It was about time I had a break from the norm and have a little get away if only for a few days. It was a joint decision from me and my best(and boy)friend, who was also massively up for some time off. London isn't quite as adventurous as New York or as warm as a beach in Greece but it's something. I'll go anywhere and no matter now many times I've been to London i'll always enjoy it, even more so in good company.

We were lucky enough to stay in Stockwell which was the perfect location to relax in after a hectic day in the centre of all the madness. Suprisingly, on the journey there you can actually enjoy a quiet tube ride after the Victoria stop had past, what a luxury! Thanks to Kierans brother we got to rest out heads in his lovely home just a few shorts minutes from the tube. He left out breakfast for us in the morning and gave us great recommendations for coffee and breakfast spots in Brixton, which was handy as the pair of us can't function without a cup in the morning. It felt like our own Airbnb and if their home was listed I'd be giving you all a link and them a great review with many stars, thank you for the stay!

On our first day we did the real mainstream thing and took ourselves to Oxford Street for some high street shopping. Being two Topshop and Topman workers we had to see what the flagship had to offer, it's sort of our duty. Before getting too wrapped up in shopping we headed to The Diner on Carnaby Street which is where I usually go to stock up on carbs for a big day ahead as they do a mean plate of pancakes which is surprisingly hard to find back in Bristol. We just shopped, shopped and shopped some more until all of the viscose shirts had been browsed then headed back to our tempery home for a plate of home cooked food and a decent nights sleep.

Day two was sure to be a good one as we were finally about to feast our eyes on The Rolling Stones exhibition, Exhibitionism. Without sounding like too much of an obsessed fan, I have honestly never been so excited for anything else, ever. You don't have to be a genius to know that The Stones are one of my greatest passions in life, it's pretty fucking obvious. I've planned a post about the exhibition in full which should be posted in the upcoming week so I won't go on any further, but if you are a mega fan then head to the Saatchi Gallery pronto!

After an emotional hour and a half of gallery viewing we headed in the direction of Southbank for a stroll along the riverside and a quick pop into Tate Modern, and by that I mean quick enough for me to use the bathroom and to walk around a couple of rooms. It didn't quite hit the spot the same way Exhibitionism did, sorry modern art. We did end up in yet another Topshop though where I scored some amazing flared dungarees, which I was very much feeling after seeing Keith's tour wardrobe earlier that day, swings and roundabouts!

Another day with a crazy amount of walking done and all we could think about was food, which to be fair is what we think about 80% of the time anyway. Kev (Kierans brother) recommended a pizza joint in Brixton called Franco Manca which sounded amazing and definitely met our expectations. It was located within a market in the heart of the ever cool Brixton and despite being in London it had a real authentic feel to it, if you didn't look at your surroundings too much it genuinely felt like being back in Rome. The Pizza, more importantly, was unreal. So unreal that Kieran stated it was the 'best he'd ever eaten' and that's coming from a man whose had plenty in his lifetime. For me, it was up there and that's coming from a girl whose tasted real Italian baked circles of doughy goodness straight from the heart of Italy. Basically, we highly recommend it. We ended the night having a drink in some trendy new bar in Brixton that I didn't catch the name of but Kieran had a Ziggy Stardust cocktail that impressed us a great deal despite it should of being called Aladdin Sane...

Our final day in London featured a trip to the eastern side of town where we ended up wondering around Shoreditch for most of the day. Like complete 'hipsters', we went to all of the vintage stores that are plonked in the Brick Lane area. They didn't have much to offer other than a motorcycle print shirt for yours truly, I'm also still dreaming about a pair of Led Zeppelin shorts I saw that had been crafted from an old tour t-shirt, I really regret not slipping my butt into those babies.

Day three came to an end and it was time to get head back home in style via Megabus, hoorah! It was a glorious few days away from our busy lives and it gave us time to be in a romantic holiday bubble for short while. Time to plan our next adventure and this time make it longer and hotter!

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20TH JULY 2015

Time to get my summer on and as I'm not going to be sunning myself up by a pool somewhere warm anytime soon, this little treat from Boohoo showcasing their summer range will make me feel like I am. It features dreamy kimonos and bikini babes, yep. I need to get into the summer spirit and receiving a pretty pink bikini along with a few other summer bits totally helped me - Thanks Boohoo!

This particular bikini is so super girly but I kinda love it, shock horror! The shape of the top is so flattering and pretty and with the help of the frills is makes it even more cute. I much prefer strapless bikini tops to those with straps because hello, who wants odd suntan marks?! Boohoo are killing it big time with their summer collection and they're yet to join the 'let's start bringing out our A/W stuff already' club, so that's another plus. I have seen a cape or two floating around the shops and I can't cope quite honestly, hold your horses people! So, I'll carry on floating through their site until I see a burnt orange sweater then probably call it quits. There are a few other swimsuits that I'm into, but because I'm not going on holiday I don't have an excuse to purchase them. This beautiful and kind of sexy two piece has been in my bookmarks for a few days though - shh, it's our secret...

A pretty bikini is the way to a girls heart, and a box of tea along with some skin products is pretty nice too. In my last outfit post I did make a comment on my pale complexion so hallelujah for the bottle of Malibu tanning oil that was lurking in the bottom of the package, these babies will be bronzed in no time (I hope).

I'm just going to sit here dreaming of my previous holiday in Lanzarote and think about booking another one ASAP. After all, I gotta show off this beautiful two piece somewhere and my bedroom is not where I plan on doing so.
If you want to see more from the range, search the tag #WeAreHot on Instagram or head to their official page @boohooofficial!


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30TH MARCH 2015

Hello again! I'm back from my holiday in Lanzarote, in fact I've been back for a week now but as soon as we got back home at 5am, (due to being delayed) I then had to sleep for 2 hours and get back up again and get on a train to Bristol. From then on it's been work, work, work and I feel like I still haven't recovered from my lack of sleep last week. Boo!

Anyway, I'm back to blogging after a lovely week away with my mother and sister. A much needed and from what I feel, deserved break! We enjoyed ourselves and although it wasn't always good weather we still had a great time with each other.

I thought I'd share some pictures I took while there, there's a tone of pictures of palm trees and cactus so I tried to whittle them down to only a few. If you follow me on my Instagram (@tigerlilyblog) then you may have already seen a couple of these snaps, but there are a few here I'm yet to share.

So, back to reality and loathing the rubbish weather of Britain, fab!

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