13TH JULY 2015
Dress - Motel Rocks, jacket - Forever 21 (mens), shoes - Converse, sunglasses - Dorothy Perkins, watch - Topshop, rings - Bloody Mary Metal and Topshop.

I felt like it was time to put this gorgeous Motel dress to use and dress it down to make it a little more boy-ish and casual, as it's a dress that's mostly worn in the evening thanks to it's glorious shimmery gold fabric which is perfect for many night time events - I mean those of an after 10pm nature. I kept seeing it hanging in my wardrobe and thinking of an occasion I can wear it again, as the last time I wore it was to an actual Motel event last year which obviously I had to wear one of their items, and it was there where I fell more in love with the brand after seeing many blogger babes donning a slip dress or cool two piece. So, it was surely time to get it out again and because I'm not much of a social butterfly, I decided to not wait for a reason to wear it and just go for it by toning it down with my regular grungy accessories.

I borrowed the boys leather instead of my own to give those extra boy-ish vibes, but also because it's so much better and over-sized than mine, I should just buy a mens one next time because I can't promise he'll be getting it back, whoops. The jacket wasn't enough so I had to team it with a pair of chucks which just so happen to perfectly match the golden colour of my dress. I did keep it a little girly by wearing my new pair of heart shaped glasses (which every time I say that I think of the Marilyn Manson song) which are too cute, not a word I use too often when talking about my personal outfits. I do adore them though, they're super sixties and add a real quirky touch to any attire.

Not only is this outfit decent for regular daily activities but you can swap the chucks for a pair of heels and there you have it, a glitzy attire for an evening do! Oh, and don't forget to take the shades off because you're not Jay Z and can't get away with sunglasses at night time, ever.

It felt good swooshing about in a dress that's a little more feminine and fancy than usual, but still keeping to my tom-boy roots felt good too. It's also pretty nice to finally get some sun on my legs as these pins are still as pale as a ghost, but with more of tan this dress would look even better, time to get tanning!


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4TH MARTH 2015
Dress - F&F @ Tesco, shirt - Motel, jacket - M&S, boots - Next, rings - Accessorize.

I had to pinch myself while editing these photographs due to how much colour I'm wearing, I'm still in a total shock now. I can't get over it, especially at this time of year and to be honest I rarely wear red as it is! It was a very beautiful sunny day though so I think the sun is to blame, it clearly made me feel a little too jolly and messed with my head. Have no fear, I'm back in a full black attire as we speak, but hopefully not for long!

This pretty little number was found at the back of a rail in Tesco's clothing section, yep that's right, Tesco. I wore it with a classic Motel Stella shirt underneath to add a collar, oh how Alexa Chung of me I know. This dress has a bit of a retro feel to it so I teamed it with some thigh high boots (not only for retro-factor but to cover my cold legs) and my mothers denim jacket, we can't have retro vibes going on if something isn't borrowed from the parents closet now can we?

I've really missed wearing dresses with winter and have seemed to collect quite a few in the sale over the past few months so I'm actually really looking forward to sporting them in the upcoming, more warmer months. I've noticed I've grown out of wearing tights with dresses lately, in fact I don't think I've come face to face with a pair in the past year. I used to live in floaty dresses and 60 denier tights but now I just want to save my dresses for the warmer seasons, maybe I've grown up and realized mother was right all along, I will freeze if I wear above the knees dresses in December!


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Photo credit: Instagram & Twitter: @dylanscortex website:

So a few Wednesdays ago was the Motel Rocks party that everyone had been talking about! I got to go along and check out their new collection and drink lot's of champagne which is always a complete pleasure. The champagne was of course good, but the collection was even better! If you're into sparkles and sequins then this is for you, or even if you prefer a more subtle, but still fab approach then there are also so many pieces for you too. If you're yet to go on the hunt for a Christmas party dress because you're not that organised like myself, then here are a few of my favorites from the night and online...

Debbie Sequin dress - I've seen this dress on so many people and can safely say it looks absolutely flawless on anyone!

Nicola Velvet bodycon dress - This screams festive with the black and gold floral pattern, the neckline is super flattering too.

Tippy Plunge backless dress - I got to see this range at the party and the fabric is super fun and different. It also comes in a two piece or a play-suit, the choice is yours!

Sunia metalic green top - Perfect for those of you who would rather stay in your comfort zones with a pair of pants, you can team it with some pleather trousers or suit pants and some strappy heels to keep it dressy.

Swallow Tail slip dress - My personal favorite and what I wore to the party! I teamed it with some black chunky boots, a black duster coat, a Topshop furry clutch and lot's of gold and rose gold jewelry to match the dress and to add even more glitz (see photos above).

Clothes weren't the only thing surrounding the night as there were nails being done, glitter tattoos being made and slices of pizza being ate. So, if you want to see more photos and read more about the evening then head on over to the Motel blog here to see a little more of what went on! Motel has also recently collaborated with a few of my favorite bloggers, and probably some yours too, to create some new dresses for their collection which you can also find more about on their blog.



Shirt dress - Motel Rocks, coat - H&M, socks - Primark, boots - M&S, necklace - Primark, bag - M&S

You guys know how much I love a plain white shirt, I've said time and time again how it's a wardrobe essential. So, the lovely people over at Motel have made all my shirt dreams come true with a dress, in the style of a shirt - amazing! It also comes in black which I will be adding to my online basket pronto due to how much I love this one. You can team it with a pair of jeans or even a pair of leggings if you're in it for the comfort. I chose to wear it with a pair of over the knee socks, which in this case don't pass my knees due to my height. I normally have to buy things 'thigh high' for them to even get close to over the knee. But, if you're an average height then these socks are great for if you still want to wear a summer dress but add an autumnal vibe then these Primark socks are perfect for that and with their stupidly cheap price tag they certainly tick all boxes.

Motel has some killer pieces in at the moment, some of my personal faves are of course this dress (black version), the Sia Strappy Maxi Dress in Floral Fever Plum, the Pearl Strapless Pleated Dress, and the Marla Maxi Skirt in Winter Rose. All of which are beaut! They have some great pieces for the festive season too featuring a hell of a lot of glitz and glam so make sure to check out their 'New In' section and have a look for yourself!