When some people think of


they think of pornography, cheap, dirty pornography. But, I'm a firm believer it's a magazine that embraces woman and their bodies. Granted, it's risque and can be seedy at times but whats wrong with the way we decide capture the naked body anyway?! Whether it's full nude or not - it's art, it's daring and it's cool. Some of my favorite ladies have graced the covers of their magazine, looking flawless and doing it for girl power. It gets a lot of stick but for me it's a powerful publication that I stand by. We need to forget about the men behind it and look at all of the amazing work and imagery these woman have created by showcasing their powerful bodies and not giving a fuck. I've looked up to these ladies for years and always adored their courage and confidence, these include models like

Ashley Smith


Zippora Seven


Taylor LaShae

to name a few. I aspire to be like these powerful individuals and seeing them achieve a goal like this is inspiring and great for my personal self confidence. Another strong reason to enjoy Playboy is the care free mentality towards models and their size, by using incredible '

plus size

' women like the unreal

Molly Constable

. We read fashion magazines and view the photo spreads within them, but nudity isn't there, females are covered and the chance of seeing a plus size model is unlikely. Times are changing and we need to move with it, freeing a nipple or exploring peoples unique beauty needs to become the norm and not something we turn our noses up at.

Playboy is that publication for me


People spend their lives being shocked and disgusted about the way we choose to display our bodies, whether it's through the power of social media or even the way we dress. Wearing a crop top or a pair of shorts just that bit too short can make people tut and sigh, but why do we care so much about what others think? I use my platforms as a way to embrace my body and I spend most of my time on these sites commenting with love about these images that showcase the beauty of these people. I'm pro nudity in any form, be it through art or through lifestyle. I don't turn my nose at a photo on Instagram that shows too much boob, or feel ashamed when I see a nipple. We need to take away the blur and not care about those who find our bodies so damn offencive.

You know what the sad thing is? This outfit might be deemed as '

too sexy

' because I'm broadcasting Playboy and I choose to wear a pair of tight leather trousers. But my care level is at zero and I'm expressing myself and my opinions though the power of fashion. We have these tools around us and the clothing to help us become the people we are. I'll often wear a motif tee with a powerful expression on, and I'm forever wearing the same leather jacket that is covered in badges that promote LGBT and peace. This is who I am and I want to share it with the world, not hide it because I'm afraid of what others might think of me.

If you are passionate about something and want to shout about it, then do it! We have a voice that is made to be expressive, so don't hide and think about all these things you could do but won't because of the fear of judgement. Your opinions might be different to mine, and

that's OK too

. The beauty of the human race is our difference in personalities so express it with true pride!







It's 2017 and a new era of sportswear has arrived,

and it's not just for the gym

... This season we've got new trends like heritage checks, bold colours and winter florals to name a few, but one trend I've seen all through the year is sportswear, I'm talking fashion-basics with a sport luxe feel. To me this is less of a trend and more of a new era of fashion, with people who have always worn sports brands being given the tools to make it more street-style friendly. You don't need a gym membership to be entitled to wear a pair of leggings these days, just team them with heeled boots and a trench coat and you'll be

so on trend!

I wanted to put this to the test and style a piece so it fit in to my usual outfit of choice, as that's what this whole sports luxe trend is after all -

making it stylish and street friendly!

That's not to say that if you wear head-to-toe gym gear you're not fashionable, but I certainly wouldn't be dressed that way, I wouldn't even attend a gym (


)! It would be rather handy to already be dressed for the treadmill after you've spent the day shopping, it'd surely save on washing!


, there are many perks to the trend already!

I've taken this



womens hoodie

for a spin, not a brand I have worn before but then again the entire concept of this outfit is new to me. The hoodie itself is the perfect item to help me on my way to nailing this trend, it's sleek, an easy colour to work with and comfy -

plain and simple.

I wanted something in black so I could layer it all through winter and match it with my many pairs of leather trousers, it's the most perfect colour to match my already dark wardrobe. Instead of doing the obvious and wearing it with jeans and trainers, I wanted to take it a couple of steps further and make it boarder on grunge, because that's my signature style and with this trend you don't have to change your look to make it work.






I need to be honest though and tell you one of the main reasons I wanted to give this look a go, and it's


because I knew it would be the comfiest thing I have ever worn... Honestly, it's because I saw a photoset of Alexa Chung where she was wearing a PVC trench coat and a zip-up hoodie underneath. It was a serious look that I needed to re-create somehow. Instead of quite literally copying every aspect of it, I ditched the PVC coat (

because my Black Friday purchase hasn't been delivered yet

) and wore a pair of shiny trousers instead. Without blowing my own trumpet, it's an outfit I'm very much into, it holds an effortlessly cool vibe and all jokes a side, the comfort level is quite high.

All in all I'm now fully converted and will be purchasing sweatshirts from here on out. I believe this '


' will be around for the long run, it's a model off duty vibe and will definitely be seen on the next run of Fashion Week,

you heard it here first!


has a wide variety of contemporary streetwear including some really

chic pastel sweatshirts


unisex hoodies

, so you could buy your other half one for Christmas and then wear it yourself (

you're welcome

). Not only have they smashed the outwear, but they've got some very cool

underwear sets and basics

that are just dying to be Instagrammed! Visit the

official website here



I've been slacking with content for my own blog at the moment, as the majority of my spare time is being spent writing, editing and just generally contributing to The Girls Club. It's our new baby, so it's hard to stay away! But I've realised I've got to focus on my own work, but I'm not that good at balance. I thought I'd come back in style though and do a brief post on the best suit I've ever worn, and tell you all a little story to go along with it. So, let's begin...

Let's set the scene, imagine me sat at home watching Jeremy Kyle (yeah, it's my guilty pleasure) in my sloppy Joe's absolutely buzzing to be in bed, lying down after the shift from hell. Just casually texting my best friend and boyfriend, Harry, when he does his usual over dramatic thing of saying 'guess what', which usually ends with 'I just had breakfast' OR 'my hair looks really good today'. Classic Harry Morris move. So, as you can imagine when he says this phrase I usually just go ahead and roll with it, not getting my hopes up for some killer information or anything. Not this time though, this time he pulled through and smashed it right out of the park - sorry for not believing in you in the first place!

So there I am, being faced with the best news I've heard in ages, and I've got one lady to thank for that. If you're reading Charlotte, thank you, you beautiful, kind soul!

I know I'm keeping you all in suspense, but that's how writers keep you gripped in novels, so I'm playing the part, OK?! Anyway, turns out myself and Harry had been invited to the GQ Man of the Year awards after party - what?! That was huge for the two of us, and we feel very lucky to of had the opportunity to rock up.

As you can imagine (or if you saw the entertainment news next day) we touched elbows with many talented individuals, most of which I adore, which was truly magical. It's quite something being in a room with big names, they all have an un-real aura surrounding them which made the evening feel pretty exciting. I'm not one for gushing over 'celebrities', in fact celebrity culture doesn't excite me all that much, but I was happy that everyone was so willing to have a conversation and get to know us. I won't start spilling news on who as there and what was going on, but I will just say I spent an hour eating snacks with Jo Wood, which for me is quite a fab moment and one I won't forget anytime soon.


The reason I'm telling you all of this is because MY  suit was the talk of the party. MY  Topshop suit that apparently looks like a high-end designer! I got asked countless times if it was Gucci or Saint Laurent, only to get a little red in the face and admit it's high street. Nothing to be ashamed of, I just wish it was from Harvey Nichols, because that'd be fucking cool! I'm so smitten with this suit, for the amount of compliments it got me and how much of a conversation starter it was. I really think that if I hadn't of worn this little number, I wouldn't of been approached by the people who did come up and shower me with compliments. As you can imagine, I was gushing!

I thought I'd style it differently for you on here compared to how I wore it on said night, just to show it can be worn on a more day-to-day basis, not just mad parties. But, you can see how I styled it on the night over on my Instagram here! I am sad to say though, that it's currently out of stock. I searched high and low for it, only to find it in the Oxford Street Topshop. I wouldn't be at all surprised if they re-released it after so many were seen wearing it to LFW! I wouldn't even be shocked it other brands jumped on the hype and made one very similar. I know that The Kooples has trousers just like these, not quite as cheap but probably more worth the investment if you ask me!

I decided to wear the suit with my Gucci t-shirt - vintage and probably (definitely) not genuine; as sort of a homage to my wannabe Gucci suit. Obviously I wouldn't dream of wearing an outfit that's so Gucci without wearing a pair of loafers, duh! If your gonna do it you've got to go the whole hog, am I right?!

The moral of the story is, is that you don't have to wear high-end designer brands to get noticed or accepted, it's all about how you wear a piece and how amazing you feel in it. This suit didn't break my bank, but it certainly made me feel a million bucks!


I'm falling head over heels for out-there basics and accessories at the moment, I'm talking about colour tined shades (hence these amazing rose coloured aviators from Urban Outfitters) and simple tees with a cool slogan. I admit I'm a little fussy when it comes to anything with a word or phrase on though, I'm not about those tacky shirts with 'love life' written on the front, because that's just ruining a perfectly slick piece. I mean band logos or decent statement's like the tee I featured in my last OOTD post -  - a white tee with 'Feminist' slapped on the front.

As my last outfit post also featured a current favourite basic, I suggest you calmly bare with me while I swoon over anything remotely similar. This time though, I'm loving a new wardrobe addition which is my Led Zeppelin bomber, something I've never really ventured into before. I had a phase with the reversible oriental embroidered bomber that Topshop released many seasons ago, remember that? Just like every other gal, I was mad for it. I've moved on though and found a new one to adore. I found this gem hidden in the Forever 21 sale, the perfect place to find unique band merch - non official but still very cool. We all know my fondness for showcasing my favourite musical figures in the form of a t-shirt so I thought trying out a bomber could be the start of a new obsession, because I clearly need more of those.


I'm also shocked to find out that I have an new love for miniature handbags - what the fuck is that about?! This girl is wearing a handbag and a tiny one at that? Utter madness... The bag may look incredibly small, but it fits everything in including my stupidly huge iPhone 7+, so it's the ideal size really and beats a huge carrier that no matter how many times you reach for an item inside, you can never find it.

I've said to myself that this is the year I try out new things so who knows what could be next. Starting out with a handbag the size of a mobile phone is a good place to start though.


It's been one of those months where everything has gone mental and my life has been one big ball of busy. I have zero complaints to make about how hectic things are right now, filling my time with fun things isn't exactly painful. With that though has come no new blog content for a few weeks, which is one downside to having a mad schedule. Fear not though, I made some time and posted this gem of an outfit for you!

I decided to make it a good one and go all out with this metallic jacket of dreams, which has been sitting in my housemates wardrobe for weeks calling for me to wear it. Honestly, living with mates is great when you're so fucking bored of your own clothes and want a change. This particular housemate (Elisha, I'm talking about you doll!) has a taste for the crazy and colourful side of fashion. We're talking multicoloured fluff and bright green berets. Yeah, she's as cool as she sounds.

Top - Forever 21 (similar)
Jeans - Topshop
Jacket - Pretty Little Thing
Shoes - Dr Martens
Earrings - Topshop
Rings - Bloody Mary Metal and vintage

After a while my willpower caved and I had to lay my hands on the jacket, it was as good as I thought it would be. I don't ever want to give it back but I think she might just hate me for keeping it locked away in my room, still tempted though. It was purchased from Pretty Little Thing, a site that I have never actually ordered from before, despite it being stupidly popular in the blogging world - even bigger now Sophia Richie is the face of their new advert! I'd been on there before but never made the plunge to purchase anything, I'm half tempted now though as this isn't the only killer jacket they've got in stock. Take a look at the khaki and orange version, perfect for smashing this seasons military trend!

It was time I embraced some colour and go for some baby pink Dr Martens as well. I obviously couldn't go all the whole way so dulled it down with black jeans and my new Ramones halterneck, a cool change to a basic band tee. I love the contrast of the bright and dark in this outfit, adding some pink to the mix was a great idea but adding metallic was even better. I've been eyeing up the metals a lot this season, seeing skirts and shoes in beautiful shades of metallic.  It was cool to give it a try and it's certainly wet my appetite for more.
I had a lot of fun stealing this jacket and getting a feel of what it's like to wear something super sassy. It's made me think about investing in some out-there pieces to spice up my wardrobe a little more. I certainly don't need anymore coats in my life, but I'm keen to find some unique accessories to start me off.

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Whenever I wear flares I can't help but think of my beautiful mother, Mandy. Mandy, you remind me of a pair of pants - sorry about that! I don't know if it's because she does don a pair often of the fact that in those old family photos shes rocking a pair too I don't know but she looks fab in them whenever. It's time for me to finally wear a pair though and take a page from the parents book, I bet my dad wasn't shy of a few pairs of baggy denim pants either. My dad is mainly being channelled through my Stones t-shirt though, I always remember seeing his many albums in this cabinet which helped me fall in love with the band from a young age. So this outfit does remind me of the pair of them - how cute of me! What a loving daughter I am.

Top - Forever 21, jeans - Topshop, boots - Topshop (similar), jacket - Primark (similar), necklace - Topman, rings - Bloody Mary Metal

Enough gooey talk about them though and let's focus on this get-up. I don't want to blow my own trumpet and all but this outfit is very cool and who knew flares could be cool? Not many people that's for sure, the amount of hate I see about them in crazy - leave them alone! I for one adore a rad pair of bell bottoms and these ones I scored in the Topshop sale for £5, I think the correct word for that is WINNING! I do feel strange not wearing a pair of tight bottoms but it was quite a glorious change from the norm and I'm thinking these may be my new jean of choice for those days where comfort rules above everything.

A comfy rock 'n' roll attire wouldn't be complete without leather and leopard so my everyday leather jacket and one of my many pairs of animal print booties had to be worn to complete my new favourite look. You should go through your parents wardrobes and music stash (with their permission) sometime and see if anything inspires your way of dressing or even your music taste, who knows maybe your parents could potentially be cool too.



I think we can all agree that you need this dreamy ass coat in your life because it's made mine a whole lot better. It's no shock that I'd go for the most eccentric patterned piece of clothing on the Blue Vanilla website because we all know my love for anything slightly mad and this jacket - kimono type thing definitely tops my fruit cake. I freaking love it! Paisley is one of my all time favorite patterns and the colour pallet that goes with this one is beautiful, very autumnal too might I say. I know, the dreaded winter vocab will be spilling out of all of our mouths sooner rather than later but you know, this jacket is perfect for that season.

Top - Forever 21, shorts - M&S, kimono - Blue Vanilla, boots - Newlook (similar) belt - Primark (similar)

It's so whimsical and retro but what I really love about this jacket/kimono contraption - let's just call it a kimono - is that it's so versatile, I can wear it so many ways. I can loose the belt and have it as a slouchy overcoat or if I was feeling extra fancy I could cinch it in even more and wear it as a coat dress which is very on trend right now. I think it would look unreal in the evening with a pair of black heels and a smart clutch along with a tight pony tail and golden accessories.

I especially want to wear it to a Fleetwood Mac concert where I can join in with Lindsey Buckingham and the gang and float about in the crowd while my ears fill with the joyous sounds of their voices - dreamy!


LOVE RIDE | 10.9.15

I finally, finally got myself a Harley Davidson tee and it's an amazing one at that. You'll learn to know that I do have a motor bike obsession, much like I do with pattern shirts and ankle boots, I'm obsessed! This stems from my father being obsessed himself, thanks Dad for sharing the love and passing that one down. As much as I want a classic Harley top with the logo on I couldn't help but go for this one instead as it's super subtle but still so rad. It's a one of a kind piece that I'll wear over and over again and treasure forever. I found it hidden away in the dark corners of eBay along with a couple of other items, just wait until you see what other bits I've picked up second hand because I think you'll be mighty jealous my friends.

Top - eBay, jeans - Primark, boots - Shellys London, hat - Forever 21, belt - Primark, bag - Primark, jewelry - vintage & Bloody Mary Metal

There's a fair bit of newness to this outfit including my hat which I purchased at Forever 21 - my favorite place! I love Forever 21, especially when they come out with great pieces like this. Whenever I want anything new I head straight to there and check out what they've got to offer first and they always deliver. Hello, this hat is proof enough!?

As for my boots, oh boy do these boots make my heart flutter. How can they not when they're covered in blue glitter and buckles AND zips? Amazing!


EAGLE BOMBER | 17.8.15

My mind is blown at the fact it's taken me this long to wear this bomber, this totally amazing bomber. I bought it more than a month ago and kind of forgot about it until now, I am aware of how bad that is and I have given myself a well deserved slap on the wrist for it. You may have seen it in a haul video I did two months ago but since then it hasn't been worn despite how awesome I think it is. But having said that, today was in fact the day this beauty came out to play!
Top - Forever 21, jacket - H&M, shorts - Forever 21, boots - River Island, sunglasses - Matalan.

I thought it would look cool with some boho pieces like these tapestry shorts from Forever 21 as the jacket itself is quite native. I wanted to take that further and add some pattern and these shorts were a match made in heaven, the colours go perfect together and make a change from a pair of denim cut-offs. I'm so obsessed with Forever 21 and their selection of shorts that I've worked up quite the collection, these being my favorite so far so I just had to get some more wear out of them before the sun went down for another year!

I feel I haven't worn much pattern in a while so I went all out with a clash of leopard print for my booties, booties that I can't actually walk in without highly embarrassing myself and towering over any person that walks past... They do make my pins looks extra elongated and thin for once though which I am happy about. As much as I think these boots are killer (in more sense than one) I've got to be honest as I have only worn these once to a club and hated every moment of it - not just because I was in a club but because they made me stick out like a sore thumb in a small room full of drunken teenagers half my height. With that being said I am thinking of passing these on to someone with more heel experience so you may just see them pop up over on my eBay along with lot's of other bits and bobs so make sure you head there for some of my pre-loved goods!



10TH AUGUST 2015
Top - The Cove Boutique, skirt - Forever 21, shoes - Newlook (similar), sunglasses - M&S, watch - Topshop.

It's probably common knowledge by now that The Rolling Stones are a huge love of mine, I talk about Keith and Mick so much you'd think I actually knew them in real life! So it was only normal that I purchase the coolest Stones tee I did ever see from The Cove Boutique. If you saw in last months haul video I up popped over on my YouTube then you'd of heard me blabber on about this tee as well as a Led Zeppelin one I bought - if you're wondering about an OOTD I've already got it covered here! But I love everything about this top esepcially the raglan design and fourth of July type print. It's totally unique and very American vintage which again, I adore. I'm always scrolling through independent American vintage stores lusting over their stock of one-off amazing finds so to have an item that looks the part but has been purchased from a UK based indie store is awesome, I'll always go to The Cove for my thrifted needs!

I tend to wear leopard print a lot but went the extra mile when I found this bodycon skirt from Forever 21 a while back, I just knew it would look good with any one of my band or graphic tees and it was only something measly like £4 in the sale. It does ride up far more than I would of liked though but what you gonna do?! It's 100% worth it, don't you think? My mother would probably say otherwise...

I've also found myself going back to last years ultimate 'blogger' trend, who remembers it? Every other gal seemed to be donning a pair of Newlook chunky black boots (myself included) because they were such a bargain and a complete wardrobe essential last A/W and still to this day! I wonder what this years winter boot will be? I don't know but I can wait to find out.


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27TH JULY 2015
Top - Forever 21, jeans - Primark, jacket - Depop, shoes - Duo, hat - Primark, socks - Primark, watch - Topshop, ring - Topman.

Remember last week when I talked all about my new obsession with DIY denim? Well here's the first installment of that phase, and boy is it a good phase indeed because this jacket is pretty rad, is it not? Pink Floyd? Obviously! I also mentioned in that post about a few finds I found on Depop, this being one of them. I scroll through on a daily basis on the attempt to find some one-off pieces, especially in the music area as my top key words on Depop seem to be 'band tees' and 'ZZ Top' - I'm trying to find a tee similar to Kate's ZZ Top shirt which she found through Depop, it needs to join my collection pronto! I'm so damn jealous.

Nevertheless I've still found a couple of gems myself including this rad denim jacket with the coolest Pink Floyd patch sewn on the back, it was all of £9 too so double win on this one! Denim is very 90's and as it's me I had to throw on a pair of the same toned denim pants, so predictable Chloe, so damn predictable. I'm such a 90's cliche but I'm head over heels for anything of that era at the moment that anything else is just going straight past me. Don't get me wrong though I still love the 60's and 70's thing but right now my true 90's kid is coming out, it's also kind of the way my dad dressed back then too but let's skip right past that...

If you're on the hunt for some customized denim then you should take to Depop, I know a lot of people have issues with it but I'm yet to find one. I've found some great stuff in among some of the not so great over priced bits and I've been happy with all of it - so far. I'm currently selling some of my old clothes over on eBay but may convert to Depop myself so if you give my page a follow then you may see some old and loved items of my own floating around on there soon!


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13TH JULY 2015
Dress - Motel Rocks, jacket - Forever 21 (mens), shoes - Converse, sunglasses - Dorothy Perkins, watch - Topshop, rings - Bloody Mary Metal and Topshop.

I felt like it was time to put this gorgeous Motel dress to use and dress it down to make it a little more boy-ish and casual, as it's a dress that's mostly worn in the evening thanks to it's glorious shimmery gold fabric which is perfect for many night time events - I mean those of an after 10pm nature. I kept seeing it hanging in my wardrobe and thinking of an occasion I can wear it again, as the last time I wore it was to an actual Motel event last year which obviously I had to wear one of their items, and it was there where I fell more in love with the brand after seeing many blogger babes donning a slip dress or cool two piece. So, it was surely time to get it out again and because I'm not much of a social butterfly, I decided to not wait for a reason to wear it and just go for it by toning it down with my regular grungy accessories.

I borrowed the boys leather instead of my own to give those extra boy-ish vibes, but also because it's so much better and over-sized than mine, I should just buy a mens one next time because I can't promise he'll be getting it back, whoops. The jacket wasn't enough so I had to team it with a pair of chucks which just so happen to perfectly match the golden colour of my dress. I did keep it a little girly by wearing my new pair of heart shaped glasses (which every time I say that I think of the Marilyn Manson song) which are too cute, not a word I use too often when talking about my personal outfits. I do adore them though, they're super sixties and add a real quirky touch to any attire.

Not only is this outfit decent for regular daily activities but you can swap the chucks for a pair of heels and there you have it, a glitzy attire for an evening do! Oh, and don't forget to take the shades off because you're not Jay Z and can't get away with sunglasses at night time, ever.

It felt good swooshing about in a dress that's a little more feminine and fancy than usual, but still keeping to my tom-boy roots felt good too. It's also pretty nice to finally get some sun on my legs as these pins are still as pale as a ghost, but with more of tan this dress would look even better, time to get tanning!


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29TH MAY 2015

Shirt - Cheap Monday, jeans - BDG, shoes - Primark, belt - Primark, sunglasses - Newlook, bra - Intimissimi, belt - Primark, earrings - Forever 21, jewelry - Topshop & Bloody Mary Metal.

So let's get this straight, double denim is a love or hate trend and for me it's a 100% yes please! I've mentioned before about my love for the double D (that sounded a little naughty) look and I'm going to talk about it in more depth because it grinds my gears way more than it probably should, not double denim itself but something that tends to come along with it...

A week ago during an #fbloggers chat on Twitter there were major talks about 'fashion rules' and how people live by certain ones, which for starters made me a little sad. People were saying about how they would never wear this and never wear that and I sat there thinking, ok, fair play you're not currently into that trend but I said the same thing about sandals and look whats on my feet people, sandals! I know it's easy to say you'd never wear something but just hold on ladies and gents, people change. Living by certain rules isn't the way to go and you shouldn't hold yourself back when you may think 'oh, she looks great in those socks and trainers but I said I'd never wear that so I can't'... No, wear what you want and don't let a decision you made previously determine that.

On said Twitter chat a lot of people responded to the question 'do you have any fashion rules?' with a flurry of 'I WOULD NEVER WEAR DOUBLE DENIM!!'. I sat there in my denim shirt and pants feeling proud of myself for wearing something a majority of people somewhat despised. One girl even said 'people who wear double denim have no fashion sense, I would never be caught dead in it'. I understand people not being into a certain item of clothing or a current fashion trend, I get that, I for one don't like Ugg boots but that girl walking down the street wearing a pair can carry on, it's her choice and she can do what the hell she likes because after all, isn't that the joy of fashion? Again, tattoo chokers, not for me but some people like Amy Valentine and Zoe London look smoking even when wearing one so that doesn't mean I instantly think they have no sense of style! Fashion has no rules and that's amazing. I might meet someone who is dressed head to toe in something I couldn't imagine myself in but good on them for being themselves and wearing whatever the heck they want.

As annoyed as I secretly got during the chat it's not a hate on the chats in general, I love heading there when they're on and talking to fellow bloggers about certain subjects and finding new blogs to follow. If you haven't joined in on one yet then you should, it's lovely being more active on social media and learning a little more about the people you may follow. The chats I try and make weekly are on Mondays and Thursday, head over to your twitter and search the hashtag #fbloggers between 8pm and 9pm to see what subjects on the agenda, you may even come away from it with more feelings than you thought much like myself.

Let's embrace my double denim get up and all agree to not hate on someone for wearing what they find 'fashionable'. For my ensemble I've stolen my other halves much loved Cheap Monday shirt and tucked it into a pair of darker washed denim jeans from BDG. I've also protested more by wearing a pair of sandals which I've said previously about how I've never been into, even more proof that we can change at any point. If you don't want to wear something then don't, but don't comment on how other people shouldn't wear it either. We are our own person and the reason fashion is so amazing is because we can express ourselves how ever we want.


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Top - Forever 21, shirt - thrifted, shorts - Levis (DIY), boots - Duo, hat - Primark, belt - Primark, jewelry - Topshop.

It's no secret that I'm bootie obsessed and with the help of Duo I've found the perfect pair of beige ankle boots! The search is off people, THE SEARCH IS OFF!

I actually can't believe I didn't own a pair of beige ankle boots, what's up with that? I have a few that could almost make the cut but these fit the bill perfectly. I have one pair with straps and buckles on and the hint of khaki and another with a wedge but these are plain, simple and amazing. Thank's to the lovely people over at Duo I've managed to feed my addition even more with this beautiful pair which fit right on into the forever growing bootie family.

Recently I've had an item or two that have been on the more expensive side of things and it's made me think about really investing in some key pieces for my wardrobe. I managed to get my hands on a sold out Marc Jacobs shirt - don't you worry, as soon as that suckers dry cleaned I will be sharing it in all of it's glory! and I have to say that spending a lot of money on an item is really worth it. I can't stress enough how amazing it feels to have a pair of handmade, leather boots on my feet. They're an absolute dream to stomp around in all day and they smell amazing... Is that odd? Maybe, but the smell of leather is something else!

Duo have some pretty special boots and shoes online at the moment and I'm thinking of saving up for different style as now I've witnessed having good quality shoes on my feet, I feel I need to up my boot game even more with a few really special ones. I do wear them on the daily so it'll be 100% worth it (there I go with the excuses again). They're currently running a sale which you can actually find this particular pair on, but hurry because they'll be all snatched up soon!

Not only are these boots perfect but the box arrived in was equally lovely, but I am a sucker for packaging after all! Do check out their website, especially now they're in sale,

PS - Today is my mothers birthday, happy birthday mumma Carpenter! Sorry I didn't get you a pair of these boots for your birthday...


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26TH MAY 2015
LISTENING TOO: THE BEATLES - NO REPLY ♫ Top - Forever 21, jeans - M&S, jacket - thrifted, hat - eBay, sunglasses - Topshop, boots - M&S, watch - Topshop.

And they want their everything back. I'm literally taking a trip back in time with this outfit and I'm so into it. We all know seventies styling has come back in full force and I've always been head over heels in love with it. Although I think it was a great time for fashion, the people of the seventies will probably disagree. I love the tassels, bell bottoms, colours and the music, all of it is right up my street!

Another reason to love the seventies is because many of the greatest bands (I personally think anyway) come from that era from the likes of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones and obviously The Beatles to name a few. I'm a huge fan of rock from that era so the fashion side of it does come with it as I do find myself looking similar to those who attend a Bob Dylan concert. The Beatles are the star of the show in this case and I'm looking more like a roadie from one of their shows instead.

I showed you guys this crop top in my most recent Forever 21 haul on my YouTube channel and went on and on about how much I adore it so I wont go on about that too much. I do seriously love it though because the shape and the cut is super unique and makes a change from my dozens of other band tee's. It's also got the classic seventies colours with the yellow and the orange, I really wish I owned a suede jacket because that would of made this outfit extra dreamy. Oh dear, that's next on the list now!

I've got to mention the fact I'm wearing a pair of burgundy cords, like seriously am I turning into my Mother already? I'm not complaining as she is a hella stylish lady but I never thought I'd wear a pair of cords again. I wore them years ago before I even cared about skinny jeans and thought I would never look back. But as a true lover of style around that era, I was completely drawn to these cords. I think it's stupid to say you'll never wear a certain item of clothing because believe me it's easy to be swayed...

I ended up scrolling through way too many sites before finding this seriously retro hat on eBay and my goodness it was stressful, I wanted one so badly. I've wanted one ever since seeing my main man Harry Styles wearing one while looking ridiculously cool walking through the streets of London during winter. I really do get swayed too much by his style because even if he was donning a neon pink cat suit I would probably give that a go too. He just looks good in anything and is quite possibly the male version of myself.

To top it all off I've got my favorite ever pair of sunglasses to add an even more old school vibe. I have so much love for all of these items that this OOTD is one of my top and yes, I would like to be buried in it, ok?


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26TH APRIL 2015
It's that time again where I show you all the things I don't need but did in fact really badly want. This month I've purchased a fair few items from the likes of Primark, H&M, Forever 21 and more. If you'd like the links for any of the items featured then head over to the video via YouTube and check out the description box as everything I could find is listed for you there!

Thanks for watching, feel free to leave a comment or even subscribe if your heart so desires!


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6TH APRIL 2015
Top - Newlook, jacket - Forever 21, jeans - Primark, hat - Miss Selfridge, necklace - Topman, rings - Bloody Mary Metal & Topman

This seriously killer hat and jacket combo was totally not done on purpose. I bought this glorious shearling coat, which always tends to remind me of Bane (all of you Batman fans will understand) from Forever 21 last winter and it's probably one of my favorite jackets I own. I've never seen anything similar to this before, it's completely different and the colour is beautiful and don't even get my started on the buckles and collar, woah I do love this coat! I've mentioned before that I'm a bit of a coat freak, I have a wardrobe dedicated to them so saying this is my all time favorite is quite bold of me. It just has everything I love in outerwear, a cosy inside, a huge collar and loads of metal hardware. I think I have to evaluate my coats and decide which one I do in fact like the most, but for now this one is top!

Then, when wondering around Miss Selfridge I came across this equally glorious hat in among the left over sale stuff that no-one wants to make theirs. I had to take this one home because again, oh so glorious. It wasn't until I got back and hung it next to my coats I saw it was in fact going to be the best combo ever. They match perfectly and I feel pretty good about it, it may have been an instinctual thing but either way it was a good move on my part.

The perfectly matched twosome did make me feel a little western, sort of like a cowboy who wants to blend in with city life, so I thought I'd take the plunge and wear my tacky cow print slip on's which are so bad they're good. It doesn't get much more western than shoes which look like I've skinned a cow. I didn't they're from ASOS, I promise.


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14TH MARCH 2015

As promised in my last video, my Forever 21 clothing haul is here! I found some beautiful bohemian pieces online and had to add them to my basket - pronto! They have really lovely clothing and accessories available at the moment and I currently have fours tabs open containing more items I need want. Uh-oh.

Thank you for watching and if there's anything you want to know or you would like the links to the items I was able to find, then head to the video here and check the info box below it!


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11TH MARCH 2015
Tee - Forever 21, shirt - M&S, leather jacket - Primark, jeans - Primark, booties - Topshop, bag - Topshop, bandanna - Claire's Accessories, rings - Bloody Mary Metal, necklace - Topman (similar).

I can't tell if rocking the Axl Rose bandana is a good look or a bad one. Perhaps the fact I have a center parting doesn't help, I'm just glad I'm no longer blonde else it could of been a whole different story. I felt like a mix between him and a love of mine, Mr Keith Richards. Not two of the worst people in the world I could of ended up channeling so I'm going to say it was an OK look to go for?

I was about to put my hat over my bandana like I usually do, but before I got the chance I heard a little voice coming from behind asking to see what it looked like without it (that was Dan helping me out when getting dressed this morning). I wasn't 100% sure if I could pull it off but being the 'why not' type that I am, I left the house with it on, although I did kind of want to get my air guitar out and start running about my imaginary stage like the pair of them all day!

Once I got over my desire to be a rock star I went with it and got out all things leopard and denim just to be that extra bit 90's. I teamed my Primark ripped knee jeans with a denim shirt for layering and added my leopard print Topshop mini bag and one of my all time favorite pair of booties. To top it all off, a leather jacket of course.


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T-shirt - Forever 21, jacket - New Look, jeans - Primark, booties - Marks and Spencer, belt - Primark, necklace - Topman, watch - Topshop (similar), rings - Accessorize

If you've seen my 'Current Sounds' section (which you can find at the navigation bar at the top of this page) then you'll know already that i'm an avid hip-hop fan, Biggie Smalls being my top choice. I've always enjoyed that sweet 90's sound, super mellow, super chill and a little bit naughty. As we know by now another love of mine is ridiculous t-shirts, and obviously this one is a little bit mad! Little pictures of Biggies face from the iconic The Final Chapter album is pretty hilarious, so thank you Forever 21 for making this brilliant t-shirt which kind of reminds me of Eleven Paris as they're notorious (no pun intended) for their eye-catching and rather ridiculous all over prints.

I feel like my coat is a fitting choice, as the 90's hip-hop scene wasn't shy of a few fur coats here and there. P-Diddy was the ultimate fur king and still is, did you see his outfit at the Kanye West x Adidas Originals NYFW show? That fur collar was something else.

I've added a little more pattern by wearing a thin leopard print belt to the mix and kept the rest of my outfit toned down with a simple pair of black skinny jeans and everyday black booties, which if you haven't gathered I literally wear daily. I'm really obsessed with wearing basic jeans and boots and having a more 'out there' top half at the moment, mainly because these jeans are a security blanket of mine. I've pretty much worn black jeans all winter and i'm going to have to cave in and stock up on more to save my moaning every time I spill something down this pair. I think the fact they're black makes me feel a little more comfortable as I can accidentally spill tea down them and no one will notice, which is a twice a day occurrence for clumsy ol' me as it was only yesterday that I split half a cup over myself and my boyfriends bed sheets, oopsie. Another reason why I need to stock up I feel!


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