I've been slacking with content for my own blog at the moment, as the majority of my spare time is being spent writing, editing and just generally contributing to The Girls Club. It's our new baby, so it's hard to stay away! But I've realised I've got to focus on my own work, but I'm not that good at balance. I thought I'd come back in style though and do a brief post on the best suit I've ever worn, and tell you all a little story to go along with it. So, let's begin...

Let's set the scene, imagine me sat at home watching Jeremy Kyle (yeah, it's my guilty pleasure) in my sloppy Joe's absolutely buzzing to be in bed, lying down after the shift from hell. Just casually texting my best friend and boyfriend, Harry, when he does his usual over dramatic thing of saying 'guess what', which usually ends with 'I just had breakfast' OR 'my hair looks really good today'. Classic Harry Morris move. So, as you can imagine when he says this phrase I usually just go ahead and roll with it, not getting my hopes up for some killer information or anything. Not this time though, this time he pulled through and smashed it right out of the park - sorry for not believing in you in the first place!

So there I am, being faced with the best news I've heard in ages, and I've got one lady to thank for that. If you're reading Charlotte, thank you, you beautiful, kind soul!

I know I'm keeping you all in suspense, but that's how writers keep you gripped in novels, so I'm playing the part, OK?! Anyway, turns out myself and Harry had been invited to the GQ Man of the Year awards after party - what?! That was huge for the two of us, and we feel very lucky to of had the opportunity to rock up.

As you can imagine (or if you saw the entertainment news next day) we touched elbows with many talented individuals, most of which I adore, which was truly magical. It's quite something being in a room with big names, they all have an un-real aura surrounding them which made the evening feel pretty exciting. I'm not one for gushing over 'celebrities', in fact celebrity culture doesn't excite me all that much, but I was happy that everyone was so willing to have a conversation and get to know us. I won't start spilling news on who as there and what was going on, but I will just say I spent an hour eating snacks with Jo Wood, which for me is quite a fab moment and one I won't forget anytime soon.


The reason I'm telling you all of this is because MY  suit was the talk of the party. MY  Topshop suit that apparently looks like a high-end designer! I got asked countless times if it was Gucci or Saint Laurent, only to get a little red in the face and admit it's high street. Nothing to be ashamed of, I just wish it was from Harvey Nichols, because that'd be fucking cool! I'm so smitten with this suit, for the amount of compliments it got me and how much of a conversation starter it was. I really think that if I hadn't of worn this little number, I wouldn't of been approached by the people who did come up and shower me with compliments. As you can imagine, I was gushing!

I thought I'd style it differently for you on here compared to how I wore it on said night, just to show it can be worn on a more day-to-day basis, not just mad parties. But, you can see how I styled it on the night over on my Instagram here! I am sad to say though, that it's currently out of stock. I searched high and low for it, only to find it in the Oxford Street Topshop. I wouldn't be at all surprised if they re-released it after so many were seen wearing it to LFW! I wouldn't even be shocked it other brands jumped on the hype and made one very similar. I know that The Kooples has trousers just like these, not quite as cheap but probably more worth the investment if you ask me!

I decided to wear the suit with my Gucci t-shirt - vintage and probably (definitely) not genuine; as sort of a homage to my wannabe Gucci suit. Obviously I wouldn't dream of wearing an outfit that's so Gucci without wearing a pair of loafers, duh! If your gonna do it you've got to go the whole hog, am I right?!

The moral of the story is, is that you don't have to wear high-end designer brands to get noticed or accepted, it's all about how you wear a piece and how amazing you feel in it. This suit didn't break my bank, but it certainly made me feel a million bucks!


Last weekend was a quick trip to London for me and my great buddy Kristina, we went for the LFWEnd madness and it was lovely. It's so great getting away for just a day and even though London isn't the most relaxing place on earth, it's still a change from the norm. It's espeically fab to meet someone you've been interweb pals for, for what feels like years and when we did meet we certainly felt like we'd been best friends forever - BFFS! What a better place to meet a fellow blogger then at a fashion event, a pretty important one at that. London Fashion Week is an event we all know and wish to attend, some of us are yet to go (me, me and oh yeah me...) but the weekend event is one that whoever pleases can attend, just simply buy yourself a ticket.

Let's get real for a minute because it's fair to say that not everyone is attending these prestigious events so being able to attend one that's still part of the fun feels nice, it's great to get involved! If you sit behind your computer every Fashion Week thinking 'I wish I was sat on the FROW at so-and-so's show' then next time book yourself that ticket and go. It may not be at the Burberry show sat next to Moss or Delevigne but who cares? Me secretly A shows a show and seeing some of the lesser known but incredible designers work is all kinda of inspiring. Yes, Burberry is phenominal and I dream of attending literally any of the A list catwalks but we're not all serious fashionistas, we have got to start somewhere though.

Realness over and onto the day. We met up around mid day after my morning meeting at the Feels office where I spent some time having my photos taken for the app, which if you haven't downloaded yet - do. I wore an outfit from the Lazy Oaf x Ragged Priest collection and posed infront of some brick walls, so edgy. I had fun and seeing the work that goes on behind the app was pretty cool. I'm planning a post on Feels next week so definitely keep your peepers peeled for that but in the mean time you should defnitely do some research and give it a download.

After my stop by the Feels headquarters I met up with Kristina at Waterloo, we then took a few tube stops to the beautiful Soho where the Saatchi Gallery is located. I adore Soho, it makes me feel warm inside strolling down the streets surrounded by endless designer stores and hip brunch spots, add a filter and it's basically a filler shot for Made in Chelsea and I love that. We took some time and wondered about the shops, the main point of interest being Brandy Melville of course. Screw the high end fasion we wanted comfy-casual laidback gear and that's the ultimate destination for comfortable dressing. Kristina left with a bag full and I left with a ring, we were both happy with our buys though. We headed for lunch at Pret because we're simpletons that couldn't decide on what cool café to go to so that seemed like the obvious choice - shame on us. After lunch, back to the event!

Once in the Saatchi Gallery we were greeted by a couple of entrances which led to endless rails of designer clobber which is any fashion lovers dream. I wish I went there with a wod of cash and came out with several bags full, sadly I did not. I did however leave with a rad shirt from Little White Lies and a goody bag which contained snacks amoung other things but hey, the snacks are probably the best thing to come out of any goody bag...

We finished up browsing the rails, getting our make-up done and having our photos taken at the very cool Sunglass Hut photo booth and waited for the show to start. We planned to see the Peter Pilotto AW15 catwalk in the evening which is totally worth the wait, it was glorious! The shapes, the prints and the mother of all boots were everything for me. I'm still dreaming of those Nicholas Kirkwood for Peter Pilotto shoes that left me with serious boot envy. The show contained eligant dresses with a colourful twist and structured winter coats with incredible detaling covering every single inch. I loved seeing the models strutting down the catwalk with serious sass donning the designers creations for all of five minutes, it was an unreal five minutes that left me inspired to no end. I wish I could of seen more shows and stayed in the Fashion Week bubble for longer but it was a short and sweet visit for me and Kristina! I had such a great time and will defnitely attend more in the future weither it's Fashion Week or the weekends events, I'll be there.



Photo credit: Instagram & Twitter: @dylanscortex website:

So a few Wednesdays ago was the Motel Rocks party that everyone had been talking about! I got to go along and check out their new collection and drink lot's of champagne which is always a complete pleasure. The champagne was of course good, but the collection was even better! If you're into sparkles and sequins then this is for you, or even if you prefer a more subtle, but still fab approach then there are also so many pieces for you too. If you're yet to go on the hunt for a Christmas party dress because you're not that organised like myself, then here are a few of my favorites from the night and online...

Debbie Sequin dress - I've seen this dress on so many people and can safely say it looks absolutely flawless on anyone!

Nicola Velvet bodycon dress - This screams festive with the black and gold floral pattern, the neckline is super flattering too.

Tippy Plunge backless dress - I got to see this range at the party and the fabric is super fun and different. It also comes in a two piece or a play-suit, the choice is yours!

Sunia metalic green top - Perfect for those of you who would rather stay in your comfort zones with a pair of pants, you can team it with some pleather trousers or suit pants and some strappy heels to keep it dressy.

Swallow Tail slip dress - My personal favorite and what I wore to the party! I teamed it with some black chunky boots, a black duster coat, a Topshop furry clutch and lot's of gold and rose gold jewelry to match the dress and to add even more glitz (see photos above).

Clothes weren't the only thing surrounding the night as there were nails being done, glitter tattoos being made and slices of pizza being ate. So, if you want to see more photos and read more about the evening then head on over to the Motel blog here to see a little more of what went on! Motel has also recently collaborated with a few of my favorite bloggers, and probably some yours too, to create some new dresses for their collection which you can also find more about on their blog.