When some people think of


they think of pornography, cheap, dirty pornography. But, I'm a firm believer it's a magazine that embraces woman and their bodies. Granted, it's risque and can be seedy at times but whats wrong with the way we decide capture the naked body anyway?! Whether it's full nude or not - it's art, it's daring and it's cool. Some of my favorite ladies have graced the covers of their magazine, looking flawless and doing it for girl power. It gets a lot of stick but for me it's a powerful publication that I stand by. We need to forget about the men behind it and look at all of the amazing work and imagery these woman have created by showcasing their powerful bodies and not giving a fuck. I've looked up to these ladies for years and always adored their courage and confidence, these include models like

Ashley Smith


Zippora Seven


Taylor LaShae

to name a few. I aspire to be like these powerful individuals and seeing them achieve a goal like this is inspiring and great for my personal self confidence. Another strong reason to enjoy Playboy is the care free mentality towards models and their size, by using incredible '

plus size

' women like the unreal

Molly Constable

. We read fashion magazines and view the photo spreads within them, but nudity isn't there, females are covered and the chance of seeing a plus size model is unlikely. Times are changing and we need to move with it, freeing a nipple or exploring peoples unique beauty needs to become the norm and not something we turn our noses up at.

Playboy is that publication for me


People spend their lives being shocked and disgusted about the way we choose to display our bodies, whether it's through the power of social media or even the way we dress. Wearing a crop top or a pair of shorts just that bit too short can make people tut and sigh, but why do we care so much about what others think? I use my platforms as a way to embrace my body and I spend most of my time on these sites commenting with love about these images that showcase the beauty of these people. I'm pro nudity in any form, be it through art or through lifestyle. I don't turn my nose at a photo on Instagram that shows too much boob, or feel ashamed when I see a nipple. We need to take away the blur and not care about those who find our bodies so damn offencive.

You know what the sad thing is? This outfit might be deemed as '

too sexy

' because I'm broadcasting Playboy and I choose to wear a pair of tight leather trousers. But my care level is at zero and I'm expressing myself and my opinions though the power of fashion. We have these tools around us and the clothing to help us become the people we are. I'll often wear a motif tee with a powerful expression on, and I'm forever wearing the same leather jacket that is covered in badges that promote LGBT and peace. This is who I am and I want to share it with the world, not hide it because I'm afraid of what others might think of me.

If you are passionate about something and want to shout about it, then do it! We have a voice that is made to be expressive, so don't hide and think about all these things you could do but won't because of the fear of judgement. Your opinions might be different to mine, and

that's OK too

. The beauty of the human race is our difference in personalities so express it with true pride!







I've been lucky enough to work with some brands that I really love recently, I'm so stoked to be able to create content with people and brands I adore. Making images and styling is my favourite thing to do, so being able to do this on the regular is quite special to me, you could say that I'm currently on cloud 9 about it. To celebrate this I've taken a trip down nostalgia lane and gone totally retro for a series of images I'll be sharing for the next couple of weeks,


as I'm quite proud of them I will undoubtedly be plastering them everywhere... To help with this I've teamed up with

Waiste Vintage

, who supplied me with all of the throw-back pieces I could dream of. The whole thing was a trip back to the seventies (

I obviously wasn't around in this era, but having a mother who lives for it and endless icons from said time, I think I know a little bit about it?

) and they might just be my favourite shoots to date, what with it being my all time favourite era I just had to take it to the extreme and go full on with it! Prepare for my blog to take a trip back to the time of psychedelic prints, statement accessories and of course a little bit of the '

burn the bra

' movement with this first post. Yeah, I'm embracing these phenomenal tan lines BTW...

When I think of the seventies I think of making statements and being loud and proud with everything from feminism to clothing, so I wanted to mix both with this outfit. I've nailed it with the

perfect slogan t-shirt


Nasty Gal

that was made to be worn with a seriously retro get-up. Of course, women did not actually burn their bra's in the late sixties and early seventies, but the myth of it all made for a powerful slogan for journalists and critic's, which later become great for printing onto clothing. Woman simply put their undies in the bin for a protest on the modern day beauty culture of valuing women for their looks, rather than their true being. It was a revolutionary act and put weight on unrealistic beauty expectations and standards. So to me, this piece needed to be worn for my throw-back shoot as it was a huge political movement from the era and one I stand with, it also makes for a pretty cute shirt too...

To help with making a statement I've got these beautiful flower power trousers from

Waiste Vintage

that have totally stolen my heart. They would be perfect for warm summers but also far too perfect to be kept away in winter. I braved it with these and forgot about sweet warmth for a while by embracing them for what they are, a pretty pair of kick flare linens -

my body is shivering just thinking about how freezing it was shooting these! 

The whole thing was worth the hours of goose-bumps afterwards, as I think me and my partner in creative crime (

that's you, Harry

) did good considering the zero degree temperatures and sudden down pours of rain. No matter what the weather I wanted these images to come across like they've been shot in the Californian sun.

The entire theme of these upcoming shoots means so much to me, I'm practically bursting I'm that excited to share them all with you.


, even though it's basically Baltic outside, I'm going to be sending us to warmer climes and chilled out scenes for the next few weeks,







Now I've shared my dreamy Bloody Mary Metal necklace with you, it's time to move onto my next piece. This ones only little but means a lot, I wear it with pride nearly every day, although I've been trying out fancy costume-like earrings recently so it's been replaced for a few days here and there. No matter how adventurous I'm feeling I'll always return back to this one eventually, it's an easy piece to keep in and makes a simple statement - I'm a feminist!

I was inspired by an event I went to a few months back for the UCL Homeless Period Project. The night featured performances and art work relating to periods, vagina's, underwear and all things female. This encouraged me to get my own piece to show the world I'm a proud feminist, it just so happens to make a cute accessory too.

I found this dainty earring hiding in the deep depths of Depop, once you sift through all of the hash tagged bullshit you can find some decent stuff. Sometimes it's not worth the hassle, as eBay usually holds the same wholesale items on there without the pain of dealing with a non-professional seller. But if you're looking for something cheap, head over to Depop. If you're looking for independent sellers and something a little different, then I've done some searching for you and picked out some cool-girl pieces you'll need to have to show that you're a bad ass feminist!

My favourite pair of earrings I found belong to Ashley Williams, who's created THESE  sex symbol earrings that are covered in Czech crystal. They happen to be clip on though, which reminds me of being five and putting on my grandmas pair as a cute joke to get some laughs in. But, If you've got the budget and are after some serious statement earrings, these are for you!

Next up I found my earring but in necklace form. I actually put this in my shopping basket and went to the checkout with my card in hand ready to pass my money over. I then remembered I love my Ziggy necklace too much to take off right now, and the earring I have is cute enough. Maybe if I'm wanting to mix it up I will purchase THIS Venus symbol necklace from Cat Fight Backan online store dedicated to feminist jewellery and accessories. She's also got earrings like mine on her store, along with dozens of other dreamy products I need to get my hands on.

Finally, I had a browse on one of my favourite sites which holds anything your heart so desires - Etsy. This store forever blows me away with the amount of art it holds. It's the best place to go if you want something unique and independent! I found THIS beautiful Frida Kahlo pin that needs to go straight on my leather jacket. I also found THIS silver boobie ring, which is incredibly hilarious. The only down side to Etsy is the fact it mainly ships from America, so it can up the price massively. It's totally worth it though if it means I can get this little boob on my finger...

I hope this has helped you find the girl power bling you needed in your life! I know it's made me want to buy more! If you've got any online or in-store recommendations for unique pieces then let me know. I'm always on the hunt for new bits to add to my collection.


First off, happy International Women's Day! We don't need a day purely to celebrate our women's rights, we should be celebrating it on the daily. But neither the less, it's amazing seeing men and women across the globe shouting about it constantly for a glorious 24 hours. Let's keep it going!

My heart goes out to my mother today, the woman who helped me become the person I am. She taught me how important it is to love yourself, support your rights and fight for equality. Not only does my beautiful mother give me the courage I need, but the dozens of inspiring gals in the world of blogging give me light and a huge breath of fresh air in this sometimes cruel world.

Everyday I struggle to see people on social media fighting for our rights as women, fighting those who are against us. So today, I wanted to mention my favourite blogger babes who inspire me in both their writing and their selves as bad ass feminists!

Firstly, a personal thank you to Megan Gilbrade who I have the pleasure of knowing just a little. Your writing is the most powerful I've read in a very, very long time. You write about personal challenges and it gives me a whole lot of strength when I need it most. Knowing you're not alone in life is so important, and Megan reminds me of that when she gets real with us on her beautiful blog. You're doing so well, please never stop being you!


Secondly I'm saying cheers to my gal pal Chloe Plumstead, a loud and proud feminist who I absolutely adore. Chloe wrote a big something last year titled, 'Feminism: Can We Blog About it More Please', a piece of writing that has stuck with me for nearly a year now. It stuck with me because of the truth told within the post, and the sheer amount women commenting and sharing their thoughts and stories with us all. Coming together as a community is unreal to see and like Chloe says, we need to shout about it more. Whether it's sex, equality or other taboos - we need to use our voices! She has surely helped me gain confidence to be my extroverted self and with that, keep on being the sassy little feminist you are!

I dont want to take away from the importance of this post, so I'll briefly mention about my outfit. I'm in nearly head-to-toe Topshop, no shock there! Topshop are owning the high street with their range of 'girl power' pieces. I paired my skirt with the sassiest metallic pink mini skirt, which is my favourite piece in my wardrobe at the moment. I've had so many compliments on it, the only thing is when I say mini I fucking mean it, I'm pretty sure you can see my butt cheeks - still cute though!

I'll leave on a thank you, a thank you to every single person out there who credits themself on being a feminist. We have the power to overcome the vast negitivity that still surrounds this strong and powerful word, so let's do this!


Before I get into today's post, I just want to mention about the current changes happening on my site. I'm having a little update and moving some things around which means when you read this, you may be faced with some untidy headers or a sudden change of layout. It's nearly spring and I'm having a clean-up over here for a nice change. It feels good to start a fresh and edit some things here and there, so I'm excited to see the end result and hope you are too.

Now, let's get into the good stuff and talk about my outfit. It's going to be hard to get your hands on any of these specific pieces because the majority is second hand. But, I wanted to share my new favourite items of clothing with you all. No sweat - you could probably pick up some similar pieces on the high-street!

I'm having a love affair with vintage shopping again, mainly because I've scored hard recently when popping in on the off chance. I go through fazes of finding gems then hit a dry patch all of a sudden, a total nightmare! People think it's all about having the time to rummage and look at every piece to find the good stuff, but I don't agree. To a certain degree, you do need to be willing to hunt through the rails and bargain bins but not to such extent. I've walked straight into stores recently and found something that I've loved and had to snap up pronto! Some stores just don't carry the good stuff, so I recommend heading to larger ones that people will know about and be more inclined to hand their goods in to.
Luckily I had the chance to shop the charity stores in Staines where my boyfriend lives - the only good thing about a long distance relationship is exploring somewhere new! Staines has a few in the high street that worked their charm on me. I picked up this now-retro House of Holland skirt that's perfect for the end of winter months and hopefully summer too. Tartan is everywhere at the moment and will forever be a classic that's always in trend.

Tartan is clearly a punks favourite print, but with the help of Clueless it's become more feminine in modern fashion. There's nothing quite like seeing an old-school punk in their red check trousers with dozens of chains hanging from them, and a biker jacket that's from their youth - 'it's not just a phase!' springs to my mind. But, I love it even more when you bring the Clueless element into it too. So, I've mixed the two styles together and created something Sid Vicious and Cher Horowitz would both be proud of.

I've teamed my tartan skirt with a cream turtle-neck, which just so happens to be another vintage piece. I told you, gals been doing good! I've thrown my new leather jacket over the top to keep the punk element there but still kept it a little girlie with a feminist statement - 'GIRLS RULE'. The best and only statement you need if you ask me.


BANNED THE BRA | 28.9.16

When I was thirteen years old the only thing I wanted in life was a bra. I wanted to be able to wear a product that strapped my barely formed breasts into place and give them a shape that was clearly fake for a teenager. It was purely so I could get changed in P.E class without the girls thinking I was even more of a tom-boy than I already was, it was only to fit in. I have never been one for doing anything seriously 'girly', I spent most of my years as a pre-teen wearing boys jeans and carrying a skateboard, if you've known me for years you'll know exactly what I mean. Every day I wore Dr Martens and a Nirvana t-shirt with a greasy centre-part that was almost at a state of being dreaded because I refused to put a hairbrush through it, much to my mothers dismay. I enjoyed that part of my life and I still am that person, just a more matured version. I do use a brush from time to time! When it came to trying new underwear it was almost a forced process rather than a complete need for it. Inside I knew I didn't want it, but I did it for the people around me. I wanted one because all of my classmates were strutting about with their push-up bras and I assumed that was what I had to do too.

Photographs by Martha Iona Oram | 'Ban The Bra' Vest - Brandy Melville

Now I'm a twenty two year old woman who doesn't give a fuck about what anyone else thinks, I decided it was time to ditch it. This was the best decision I've ever made, I feel like I wasn't born to wear a bra and that I was put under a microscope of judgement from a young age where if you didn't wear one, you'd be classed as a freak. School is a difficult time for a lot of people, especially if you're more of the quiet type that wants to sit in the back of class thinking about what Blink 182 album you were going to listen to when you got home. Girls were the hardest with judgement at that age, but everyone judges you and I can't lie, I've been known to do the same! I think you get to an age where you forget overthinking other people's opinions and realise that it's time for your own personality to shine without any holding back.

It's not that I don't ever wear a bra, there are some cases were a top is just that bit too see-through to get away with. I also find a lot of them attractive, how could you not when brands like just For Love and Lemons make such beautifully crafted pieces? It's a personal decision if I want to wear one one day and not the next, I shouldn't be judged for that choice. I've realised that I don't want to spend my time worrying about how my boobs look in a low-cut top or my lack of cleavage, I just don't care and to be honest, that's not me. I've become so much more confident with age and this is another step I've made to help me love myself the way we all should.

When erasing something from your life that you don't enjoy, you feel a huge weight off your shoulders and more like yourself. It's like breaking up with someone, you soon remember that it wasn't worth your time and it's gone for a reason. In the wake of getting rid of my bras I did some thinking about how we as woman were born without them anyway. Now that might be a serious feminist thing to say but that's another huge part of my life, so I'm not scared to sound like a proud woman who fights for our rights. We as women formed thinking we needed to wear underwear for many reasons, the main of course to be attractive for the partners in our lives. Matching panties and stuffed cup bras are known to be a pleasure for the love in your life, but if you feel like a goddess in them then that's a bonus, you shouldn't wear it for their sake. It's all about you, and the life you lead should revolve around that statement. It's empowering being able to bare it under my shirt and not care, if I can have that simple pleasure in life then I'm all for it.

It's a shame that I do still have people in my life that find it complete madness that I don't wear a bra, but you don't see me finding it weird that they're wearing one, do you? It's almost a form of equality, like all woman have to wear a bra in order to feel equal and if I'm not, it's a complete shock and I'm looked down on. That shouldn't be the case but sadly it is, it's now seen as natural and normal like eating breakfast or using toilet roll, but it's not. We were born without it and and if I don't want to wear one, I won't. That's my right as a woman and I'm allowed that little bit of enjoyment in my everyday life.

I'm still haunted by a friend of mine telling me to go and put a bra on because she could see the shape of my nipple through my vest. It was a horrifying moment, not because she could see my breast, but because she thought it was so offensive that I should go and cover myself up immediately. Remember, it's your life and no matter what everyone else around you is doing or thinking, just do you. Be yourself, whether that's wearing a bra or not. It doesn't matter! Do what makes you comfortable and happy and stay true to yourself in the process.

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