So my Saturday was wonderful, how about you? I spent mine floating around Notting Hill with the loveliest ladies grabbing some brunch, seeing the sights and getting a little too sweaty - glamorous. Other than the more than occasional bead of sweat, I had such a good day.

First stop was meeting up with the girls from Nica and some awesome blogger gals which consisted of Rock On Holly, Beth Norton and Chloe Plumstead for brunch at the delicious Farm Girl on Portibello Road along with Nica, the designer of Nica itself of course and her fab colleges! It was a great mix of people and getting to meet Nica was really inspiring, she is such a well traveled woman with so much to say it was really great getting to know her and hearing more about her company and what inspired it. Oh and let us not forget about brunch, we can't go forgetting about food now can we?! I ate the most delicious berry filled pancakes with coconut shavings and a flat white, so cosmopolitan I know...

Next up Nica took us around Notting Hill to see her favorite sights and walk off our brunch bellies, we saw things like the Paul Smith Westbourne House on Kensington Park Road as well as the most beautiful little side streets which hide between the madness of W11. I'd never been to Notting Hill before so having a wonder round and seeing all of it's quirks and secrets was fun! After our stroll around we were all so hot we had to hide away in a pub to cool ourselves off for a bit before heading back out into the thirty degree heat.

We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways, I stayed with Chloe and we decided we just couldn't resist taking some outfit snaps with all the beautiful town houses as our back drop, outfit post coming soon! I also couldn't help myself from taking a few portraits of Chloe which I'll share as well a little later on this week. I've got an outfit post featuring one of the bags from the new Nica collection too which I'm dying to share, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for some killer posts this upcoming week! All in all I had a fab day and finally meeting Chloe was awesome, she's such a beautiful little sass pot but I don't need to tell you guys that.

I made sure I snapped some shots on my iPhone for a couple of Instagram posts which you can see below, If you don't follow me on their you should (no pressure) for some daily posts, search @tigerlilyblog to find me!



16TH MAY 2015

I've been in Bristol for over a month now and strolling about finding all the best spots have made for the ultimate day out. Seriously though, what more could you want than a day consisting of browsing the shops, having some lunch, resting those tired legs in a pretty park and stopping for coffee on the regular, not much really! That's what most of mine and Dan's date days consist of and we always look forward to them.

As we're still pretty new to the area we have a lot of places left to discover and we plan to jump on a bus whenever we can to explore our little hearts out, that £17 a week bus ticket does have to come to some use after all. We ended up heading to a place known as The Triangle after passing there after we hunted out a Gumtree seller who sold us our coach. We went through in our hefty transit van and were drawn in by the sight of independent shops and quirky cafes, so it definitely made the top of our 'To Explore' list.

We aimed to head out by breakfast that day but you know how it is, plans fail when it comes to waking up early on your day off... So, by noon we finally exited our front door and hoped on a bus to search out the place we went past a few weeks back. Thank goodness for Google Maps because we would of been hella lost without it! We found it once again and immediately stopped for something to eat as we did end up skipping breakfast. We went straight for the wonders that was an all you can eat Chinese, Indian with a bit of British comfort food and sushi thrown in too (I know, it sounds too good to be true doesn't it?) because how could you not - spoiler alert IT WAS AMAZING. We both had a couple of plates but were eventually defeated and needed to walk off our carb infested bellies with a walk around some shops. We stumbled across a very cool record store called Rise Revival which also sells books, clothing and art work. We purchased a few bits for our home and of course ourselves.

After a wonder around and a coffee in our system we ended up being drawn towards a group of teenage skaters having a quick ten minute skate around on their breaks from the day job. There's something about skating that is incredible to watch, the thrill and the cool vibes that come with it make for great entertainment, especially with a few bails.

We initially wanted to go out on the search for Banksy art work but got a little sidetracked with everything else we came across. Luckily we found a couple on our way, including the Wall Hanger. We're not massive Banksy fans but it was actually great to see some of his work first hand and when in Bristol, you've got to hunt out at least one of his pieces.

I'm hoping you liked the idea of this sort of post as I plan on doing a lot more in the future. I also picked up my vlogging camera yesterday when in the middle of writing this, I must of had too much inspiration flowing about my brain as that could potentially be bad idea. Stay tuned on my YouTube channel for that and for more of these lifestyle posts!


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