30TH MARCH 2015

Hello again! I'm back from my holiday in Lanzarote, in fact I've been back for a week now but as soon as we got back home at 5am, (due to being delayed) I then had to sleep for 2 hours and get back up again and get on a train to Bristol. From then on it's been work, work, work and I feel like I still haven't recovered from my lack of sleep last week. Boo!

Anyway, I'm back to blogging after a lovely week away with my mother and sister. A much needed and from what I feel, deserved break! We enjoyed ourselves and although it wasn't always good weather we still had a great time with each other.

I thought I'd share some pictures I took while there, there's a tone of pictures of palm trees and cactus so I tried to whittle them down to only a few. If you follow me on my Instagram (@tigerlilyblog) then you may have already seen a couple of these snaps, but there are a few here I'm yet to share.

So, back to reality and loathing the rubbish weather of Britain, fab!

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