It's time for my last instalment of my collaboration with

Sister Jane

, and I think I may of


saved the best till last? It's up for debate as my last two posts we're both quite something,

if I do say so myself!

It might seem funny to see me in such a feminine dress, I don't think I've ever debuted anything like this on my blog before, but that's not to say I'm not into it. In fact, after wearing this frilly number I'm now on the hunt for dresses similar that I can add to my wardrobe. I've always loved a ruffle, I even went on about my love of them in my

last post for Ghospell


so I'll try not to go on too much in this post, but that might be difficult because


, look at this beautiful frilly dress of dreams!




Let me introduce you to the

Sour Cherry Tiered Dress

. This piece may be considered a little kid's dream dolls dress, I can imagine a toddler wanting to play dress up and ram raid their mothers make-up draw, their is a child-like feel to it which makes it even more beautiful to me. It's not often someone would have the courage to wear a dress like this, which is the main reason why I love it. It has a couture feel to it, an almost fancy dress element that makes it all the more magical. It's rare you see garments like this, but when you do you remember your youth and how fun it is to get dressed up and have fun with fashion again. It definitely took me out of my comfort zone, and that's my favourite thing about styling, if something makes me feel daring and confident then it's a winner for me. Challenging our style is so important, and I'm so glad I challenged mine with this look!

There are two big reasons as to why I was drawn to this dress, the first being the colour. My favourite trend and colour combo this season is certainly red and pink, which is quite bizarre as these used to be two colours I wouldn't often wear, let alone together! I always told myself I looked terrible in red, classing it as my least favourite colour, I even longed to be able to look good in red lipstick but told myself I could never pull it off. Now I've gotten over myself and realised I can wear what I want and not actually give a damn about what other people think, or more to the point how I tell myself I think I look when I actually look OK. It's a daring combo and I've seen many people turn their noses up at it, but I'm obsessed and will be mixing these two colours all through winter to bring a little vibrancy to my life.

The second reason being the style, it takes huge reference on designers like Gucci and Miu Miu with the shape and of course the glorious frills. It's a very British design and throws back to the Victorian era or style, where sheer overlaying and ruffled detailing where huge. I wanted to keep with the inspiration of designers like these and pair it with my new thing,

socks and heels

. For my first post with Sister Jane I teamed the

House of Hearts

suit with glitter socks and chunky heels, and this dress just had to be worn with them too but this time I swapped the grey glitter with pink. If you're going to wear a dress like this you've got to go all the way and style it daringly. I'm so in love with the entirety of this look, and now I've embraced what it feels like to wear a dress of this calibre, I'll definitely be buying pieces like it more often. It's without a doubt a show stopper and perfect for dinner dates and evening events, or of course everyday wear if you're feeling confident. I guarantee the feeling of self love and confidence come included in this dress, trust me when I say you'll be spinning around and dancing your way through the day once you've got this on, I certainly was (

but then when am I not?



Last week I had the absolute please of meeting the brilliant George Hodgson, founder of Maison de Choup, a fashion label which supports mental health. The brand itself helps mental health sufferers find the support they need, by teaming up with Young Minds and raising money for the charity. This sits very well with me. I myself am surrounded by friends and loved ones that struggle with mental health issues, it's a common theme in this modern day and to find people out there who can help is just what we need. It's important to not feel alone with struggles like this, which is why I fully support and encourage you to at least click on THIS LINK and read more about what Maison de Choup and Young Minds can do for you. If you want support this cause then have browse at the fashion pieces they've got online, as 25% of the profits made from their new Warrior and Words Fail Me collections go to Young Minds - incredible!


Before I met George I knew all about his brand and what he does, I've been a fan of his for a good while. I've read his story and am truly inspired by what he's created from turning the negativity of anxiety into a positive, by creating contemporary clothing for a good cause.

When we eventually decided to meet up and shoot, I knew we'd create some really cool images for his products. I obviously had to take some for myself, and it had to be in the Warrior Not Worrier blazer, a product I'd been lusting over for ages. I'm big on tartan and yellow is my go-to colour of the season, so I was all for this jacket and was over the moon when George said I could wear it. Not only is it a very cool, masculine jacket, but it has a lot of thought and meaning behind it (quite literally). Like a mullet, it's business at the front and party at the back. It's great when clothing can make a statement in more ways than just being 'out there', when it has a literal statement to make, that's a whole new level of cool.

Thank you, George, for letting me in on what you do at Maison de Choup. It was a huge honor to take your photograph and see your brand in person. I have huge respect for you on speaking out about your experiences with anxiety and personal mental health issues. It takes a lot of be so courageous and that's just what a company like this needs, a strong, passionate and inspirational individual. Keep on doing what you do, the world needs more people like you. I can't wait to see where this project ends up!


Welcome my first instalment of my new series, 'Their Style'. I wrote a post a few weeks ago all about it, so you can get up to date here. I've decided to make my first post about a friend of mine that to me, is the perfect epitome of the nineteen-nineties style. That's Dylan, Dylan embodies the nineties from his second-hand garms to his boy next door face, which might I add was an absolute dream to shoot. I've wanted to take  his photograph for a while now as I adore the way he styles himself on the daily. He's always cool and casual without looking too put together, just like I imagine a kid from that era doing in their tight Levis and checkered shirt which is a basic combo, but on the right person can slay. I feel like being able to always look stylishly laid back is a natural trait, so lucky you Dylan, you master it perfectly. Let's see what he has to say about his own personal style...

C: Hey Dylan! So let's jump right in with some fashion talk. I'm currently having a moment for the skate culture around Bristol, I'm obsessed with how they all look so cool in too short trousers and 5 panels. I know that I could never pull it off of myself, but I'm still into it. I'm interested to know who or where is inspiring you at the moment?

D: Berlin is by far the most inspiring place I've been to, I've been debating moving there. The art scene is live and the nightlife is on another level. I'm also a fan of how diverse the fashion is there, I think they're a lot more creative and comfortable with experimenting with clothes than we are in the UK

C: I've never been to Berlin but I'm dying to go. On the subject of being inspired with fashion, who do you look to for style inspiration?

D: My dad, not that I would ever tell him! His clothes are unintentionally cool, I'm always rummaging through his old clothes whenever I go home

C: Other than your fathers closet, where do you tend to buy most of your clothes from? I'm really into vintage again, and I know you always have a vintage garm on you somewhere!

D: Yeah, mostly charity shops or eBay! My mums eBay addiction has rubbed off on me for sure, the only shop I ever really buy things from is Topman, partly because of my staff discount, plus their jeans are the best. Charity shops are where you find the sickest clothes, surprisingly the charity shops back in wales are where I find the best stuff!

C: You can find some amazing items hiding in those places! What do you think the most loved piece in your wardrobe is?

D: Probably my black suede jacket, it's covered in stains but I still can't stop wearing it! I just tell myself it adds to the character

C: You can't go wrong with suede! As nice as that jacket sounds, what's the one item you would long to own?

D: I've been looking for a Tommy Hilfiger denim jacket for so long, I've found some decent ones on Depop but they're always so overpriced

C: Tommy Hilfiger just makes me think of everything from the nineties, your style really takes on that era, wouldn't you agree?

D: I am a big fan of 90's fashion. I'm keen on how casual and thrown-together the outfits looked back then, nothing seemed to be overly thought out or planned and I think that's how I dress myself for sure. I'm not one for planning outfits the night before, I think that sometimes when you chuck together an outfit before you leave the house it could potentially be a massive fail but on the flipside you could stumble on a fresh new outfit that you wouldn't have otherwise put together! Plus for me it's a massive deal for my outfit to match my current mood so planning just doesn't work!

C: I couldn't agree more, I tend to plan for occasions but that's about it! I like to see where my mood takes me. I think we've nailed fashion down for now so let's talk music for a second. What's currently playing on your iPod?

D: I have Banks' new album 'the Altar' on repeat at the moment, 'Gemini Feed,' 'Train Wreck' and 'Mind Games' are stand outs. I'm also loving NAO - 'Inhale Exhale', Mura Masa and A$ap Rocky - 'Love$ick' and also James Blake and Bon Iver 'I Need a Forest Fire'

C: I've seen that Bon Ivers back on the scene but have heard mixed feelings towards his new album '22, A Million', I'm yet to give it a go, have you heard it yet?

D: I have, and I'm a big fan. I think the problem is that everyone compares anything he makes with his first album. Nothing could ever match 'for Emma, forever ago.' It's one of my favourite albums of all time for sure. But I think there's still something special in his new material, it just needs to be appreciated as a separate body of work

C: I'll have to give it a listen! With the music that you do love, does it influence the way you dress at all? I'm heavily influenced by the rock and roll culture from the past 60 years, it's a huge part of my life, and I feel like my style definitely reflects that.

D: I think it does in the sense that my music taste is quite varied and massively depends on my frame of mind, and I think my style is the same. I'm also keen on finding new unsigned or underground artists which I guess is similar to my love of finding weird things in charity shops!

C: Let's leave with a word of fashion advise shall we! If you could say one thing to someone who is struggling with their style at the moment, what would it be?

D: Don't over think it! Wear what you like and what you think you look good in, don't let other people's opinions overrule your own!


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During the summer I went to see The Last Shadow Puppets in concert as part of Bristol Summer Series. I had the most amazing time singing along to their hits like 'Miracle Aligner', 'Sweet Dreams, TN' and eyeing up Miles Kane whenever I stupidly thought he was looking at me. Can you blame a girl for trying? It was a fun night filled with many attempts to get Alex Turner to throw us his jacket and some idiots shouting 'Kane-oh!' every five minutes, and although I was there for the music that I've been a fan of for years, I was also there to see the marvellous human that is Turner grace the stage.

Top - TLSP merchandise
Coat - M&S
Jeans - Topshop
Loafers - Topshop
Glasses - Vintage via Depop
Rings - Mixture of Bloody Mary Metal and vintage

Photographs by Isla Macdonald Fraser | Instagram

These days it seems like people have a problem with Turner, saying he's too cocky for his own good and that he's lost his spark, but I think he's just getting started. His time at Bristol Summer Series and later at Glastonbury proved he is not only a ridiculously talented musician, but the perfect frontman. His stage presence is everything I want from a performer - he has so much charisma and banter, it's hard to take your eyes off him when he's serenading you from his platform. He knows he's cocky and I think he exaggerates it because he enjoys the theatrical element of it all, it's a performance and he's milking it while he can.

His cheeky attitude is perfectly matched by his out-there style. When I saw him he wore an outfit very similar to the one he wore at Glastonbury this year. The outfit was custom made by Ray Brown, a stagewear designer for rock and rollers like Tony Iommi, Judas Priest and Muse. Brown fashioned Turner a white blazer to throw over a skimpy vest that tucked into a pair of cropped, flared suit trousers. On his feet he wore a pair of what looked like Gucci loafers and topped it all off with a pair of sleazy tinted aviators. He didn't keep his jacket on for long as it was restricting him from getting his groove on, so he slung it around in the air and propped it on his shoulder from time to time. This outfit has really stuck with me since and I can't help but take elements of it and make it my own.

In the wake of this I've put together an outfit inspired by the man himself. My t-shirt isn't similar to one he's worn but it is a title and lyric from one of my favourite Shadow Puppets songs - Everything You've Come to Expect (if that wasn't obvious). I know he'd enjoy my metallic pink wannabe Gucci loafers as he always has a pair on his feet. Since wearing them I've been reminded how much I love them, and these Topshop ones have been on my radar for months. They come in a silly amount of colours and styles to chose from. Online, Topshop has a range of animal print, other metallics and the classic black leather. I've had my eye on the heeled versions that have come out recently, so similar to the works of Gucci but at a fraction of the price.

Talking of items I've recently fallen for, let's move onto my jacket. This faux fur M&S coat is supposed to be a Christmas present from my mother, but I sweet-talked her into letting me have it early - thanks mum! When jacket season comes around I'm often wearing faux fur and I try to purchase a couple of new ones every season because although they never go out of style, I like to have a wardrobe refresh and something new to wear. Coats take up most of your winter outfit so having one that makes a statement is a must, and this emerald green number surely does that, not that my shoe choice doesn't already!

I'm always inspired by how musicians dress, Turner being no exception. I've admired his style since the beginning when he wore indie polo-shirts and ill-fitting jeans like we all did in the early noughties, so even I thought it was cool back then. But now, in the more recent days he's evolved into a serious style king with his two most recent looks. The first being the tight leather jacket, short jeans and quiffed up hair, to the current over-the-top eighties inspired suiting and oversized collared shirts.. For years his style has been one that I've watched closely, mainly due to my massive crush but also because he can do no wrong when putting an outfit together, whether that's a thank-you to his stylist or the man himself I don't know. Either way, kudos!

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BANNED THE BRA | 28.9.16

When I was thirteen years old the only thing I wanted in life was a bra. I wanted to be able to wear a product that strapped my barely formed breasts into place and give them a shape that was clearly fake for a teenager. It was purely so I could get changed in P.E class without the girls thinking I was even more of a tom-boy than I already was, it was only to fit in. I have never been one for doing anything seriously 'girly', I spent most of my years as a pre-teen wearing boys jeans and carrying a skateboard, if you've known me for years you'll know exactly what I mean. Every day I wore Dr Martens and a Nirvana t-shirt with a greasy centre-part that was almost at a state of being dreaded because I refused to put a hairbrush through it, much to my mothers dismay. I enjoyed that part of my life and I still am that person, just a more matured version. I do use a brush from time to time! When it came to trying new underwear it was almost a forced process rather than a complete need for it. Inside I knew I didn't want it, but I did it for the people around me. I wanted one because all of my classmates were strutting about with their push-up bras and I assumed that was what I had to do too.

Photographs by Martha Iona Oram | 'Ban The Bra' Vest - Brandy Melville

Now I'm a twenty two year old woman who doesn't give a fuck about what anyone else thinks, I decided it was time to ditch it. This was the best decision I've ever made, I feel like I wasn't born to wear a bra and that I was put under a microscope of judgement from a young age where if you didn't wear one, you'd be classed as a freak. School is a difficult time for a lot of people, especially if you're more of the quiet type that wants to sit in the back of class thinking about what Blink 182 album you were going to listen to when you got home. Girls were the hardest with judgement at that age, but everyone judges you and I can't lie, I've been known to do the same! I think you get to an age where you forget overthinking other people's opinions and realise that it's time for your own personality to shine without any holding back.

It's not that I don't ever wear a bra, there are some cases were a top is just that bit too see-through to get away with. I also find a lot of them attractive, how could you not when brands like just For Love and Lemons make such beautifully crafted pieces? It's a personal decision if I want to wear one one day and not the next, I shouldn't be judged for that choice. I've realised that I don't want to spend my time worrying about how my boobs look in a low-cut top or my lack of cleavage, I just don't care and to be honest, that's not me. I've become so much more confident with age and this is another step I've made to help me love myself the way we all should.

When erasing something from your life that you don't enjoy, you feel a huge weight off your shoulders and more like yourself. It's like breaking up with someone, you soon remember that it wasn't worth your time and it's gone for a reason. In the wake of getting rid of my bras I did some thinking about how we as woman were born without them anyway. Now that might be a serious feminist thing to say but that's another huge part of my life, so I'm not scared to sound like a proud woman who fights for our rights. We as women formed thinking we needed to wear underwear for many reasons, the main of course to be attractive for the partners in our lives. Matching panties and stuffed cup bras are known to be a pleasure for the love in your life, but if you feel like a goddess in them then that's a bonus, you shouldn't wear it for their sake. It's all about you, and the life you lead should revolve around that statement. It's empowering being able to bare it under my shirt and not care, if I can have that simple pleasure in life then I'm all for it.

It's a shame that I do still have people in my life that find it complete madness that I don't wear a bra, but you don't see me finding it weird that they're wearing one, do you? It's almost a form of equality, like all woman have to wear a bra in order to feel equal and if I'm not, it's a complete shock and I'm looked down on. That shouldn't be the case but sadly it is, it's now seen as natural and normal like eating breakfast or using toilet roll, but it's not. We were born without it and and if I don't want to wear one, I won't. That's my right as a woman and I'm allowed that little bit of enjoyment in my everyday life.

I'm still haunted by a friend of mine telling me to go and put a bra on because she could see the shape of my nipple through my vest. It was a horrifying moment, not because she could see my breast, but because she thought it was so offensive that I should go and cover myself up immediately. Remember, it's your life and no matter what everyone else around you is doing or thinking, just do you. Be yourself, whether that's wearing a bra or not. It doesn't matter! Do what makes you comfortable and happy and stay true to yourself in the process.

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A NEW SERIES | 26.9.16

Sometimes you have to take a deep breath, focus, get yourself into a positive mindset and say 'hey, I can do this'. Recently, that's what I've been trying to do more of. I want to achieve so much in life but I have no energy or inspiration to do so, which is no ones fault but my own. I'm looking at the Internet and waiting for something to inspire me when I should be inspiring myself, not sitting about waiting for it to happen by scrolling through Instagram at someone else's dreamy lifestyle. I decided it was time to do something and inspire myself to start getting out there and create, and what do you know, it worked! I've kicked myself up the arse and given in to feeling deafeted and like it's not worth the time.

Photography by Chloe Upton - Visual Stylist and Photographer | Instagram

One of the first steps I made was to finally start creating a series I've wanted to put out on my blog for as long as I can remember. My idea was to create a regular series of images and interviews from stylish individuals to get a taste of their unique style, personality and music taste. I love writing about my own outfits and interests, but hearing about other people is far more influencing for me, and a lot of you also.

This isn't the first time I've included other people on my blog, but it is the first time I've sat down and thought about it properly, and decided to put more effort in by curating it better and making it all the more interesting. I'm excited to have the confidence to get out my camera and shoot street-style portraits of some of the incredible people that influence my appearance, and soon yours.

I hope to post my first instalment in the upcoming week and I'm beyond happy. I can't express how good it feels to get snapping again and creating decent content for my site, as well as including other people and having a great time with it. Watch this space!

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I haven't been blogging for a while, it's been an on and off hobby for some time. This isn't because of my usual excuse of life getting in the way, it goes far deeper than that this time. I've been struggling with self confidence and not of the appearance kind. I've started to feel low about my ability to write and create which is upsetting me to no end. I feel like I've always been a creative person, I was always terrible at math and anything that needed my brain to function even slightly, so being creative always made me feel comfortable and like I am actually capable of doing something good.

As of late, this hasn't been the case, I've struggled to pluck up the courage to open up Blogger and let my fingers do the talking. I have come to the bitter realisation that writing isn't something I'm that good at, it's more of a 'where do I put this comma' sort of thing, but I do struggle on knowing how to string a sentence together too. It kills me that I don't even know how to use proper punctuation, or that I write a paragraph full of useless mumbles that is hard to read. It's definitely top level embarrassment when you have to start getting some poor sod to proof read your posts, especially when it's a post about this subject - awkward! I've got myself really worked up over this and it hurts that this is yet another thing I probably suck at.

It's even harder to feel confident when you're surrounded by incredibly talented people who have no issues spewing out some impressive conversation time and time again. Not only do they know how to speak proper English, but they seem to excel in every form of anything. Why do some people have to be good at quite literally everything?

This sounds like a pity party but I always feel it's good to share emotion of this sort just in case some of you are struggling with this too. This has been eating away at me for weeks and it's time I got the fuck over it, I need to wipe away my sorry for myself tears and get back to it! I shouldn't be putting myself down like this but it is hard to feel good at things when the majority of people around you do it so much better than you. I'm inspired by many of my 'internet friends' to make regular content but when I can't even inspire myself, how can I? I need to give myself a slap round the face and a bit of tough love and say GET OVER IT. Who cares if my paragraphs don't end the way they should, or I used the wrong version of 'there', it's not the end of the world! I'm not publishing my posts onto a page of a book, I am simply using this platform to casually create content that means a great deal to me. I love seeing my work on a web page that I've worked so hard to make and although it may not be the most professional blog you did ever see, it's mine and I adore it.

I'm quite a sloppy person so I'm all for blog posts that feel like a casual conversation between friends which probably means if you're looking for a blog that is beautifully written using fancy words and keyboard symbols I have never seen, this maybe isn't the one for you, but I would like it if you stayed. Let's just have fun and leave the judgement behind, it's not that much of a big deal that I didn't use a full stop when I should of somewhere in this post, right? I'm not the next Jack Kerouac but I applaud you if you are! I wish I was but I accept myself as I come.

You do you, don't try and sound like a different person or try to mimic other people and their content. Be yourself, even if that means people can't understand you sometimes...

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ONE YEAR ON | 20.3.16

This shirt strongly represents how I'm feeling because in exactly 49 days time it'll be my one year anniversary of living in Bristol, what a hectic and crazy year it has been. I wont scrimp on the details with you after all I put hard work and effort into this blog so why not put my heart and soul into it too? This past year has been full of stress, complications and a lot of tears but that's been completely out-weighed by the glorious feelings I have towards my life now.

I moved to Bristol with my now past boyfriend thinking that our new life would contain happiness and last longer than the few months it did but I wasn't happy and I didn't want that life I'd created to last any longer. I don't regret moving away because that wouldn't of made me the way I am today, or my life the way it is either. I learnt a lot during those few months, some more valid then others like how to set up a joint account or what a water metre is and that some men leave urine on the toilet seat, so there were some great life lessons to be learnt. I'm sometimes a strong believer that things happen for a reason and I wouldn't be here in Bristol without that shit happening.

I am now out of the flat I shared with said ex and into a house share which by the way I worked myself up about for weeks on end. It's so daunting thinking about moving into a house with complete strangers that it made me ridiculously anxious, will we need the bathroom at the same time? What if I need to brush my teeth and the bathrooms occupied? Which by the way has already happened and I ate a whole pack of mints that day. These are all very petty things to dawn on but my brain overworked itself and my nerves were another level when I first moved in. Don't get me wrong it's still a little awkward and not quite the one bedroom flat I dream of but it's far better than living with an old boyfriend.

I've also moved on in a relationship sense and without getting into it too much I'll just say it's all tops. Being with someone so kind and loving through the hard times I've faced these past few weeks has been a blessing. With that and what I suppose you could call my new life I'm doing well, really well in fact. I'm still on the hunt for somewhere I can call home but I'm keeping my head held high while browsing Gumtree every hour for a housemate. That being said I'm the happiest I've been in months or maybe even a year which is a good example of things happening for a reason, wouldn't you say? I adore my life in Bristol and wouldn't change this past year for the world, OK, maybe less tears would of been nice but I won't get picky.

I can't wait to see what the next year of my life holds and in the nearer future I'm so looking forward to summer. Who else is counting down the hours until it's warm again? I don't mean to be rude, Spring, but do get over and done with so I can feel the heat again. I have a hunch this summer is going to be one of the best ones yet! I do hope you are all doing well and keeping yourselves happy in life, if my rubbish situation could get better then yours could too. Chin up, move on and enjoy life.


SELF LOVE | 16.02.16

Firstly, happy valentine's day for Sunday one and all, not a phrase a lot of people enjoy hearing as it's become more of a day of hate than a day of love. For me though I believe you should spend everyday loving who you have chosen to spend your time with and if you haven't chosen (not that always a choice) to be with anyone at all, that's more than OK too. Don't feel lonely on the day of love, enjoy yourself and embrace your beautiful friends and family around you. I was kind enough leave this topic I'm about to discuss for a couple of days rather than pile my thoughts onto you when a lot of you are were a cloud of romance, so I hope you did enjoy your Sunday of pleasure (sounds naughty, maybe it even was) but now it's time stop putting it off and talk about self love - Righteous!

On that day in particular we see a lot of self hate in the way of status updates and retweets from a comedic genius who's made a great meme about being single for eternity, and as much as its all fun and games I know some people do genuinely feel down about it. My feed was a terrible sight on the morning of as I saw more miserable posts than happy ones. I say let's dedicate all future valentine's days to loving ourselves and our bodies and leave the downward spiral of misery for another day - or never. Just because you don't have someone showering you in cheese like how beautiful they think you are doesn't mean you aren't in fact that. It's not always about dedicating your love to another human being it's also about leaving some of it for yourself, remember that.

On the subject of this I've got something else to say... I don't know if you saw the disgust that was Kylie Jenners recent Instagram post condoning 'butt and breast' enhancing cream but I did and I was sick in my mouth, to be frank with you. Firstly, how she thinks it's a good idea to promote something that claims to do such a thing to her audience of which start from the early age of 13 maybe even younger is beyond me. It's disgusting to share these things with such influential young girls when they haven't even developed fully yet anyway, give it a few years and your breasts could look like that with no help at all! Not only was it shameful of her to share the post for that reason but also the fact she had the audacity to say 'what a perfect gift for Valentine's' it would be... No, no it would not. If your other half gifts you a product to make your already beautiful body 'better' then please hand him back the goods and do not give him your goods either. You do not need a jar of cream to look like a Jenner, the gym and a balanced diet would help if you really wanted it too. Don't let a somehow famous teenager make you feel bad about your body because your body is lovely and natural without a jar of butt boosting cream. As depressing as my Facebook feed was that morning, the comments I saw over and over again on that post made me feel even more down. The amount of self-hatred in this world is a scary thought so I won't go on about this any longer as I feel myself slowly boiling up inside. What I will say is this - spend some time appreciating yourself and the people around you, maybe go ahead don your best undies and enjoy your own company for once OR if you do have that special person then share the love with them.



I promised new content and here it is, a shiny new segment. Saying segment makes me feel like a news reporter and I kind of dig it. News reporter Chloe at your service! So if you didn't know I'm a little bit of a magazine hoarder and by that I mean I used to get Vogue every single month for about three years straight. I realised I should stop once I saw the piles and piles of ancient issues taking up every empty space in my room, bye-bye extortionate monthly payments.

Issue nov/dec 2014 pages 252-263 shot by Ash Kingston

This time round I'm more of a 'get every now and then so I don't get carried away' sort of buyer. If the cover features someone I have a particular interest in or there's an article I want to read then I'll make the purchase, they are expensive after all. Think of all those monthly payments I once made - yikes!

Let's get into this 'segment' I'm going to call Spread, it's a post where I share a shoot or interview I've found hiding away in a magazine that you may of missed or one that I've finally gotten round to reading. First up, Wonderland. The popular Wonderland issue that had the princes of pop Miss Swift gracing it's cover last winter, which  BTW was a great cover and that's coming from a non-Taylor fan. Anyway, the shoot I'm talking about is titled Jive Talkin' which is basically a seventies dream filled with very cool gentlemen in very cool suits thanks to the likes of Robert Cavalli and Paul Smith. I think we all know my feelings towards men with long hair in suits and printed shirts, dreamy.

The styling in this spread is perfect, the mix of colours and patterns makes it extremely pleasing on the eyes before even taking a peek at the men wearing them. It's nine pages full of what look like young Jim Morrisons and it's obviously fabulous. I really would love a snake print suit now thanks to Isak on page 255! It's funny seeing that even last winter the seventies trend was making it's comeback and is still going strong. My favourite piece from the shoot has to be Yves striped blazer and silk shirt combo in the second photo from the bottom (although sadly the gent is half cut off but his outfit still shines on). The rolled up suit pants and chunky white socks makes it look completely chill and effortless rather than up-tight and formal like a very expensive YSL suit should. Just three dudes hanging out in some high-end designer gear smoking cigarettes and wearing sunglasses indoors to like it's the norm and I'm so into it!


SIMPLICITY | 02.11.2015

Sometimes things don't have to be all patterns and sparkles, you know? It's hard to belive that's come out of my mouth but a tee and jeans can look so perfectly simple. I'm taking major inspiration from these simplistic attires and wearing a plain shirt and jeans on a more regular occasion.

Images taken from Pinterest

I'm totally in love with the tom-boy element of it all, the baggy jeans and boxy t-shirt with a pair of old school chucks gives me all sorts of feels. I love that dressing down can look just as good as dressing up. It's also a pretty wise idea for winter because most practical (I know, how boring and mumsy of me) coats take over my outfits anyway so there isn't a lot of point in making all that effort with a cute OOTD just for it to be covered in your dozens of winter layers, scrap it and get back to basics!



Working for Topshop has many perks, discount being the best most obvious. Along with those perks includes a run through of current goings-on within the company, the most recent one being The Denim Issue. Denim being something I'm extremely into made me very excited about this. With it being Topmans first major world wide campaign, it's even the first time Topman has been seen on the side of buses did you know - I think it's been done perfectly, I love the fact that the first pretty big thing to come out of the brand is denim, oh how I love me some denim.

The selected photos are from

They've done so well from an online and advertising point of view, I really cannot fault it. I especially can't fault the lookbook that runs along side it which features some major laid-back seventies vibes and men with retro skater hair cuts that happen to make my knees week, and the advertising isn't even aimed at me! You've done this denim-obsesser proud and I really hope it broadens the horizons for many men out their that are stuck in a jean rut. Embrace the boot cut or even a pair of overalls if you're feeling extra brave. We all love seeing someone in a pair of skin tight jeans *heart eyes* but join the dark side, rock a pair of flares like it's 1975!

Take a look at the online campaign because it's actually very factual and interesting. It features a page on the History of Denim and some wise words from a couple of very cool gents. If that's not enough to make you go pant shopping then I don't know what is.

On the topic of very cool men, I'm also so excited for Grimmys range to launch online and in selected stores (please oh please let Bristol be one of those) as I have already picked a couple of things I will be buying when it launches. Hello leopard print coat and patterned shirts, you will be mine come October 14th! A major high-five to Topman needs to be had because they really are proving their true awesomeness at the moment.



For all my babes that love a bit of retro styling, I wanted to share some stupidly perfect shots I found on my Pinterest feed thanks to and their insane 'Suddenly Seventies' spring shopping guide *gets on hands and knees and thanks them over and over again*

For real though, if you adore 1970's fashion and everything else that comes along with it then I think you'd 100% agree that this lookbook is quite something. I'm one of those people who are fascinated with photo-shoots as I'm a bit of a photography snob myself - guilty! I'm always heading to brand websites to check out their latest and greatest new season pieces which often come a long with a pretty selection of images to go with it. Zara and the Topshop homepage are always on my bookmarks not only for me to do some online shopping, but also to view their 'New In' collections. If I could make a living out of shooting models and bloggers I would be the happiest little kitty in all the land as I live for being able to shoot photographs much like these, their super dreamy and give me all sorts of inspiration, I just loving taking photographs!

This post isn't about my little photographers fantasy though so we'll save that for another day. It's all about the glory that is this photoset, major thumbs up to the stylist on this one! All that leather, mustard and fur is giving me goose-pimples. I feel like taking a short break to the woods with a bottle of something sharp along with a playlist full of Paul Simon and Fleetwood Mac while shooting outfit pictures wearing the most garish printed clothing, knee high boots paired with big round sunglasses and untamed hair... Little trip to the forest anyone?



30TH JULY 2015

As it's payday for me tomorrow and will be for some of you guys too, I thought I'd share a few items from Topshop I'm lusting over and really want to spend this months paycheck on. Don't worry, I will try and control myself if I want to keep my bills payed and food on the table, boohoo.

Let's start with the beauty that is this denim shirt by Boutique - one of my favourite sections of Topshop. This is a great piece to wear layered or as a coat for the winter as it's thick enough for those colder days too. Denim shirts are pretty much an essential and this ones perfect for all year round. I should probably purchase it as I keep stealing my other halves Cheap Monday shirt, valid excuse to buy this one? Yeeeah!

Next we have the 70's suede dress of dreams, am I right? I love the cross over trend floating about at the moment and the front of this dress is really beautiful and the fact it's faux suede adds to it's glory! I'm also a sucker for a halterneck.

Another halterneck item is this sporty striped crop top which I can picture looking great with dark wash denim, tassel ankle boots and some round sunglasses topped off with a suede jacket, the perfect basic to make any outfit awesome.

It's bootie time and my word haven't I found my dream boot which I can't afford in the shape of these snake print stompers. I want these boots and I want to wear them every single day with only a switch up of band tee and the occasional wash of black jeans. I adore them and as worth it as they are, £75 is a hefty price to pay out for one item when I want all of the above as well.

More animal print goodness and it's these fab 60's style ankle boots which would look killer teamed with a shift dress layered over a plain white shirt - how Alexa Chung of me! They would even look cool with jeans and a plain tee, let the boots do the talking!

It's accessory time and how mad are these velvet orange sunglasses? Amazing! If you're wearing a simple outfit these will certainly add some colour and fun.

Lastly, I couldn't help but browse the make-up section because I'm all about the deep tones at the moment. I came across the shade Lunar in their Mono Eyeshadow and although it's very autumnal I'll still wear it now, same goes for the lipstick I found in Devotion which is a little lighter and summer friendly but still great for the later months too.

Enough autumn talk though, let's get spending! Enjoy your payday and treat yourself to something lovely, you probably deserve it!


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23RD JULY 2015
All photographs from

We need to talk about this collection from the one and only Saint Laurent before I burst with joy. I cannot express my love for this runway show, every single one of the looks showcased perfectly sums up my ideal style. The amount of Cobain and Jagger vibes coming from it excites me to no end, it's unreal. As soon as I saw the chisele jawed male with Kurt Cobains hair and Mick Jaggers face, I melted, and it's not even about models personal appearance! They all ooze cool complete with 90's grunge vibes, I'm so obsessed. It feels like we've taken a step back to the night of a Hole concert and selected people from the audience to walk the catwalk. Think Aerosmith, Motley Crue and Poison all in one place, I know, I could fucking swear it's that cool, oh wait...

I don't know if a lot of you know this but I do have quite strong feelings towards a certain Cobain (I have the man tattooed on my arm) but we'll save that for another day when there isn't so many other men to talk about. I couldn't get over how much the gentlemen modeling the Saint Laurent garments looked like Kurt especially having long bleached hair and his iconic white sunglasses, it's almost uncanny. The cardigans, plaid shirts and converse just made up the look even more.

Not only is there an array of perfect mens clothing but there were a few womens looks that were just as awesome. They featured baby doll dresses with big chunky boots and leather with the occasional neck wear - I mean, a bow-tie?! That reminds me of a phase I had where I wanted to dress in a suit and wear a bow-tie because men could so why couldn't I? I took 'menswear' to a whole new level and kitted myself out with a pant-suit from Newlook and a bow-tie from Topman and topped it of with a pair of black high-top converse, from then on menswear has always been a love of mine. This runway definitely gave me the chills and reminded me of how much I adore mens fashion.

Of course, I can't end this post without mentioning the patterned blazers, coats and obviously shirts. I am actually drooling. If only my bank balance allowed me to kit myself out in every single one if these looks then I could die a happy girl quite honestly. I haven't been taken back by a collection in what feels like forever so hats off to you YSL for making my knees week and my heart melt, you rule.

If you head to their website there's lookbook slideshow right on the homepage which I've been staring at for ages. So much inspiration on a fashion and photography point of view it's all just flowing right on out of me!


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16TH JULY 2015

All images taken from Pinterest.

I've taken a DIY project under my wing and now I can't stop thinking about what I can cover in patches, badges and anything else that's possible to to sew or glue onto denim.

My need to DIY denim started when I strolled past my local Levi's store and while lusting over the 501's in the window I saw a little crate full of patches in the corner. I rushed into store (I don't know why because they weren't going anywhere) and grabbed a sales assistant so they could take it out of the window and place it right on into my hands so I could rummage to my hearts content! It contained patches that looked like they came straight out of an American vintage store where you could deck yourself out in all the denim and leather you can imagine, it was dreamy.

As soon as I grabbed a couple it made me think of two gloriously bad-ass ladies I've followed for years, Brit Nason and her equally rad bestie Casey Strawberry. Both of which have the most awesome style which mostly consists of vintage goods and handmade items that you can find from their stores - Backbite and Tunnel Vision. This is indeed one of those times where I go on to moan about not living in the States because the custom charges and delivery times are an absolute joke, but I won't go into that for the hundredth time. I just need to suck it up and order some rad band shirts and Harley Davidson hot pants... Full on lusting over here! I have managed to score another gem on Depop though, which you'll be seeing in next weeks outfit post (oh the suspense). Depop and eBay seem to be the best for unique custom finds as I'm finding myself browsing on there nightly, I told you it was an obsession... Stay tuned for some custom goodness!


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3RD MAY 2015

Time for another addition of 'Style Crush' and this time it's all about those female musician vibes. Heck yes, girl power!

I've been following the music of Charlotte Kemp Muhl for a few years now and it just so happens her style and looks come with it, lucky for some. The reason behind me initially discovering her was when I found my love for John Lennon and did some searching on the WWW about his family and there you have it, the beautiful tunes of his beautiful son, Sean Lennon and his beautiful girlfriend Charlotte. What a glorious moment that was!

I'm not going to lie, their music is an acquired taste and definitely for the weird and wonderful. Think Green Man festival at sunset after a couple of beers. The sounds of indie folk mixed with psychedelic tunes makes for an epic soundtrack by The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, also known as GOASTT. If you're a fan of Beck or Pink Floyd then this may in fact be your cup of tea, they even opened for Beck on his 2014 tour, I dreamed of being there!

Anyway, let's stray away from the music and talk more about style. This lady looks like shes come straight out of a charity shop after a day of shopping with her grandma and I love it. Think tassels, the odd over the top hat and lots of lace. Three things I would wear if attending a festival in the desert (also known as Coachella) and probably on a daily basis too... There is something so perfect about a pretty lady swooshing about on stage with her guitar singing with her lover, both of which looking mesmerizing.


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You may not know that I am in fact moving out on the 6th and it's the biggest thing I have ever done, I practically feel like an adult! It's all a very scary and daunting but also an extremely exciting experience that has come around so fast. Last year I thought I'd be at home for a long while yet, as I had no future plans in mind. I had thought about moving away and doing something a little different with my life but it didn't become a reality until now. I happened to find my love in life and he so happened to want to start somewhere new to. So there we were, thinking about plans and dreaming about our future home together, and all that dreaming has come around and it's finally here! In two days time that will no longer be a measly thought in both of our brains. Yikes, it's all about to become very real.

Of course the moving experience will be the most stressful encounter that we have been through and we will probably have handfuls of each others hair by the end of it, but we will also be left with our first home too. I will talk a little more about why and where we will be moving in my next post but for now I wanted to take my brain away from the stress of packing and think about something I'm very excited about, home decor. That's right, I will have my own space to kit out the way I want it! I'm a huge interior nerd, I absolutely adore anything homey and I often sit and look at DIY's such as making a bed out of Ikea storage or ways to display my dozens of pairs of shoes. So it's now time to put that never ending Pinterest board to use and actually take some home inspiration from it, finally! I literally cannot control myself, all I can think of is pretty hang rails and chairs and plants, somebody needs to stop me from buying useless attractive things and actually spend money on items I need...

I've collected up a few that I've recently pinned, but you can also find a heap more on my Home Decor board via Pinterest. A few other boards I keep returning too are of course Ghostparties, her taste is immaculate and modern and her own home is so dreamy too! Another board I often pin from is Kelsey Barnes, I'm always finding her pins on my home page and taking them for my own board.

If you're also moving soon then hopefully this will get you in the mood to decorate your home, or if you're an interior obsess-er like myself then simply just enjoy. For now though I better stop procrastinating and get back to packing everything I own into cardboard boxes.


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29TH APRIL 2015
Images sourced from my Instagram @tigerlilyblog and Pinterest

So my hat game has seriously upped lately. I'm forever thinking about what hat I will sport to cover up my flat as a pancake hair style. It's not that I hate my hair or am hiding a layer of grease under it (ok sometimes that is the case), but simply because I love them. My mother has always told me I have a 'hat head', meaning I look particularly fetching in a hat, and of course I'm now owning that. My collection is growing from a selection of colorful wide brimmed hats to floppy summer ones and I love it. I love how they make an outfit, or add a bit more 'cool' to a really dull look. It's like adding a black fedora to an outfit consisting of a white t-shirt and jeans makes it instantly ooze cool and I'm 100% on board with that. Hello dull attires that can be made way better with one of my favorite things, a hat!

A couple of bloggers are ruling the hat game too. Charlotte from Crave Green Velvet seems to be donning a black hat just as much as me at the moment and it seems to go with every OOTD she posts up on her blog. One of her latest posts, Sheer 70's, made me want to put on a floaty dress and hat while prancing around to Stevie Nicks all day, thanks for that! I don't think Street Angel has ever been played so much as it was that day. Another babe that's hat collection has caught my eye is YouTuber Mika Francis and I will say now that this girl could pull off any hat and look killer, even those dumb 'kitsch' ones with kittens ears poking out of the top, or those umbrella hats that dad's think are the funniest invention known to man, she would look badass in one and probably end up making a fashion statement. I know, I'm jealous too.

I'm also particularly loving the collection Asos have got going on at the minute as well, it varies from rather large matador hats to a more subtle bowler hat. There are hats for every occasion! I'm now going to stop myself here before I say the 'H' word anymore... But seriously though, give one a go! You may as well have a head subtitle for any hat you so well desire!


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