall cover which is one of my favourite songs to date, again, shivers all over. That's whats so good about artists that aren't afraid to take a risk and cover a song that is so many peoples favourite, risk is definitely worth taking sometimes. It was 100% worth it in this case too, I can imagine the thousands of Swift fans tweeting about this Ryan Adams character and asking about who the hell he is but it's great that even the hoards of screaming girls wont stop him and hey, they may hate this cover but I think it's refreshing and it's a chance for her younger audience to experience something other than pop culture.

I've listened to the album too many times to count now (and can I just say I'm not even close to bored yet) and a few songs certainly stick out for me. My number one is I Know Places, a song I have never even heard of before which leads me to mention that I've only ever heard about three songs off the original album to start with. It's a given that all of these songs have a folk vibe to them but this one is a little more up-beat and musical, the twang of his guitar during the entire song along with up and down tempo makes it the sort of song you can listen to in any mood. I also adore the chorus to the song as the lyrics are genius. My other favourites include Out of the Woods and Wildest Dreams - now I know I said I wasn't a Taylor fan but I have listened and sang along to this song on many occasions so the original I can relate to - side note: I really enjoy that song. But in all honesty I can't listen to it anymore without wanting to switch it back over to Adams cover. As 'epic' as the original version of Wildest Dreams is, sometimes stripping everything back works so much better.

All in all, this album does so much for me in terms of finally appreciating talent where I didn't exactly see it before and the sound, obviously. Ryan, you sure have done your fans and Taylors proud and released one very special and classic album alongside a not-so-bad chart topper.



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22ND JUNE 2015

I finally bit the bullet and filmed a video I've thought about doing for months and months, proud moment over here! Even though I like to share my music with you guys here on my blog (have you ever noticed the 'Current Sounds' drop down menu over in the top right hand corner before?) I've thought about sharing more over on my YouTube channel by making a monthly video about my favorite music the month. I know most of us are music lovers so I hope some of you will enjoy finding new music through these videos, or maybe even sharing the love for a certain song with me. Think a beauty gurus monthly favorites video but swap that certain special foundation for a rock song, yep, that's what these videos are all about!

I'm going to post these at the end of every month even if they get barely any views (let's hope not...) because it's something I'm 100% up for doing on the regular. So, keep an eye out on my channel to hear what I've been playing non-stop throughout that particular month.

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