I intended to stand out purely with the boots but this shirt just gravitated towards me and I had to go with it, match made in heaven or ultimate fashion faux pas? Whatever it is I'm into it! As mentioned in my previous post I received another treat from Ted&Muffy*, a company I am totally in love with. It's easy to be in love with a shoe company because anything that goes on my feet is my sort of thing but this particular company never fail to amaze. How can I not get excited when I look upon such glorious scarlet red pointed booties? They are the ultimate rocker boot and I adore them!

Shirt - Marks & Spencer, trousers - Newlook, coat - Topshop, boots - Ted&Muffy*, earrings - Topshop, Necklace - Vintage

I thought these shoes needed to be worn smart-casual to add a sort of effortless Parisian vibe, very Clémence Poésy inspired. Wearing baggy suit pants with a smart shirt carelessly tucked in looks like you've made a lot of effort but in reality you really haven't, thank goodness for smart trousers! I could easily live in these pants as they look pretty cool with a pair of ankle boots and any kind of top, even a basic tee would look great teamed with it as these boots will certainly add some colour and fun to a simple attire. This sort of outfit is so simple and looks way more than it actually is, the flamboyant top half and smart bottom looks dressy but inside I'm feeling bliss from the pure comfort of it all. My shoes ooze comfort too, one of the many perks to wearing high-end items I suppose.

Did I mention these particular boots come in black? They would be the perfect everyday boot that goes with basically everything in your wardrobe. We've all got to have a simple pair of black ankle boots for daily wear and I couldn't recommend these ones more. Or, if you're feeling a little fruity and out-there then you've got to get the red ones, you won't regret it!



I think we can all agree that you need this dreamy ass coat in your life because it's made mine a whole lot better. It's no shock that I'd go for the most eccentric patterned piece of clothing on the Blue Vanilla website because we all know my love for anything slightly mad and this jacket - kimono type thing definitely tops my fruit cake. I freaking love it! Paisley is one of my all time favorite patterns and the colour pallet that goes with this one is beautiful, very autumnal too might I say. I know, the dreaded winter vocab will be spilling out of all of our mouths sooner rather than later but you know, this jacket is perfect for that season.

Top - Forever 21, shorts - M&S, kimono - Blue Vanilla, boots - Newlook (similar) belt - Primark (similar)

It's so whimsical and retro but what I really love about this jacket/kimono contraption - let's just call it a kimono - is that it's so versatile, I can wear it so many ways. I can loose the belt and have it as a slouchy overcoat or if I was feeling extra fancy I could cinch it in even more and wear it as a coat dress which is very on trend right now. I think it would look unreal in the evening with a pair of black heels and a smart clutch along with a tight pony tail and golden accessories.

I especially want to wear it to a Fleetwood Mac concert where I can join in with Lindsey Buckingham and the gang and float about in the crowd while my ears fill with the joyous sounds of their voices - dreamy!



10TH AUGUST 2015
Top - The Cove Boutique, skirt - Forever 21, shoes - Newlook (similar), sunglasses - M&S, watch - Topshop.

It's probably common knowledge by now that The Rolling Stones are a huge love of mine, I talk about Keith and Mick so much you'd think I actually knew them in real life! So it was only normal that I purchase the coolest Stones tee I did ever see from The Cove Boutique. If you saw in last months haul video I up popped over on my YouTube then you'd of heard me blabber on about this tee as well as a Led Zeppelin one I bought - if you're wondering about an OOTD I've already got it covered here! But I love everything about this top esepcially the raglan design and fourth of July type print. It's totally unique and very American vintage which again, I adore. I'm always scrolling through independent American vintage stores lusting over their stock of one-off amazing finds so to have an item that looks the part but has been purchased from a UK based indie store is awesome, I'll always go to The Cove for my thrifted needs!

I tend to wear leopard print a lot but went the extra mile when I found this bodycon skirt from Forever 21 a while back, I just knew it would look good with any one of my band or graphic tees and it was only something measly like £4 in the sale. It does ride up far more than I would of liked though but what you gonna do?! It's 100% worth it, don't you think? My mother would probably say otherwise...

I've also found myself going back to last years ultimate 'blogger' trend, who remembers it? Every other gal seemed to be donning a pair of Newlook chunky black boots (myself included) because they were such a bargain and a complete wardrobe essential last A/W and still to this day! I wonder what this years winter boot will be? I don't know but I can wait to find out.


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11TH MAY 2015
Bralette - Topshop, shirt - thrifted, jacket - Primark, jeans - M&S, shoes - Van's Authentic, sunglasses - Matalan, watch - Topshop, jewelry - Topshop and Bloody Mary Metal.

This is a serious winner of an outfit choice for me and that could be the case for you too as the white shirt - leather jacket combo is a complete classic, is it not? I've always said that everyone needs a white shirt in their closet, weither it's formal and impeccably crisp or off-white and linen which tends to crease with every movement even though you did iron it numerous times that morning... I don't think I can get any more infuriated at my awful ironing skills iron any longer, it was a very long morning. This shirt was found for less than £3 in one of the local charity stores I used to visit back in Devon, it always had so many treasures in such as this Hard Rock Cafe shirt from an outfit post I shot a few months back, now you can't tell me that's not a retro treasure?!

On to another classic, my Van's checkered slip-on's. I'm not sure if I've mentioned these shoes before but they're pretty old, maybe even older than my trusty DM's that I wished a happy birthday to last week. But these are the shoes I bought when I was going through my 'emo' (barf) phase which was slowly becoming influenced by the boys of Fall Out Boy and Blink 182, I did end up naming these my 'Mark Hoppus' shoes after all. Even though I'm no longer living my 'emo' ways (thank god) I still love to wear my slip-ons on the regular and I'm actually thinking about buying a new pair in a different colour, these orange ones are calling my name! Speaking of new Van's though, have you seen the Disney range that's just been released?! Totally not my cup of tea but you've got to hand it to them as they're constantly making amazingly patterned shoes and even though the Disney thing isn't for me, the Star Wars and The Beatles ones definitely were.

Now I don't need to tell you how a leather jacket is the ultimate coat of choice and you need one just like you do a white shirt, because I think that's fairly obvious and if you don't have one *gasps* then we can't be friends go and buy yourself this amazingly perfect and cheap one over on Missguided or this even cheaper one on Newlook, OK?


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7TH MAY 2015
Top - The Cove Boutique, shorts - Depop, socks - Topman, boots - Dr Martens, sunglasses - M&S., watch - Topshop, rings - Bloody Mary Metal and Topshop

Tube socks, band tees and Doc Martens, that'll do nicely for my inner tomboy.

I feel fifteen again whenever I wear my Docs as I used to wear them everyday to school, much to my teachers dismay (such a rebel I know). They've just had their 7th birthday and they're going to have many more because I want to be one of those older ladies who still rocks a heavy metal shirt and clumpy boots, maybe even by then I'll want the grey gone and go for some mad dye job like purple or jet black and be covered in tattoos that have gone all blurred and wrinkly. I'm completely cool with all of this, growing old gracefully and all that, if gracefully means being a seventy year old grunger that is!

As for tube socks, they're my new thing. They have a sense of the nineties skate scene and I will be wearing them with Vans and Converse because of that. I found these ones in Topman as they're a rarity in any form of woman's section unless you want to pay more then eight pounds - yes Urban Outfitters I'm looking at you! They sell them in a variety of colours like blue and green with the option of length also, I quite like the idea of ankle ones with trainers so I may try those ones next.

I can't not say a lovely big thank you to my buddy Kate for popping these wonderful shorts on her Depop forever ago as I still love and wear them to this day, so thanks girl! I still manage to fit my arse in them even if with a squeeze!

Time to mention the fact I'm wearing one of the best t-shirts to enter my closet, and probably my life. Cheers to The Cove Boutique for stocking such awesome stuff that I can't help but buy. You guys just wait till you see my other one (yes I bought two) it's everything and I'm sure you wont be shocked when you see what band is on that one, I'm so obvious it's stupid. You may remember a post I did a while back featuring another item from their glorious store, if not then you can have a read of that here and see what else they have to offer on their online store or Instagramas you can buy from there too, pretty good right?!


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26TH MAY 2015
LISTENING TOO: THE BEATLES - NO REPLY ♫ Top - Forever 21, jeans - M&S, jacket - thrifted, hat - eBay, sunglasses - Topshop, boots - M&S, watch - Topshop.

And they want their everything back. I'm literally taking a trip back in time with this outfit and I'm so into it. We all know seventies styling has come back in full force and I've always been head over heels in love with it. Although I think it was a great time for fashion, the people of the seventies will probably disagree. I love the tassels, bell bottoms, colours and the music, all of it is right up my street!

Another reason to love the seventies is because many of the greatest bands (I personally think anyway) come from that era from the likes of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones and obviously The Beatles to name a few. I'm a huge fan of rock from that era so the fashion side of it does come with it as I do find myself looking similar to those who attend a Bob Dylan concert. The Beatles are the star of the show in this case and I'm looking more like a roadie from one of their shows instead.

I showed you guys this crop top in my most recent Forever 21 haul on my YouTube channel and went on and on about how much I adore it so I wont go on about that too much. I do seriously love it though because the shape and the cut is super unique and makes a change from my dozens of other band tee's. It's also got the classic seventies colours with the yellow and the orange, I really wish I owned a suede jacket because that would of made this outfit extra dreamy. Oh dear, that's next on the list now!

I've got to mention the fact I'm wearing a pair of burgundy cords, like seriously am I turning into my Mother already? I'm not complaining as she is a hella stylish lady but I never thought I'd wear a pair of cords again. I wore them years ago before I even cared about skinny jeans and thought I would never look back. But as a true lover of style around that era, I was completely drawn to these cords. I think it's stupid to say you'll never wear a certain item of clothing because believe me it's easy to be swayed...

I ended up scrolling through way too many sites before finding this seriously retro hat on eBay and my goodness it was stressful, I wanted one so badly. I've wanted one ever since seeing my main man Harry Styles wearing one while looking ridiculously cool walking through the streets of London during winter. I really do get swayed too much by his style because even if he was donning a neon pink cat suit I would probably give that a go too. He just looks good in anything and is quite possibly the male version of myself.

To top it all off I've got my favorite ever pair of sunglasses to add an even more old school vibe. I have so much love for all of these items that this OOTD is one of my top and yes, I would like to be buried in it, ok?


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21ST MAY 2015
LISTENING TOO: CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG - HEY JOE ♫ Top - Newlook, trench coat - M&S, jeans - Primark, boots - M&S, sunglasses - Newlook, watch - Topshop, ring - Bloody Mary Metal, nails - Primark.

HOLY CRAP I HAVE INTERNET! This is revolutionary. I have gone over two weeks without it and it's been torture. That's quite a strong reaction but for someone who spends a lot of their day using it it's pretty awful and I'm sure most of you can agree with my on that one. It's been tedious having to watch normal television and not rely on Netflix or YouTube to keep me entertained. I haven't scrolled through Pinterest or read up on my daily blogs in so long, I have A LOT to catch up on! Thankfully I had a little bit of phone data but it's not quite the same having to watch what you do every time you use your mobile. I've also been dying to blog for so long and it it feels good finally sitting down at my new desk and writing posts for you all, I literally ran here as soon as it was installed! I'm also thrilled about having so many new locations to shoot in, the world Bristol is my oyster. So hallelujah! Back to the 21st century we go!

Let's talk outfits then, this is a favorite of mine and although you and I have seen it done a hundred and one times over (especially if you've taken a trip to Paris before) I still love it. The trench is so classic and whether you're male or female you have to invest in one. You also have to at some point wear it with stripes, just to be that extra bit Parisian. I don't know if that's a really bad stereotype or if it is in fact a french thing but I feel a trench coat and some navy and white stripes are the best combo ever made. This striped roll neck vest top is perfect for that and although it is actually black, you get my drift.

If I do go to Paris in the future I'm probably going to pack this outfit (and every one of my striped tops) and take a touristy photograph holding up the Eiffel Tower, it's got to be done really hasn't it?

Apologies if any Parisians were offended at any point during this post. *inserts monkey covering face emoji*


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11TH MARCH 2015
Tee - Forever 21, shirt - M&S, leather jacket - Primark, jeans - Primark, booties - Topshop, bag - Topshop, bandanna - Claire's Accessories, rings - Bloody Mary Metal, necklace - Topman (similar).

I can't tell if rocking the Axl Rose bandana is a good look or a bad one. Perhaps the fact I have a center parting doesn't help, I'm just glad I'm no longer blonde else it could of been a whole different story. I felt like a mix between him and a love of mine, Mr Keith Richards. Not two of the worst people in the world I could of ended up channeling so I'm going to say it was an OK look to go for?

I was about to put my hat over my bandana like I usually do, but before I got the chance I heard a little voice coming from behind asking to see what it looked like without it (that was Dan helping me out when getting dressed this morning). I wasn't 100% sure if I could pull it off but being the 'why not' type that I am, I left the house with it on, although I did kind of want to get my air guitar out and start running about my imaginary stage like the pair of them all day!

Once I got over my desire to be a rock star I went with it and got out all things leopard and denim just to be that extra bit 90's. I teamed my Primark ripped knee jeans with a denim shirt for layering and added my leopard print Topshop mini bag and one of my all time favorite pair of booties. To top it all off, a leather jacket of course.


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4TH MARTH 2015
Dress - F&F @ Tesco, shirt - Motel, jacket - M&S, boots - Next, rings - Accessorize.

I had to pinch myself while editing these photographs due to how much colour I'm wearing, I'm still in a total shock now. I can't get over it, especially at this time of year and to be honest I rarely wear red as it is! It was a very beautiful sunny day though so I think the sun is to blame, it clearly made me feel a little too jolly and messed with my head. Have no fear, I'm back in a full black attire as we speak, but hopefully not for long!

This pretty little number was found at the back of a rail in Tesco's clothing section, yep that's right, Tesco. I wore it with a classic Motel Stella shirt underneath to add a collar, oh how Alexa Chung of me I know. This dress has a bit of a retro feel to it so I teamed it with some thigh high boots (not only for retro-factor but to cover my cold legs) and my mothers denim jacket, we can't have retro vibes going on if something isn't borrowed from the parents closet now can we?

I've really missed wearing dresses with winter and have seemed to collect quite a few in the sale over the past few months so I'm actually really looking forward to sporting them in the upcoming, more warmer months. I've noticed I've grown out of wearing tights with dresses lately, in fact I don't think I've come face to face with a pair in the past year. I used to live in floaty dresses and 60 denier tights but now I just want to save my dresses for the warmer seasons, maybe I've grown up and realized mother was right all along, I will freeze if I wear above the knees dresses in December!


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T-shirt - Forever 21, jacket - New Look, jeans - Primark, booties - Marks and Spencer, belt - Primark, necklace - Topman, watch - Topshop (similar), rings - Accessorize

If you've seen my 'Current Sounds' section (which you can find at the navigation bar at the top of this page) then you'll know already that i'm an avid hip-hop fan, Biggie Smalls being my top choice. I've always enjoyed that sweet 90's sound, super mellow, super chill and a little bit naughty. As we know by now another love of mine is ridiculous t-shirts, and obviously this one is a little bit mad! Little pictures of Biggies face from the iconic The Final Chapter album is pretty hilarious, so thank you Forever 21 for making this brilliant t-shirt which kind of reminds me of Eleven Paris as they're notorious (no pun intended) for their eye-catching and rather ridiculous all over prints.

I feel like my coat is a fitting choice, as the 90's hip-hop scene wasn't shy of a few fur coats here and there. P-Diddy was the ultimate fur king and still is, did you see his outfit at the Kanye West x Adidas Originals NYFW show? That fur collar was something else.

I've added a little more pattern by wearing a thin leopard print belt to the mix and kept the rest of my outfit toned down with a simple pair of black skinny jeans and everyday black booties, which if you haven't gathered I literally wear daily. I'm really obsessed with wearing basic jeans and boots and having a more 'out there' top half at the moment, mainly because these jeans are a security blanket of mine. I've pretty much worn black jeans all winter and i'm going to have to cave in and stock up on more to save my moaning every time I spill something down this pair. I think the fact they're black makes me feel a little more comfortable as I can accidentally spill tea down them and no one will notice, which is a twice a day occurrence for clumsy ol' me as it was only yesterday that I split half a cup over myself and my boyfriends bed sheets, oopsie. Another reason why I need to stock up I feel!


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Shirt dress - Motel Rocks, coat - H&M, socks - Primark, boots - M&S, necklace - Primark, bag - M&S

You guys know how much I love a plain white shirt, I've said time and time again how it's a wardrobe essential. So, the lovely people over at Motel have made all my shirt dreams come true with a dress, in the style of a shirt - amazing! It also comes in black which I will be adding to my online basket pronto due to how much I love this one. You can team it with a pair of jeans or even a pair of leggings if you're in it for the comfort. I chose to wear it with a pair of over the knee socks, which in this case don't pass my knees due to my height. I normally have to buy things 'thigh high' for them to even get close to over the knee. But, if you're an average height then these socks are great for if you still want to wear a summer dress but add an autumnal vibe then these Primark socks are perfect for that and with their stupidly cheap price tag they certainly tick all boxes.

Motel has some killer pieces in at the moment, some of my personal faves are of course this dress (black version), the Sia Strappy Maxi Dress in Floral Fever Plum, the Pearl Strapless Pleated Dress, and the Marla Maxi Skirt in Winter Rose. All of which are beaut! They have some great pieces for the festive season too featuring a hell of a lot of glitz and glam so make sure to check out their 'New In' section and have a look for yourself!