I intended to stand out purely with the boots but this shirt just gravitated towards me and I had to go with it, match made in heaven or ultimate fashion faux pas? Whatever it is I'm into it! As mentioned in my previous post I received another treat from Ted&Muffy*, a company I am totally in love with. It's easy to be in love with a shoe company because anything that goes on my feet is my sort of thing but this particular company never fail to amaze. How can I not get excited when I look upon such glorious scarlet red pointed booties? They are the ultimate rocker boot and I adore them!

Shirt - Marks & Spencer, trousers - Newlook, coat - Topshop, boots - Ted&Muffy*, earrings - Topshop, Necklace - Vintage

I thought these shoes needed to be worn smart-casual to add a sort of effortless Parisian vibe, very Clémence Poésy inspired. Wearing baggy suit pants with a smart shirt carelessly tucked in looks like you've made a lot of effort but in reality you really haven't, thank goodness for smart trousers! I could easily live in these pants as they look pretty cool with a pair of ankle boots and any kind of top, even a basic tee would look great teamed with it as these boots will certainly add some colour and fun to a simple attire. This sort of outfit is so simple and looks way more than it actually is, the flamboyant top half and smart bottom looks dressy but inside I'm feeling bliss from the pure comfort of it all. My shoes ooze comfort too, one of the many perks to wearing high-end items I suppose.

Did I mention these particular boots come in black? They would be the perfect everyday boot that goes with basically everything in your wardrobe. We've all got to have a simple pair of black ankle boots for daily wear and I couldn't recommend these ones more. Or, if you're feeling a little fruity and out-there then you've got to get the red ones, you won't regret it!



16TH JULY 2015

All images taken from Pinterest.

I've taken a DIY project under my wing and now I can't stop thinking about what I can cover in patches, badges and anything else that's possible to to sew or glue onto denim.

My need to DIY denim started when I strolled past my local Levi's store and while lusting over the 501's in the window I saw a little crate full of patches in the corner. I rushed into store (I don't know why because they weren't going anywhere) and grabbed a sales assistant so they could take it out of the window and place it right on into my hands so I could rummage to my hearts content! It contained patches that looked like they came straight out of an American vintage store where you could deck yourself out in all the denim and leather you can imagine, it was dreamy.

As soon as I grabbed a couple it made me think of two gloriously bad-ass ladies I've followed for years, Brit Nason and her equally rad bestie Casey Strawberry. Both of which have the most awesome style which mostly consists of vintage goods and handmade items that you can find from their stores - Backbite and Tunnel Vision. This is indeed one of those times where I go on to moan about not living in the States because the custom charges and delivery times are an absolute joke, but I won't go into that for the hundredth time. I just need to suck it up and order some rad band shirts and Harley Davidson hot pants... Full on lusting over here! I have managed to score another gem on Depop though, which you'll be seeing in next weeks outfit post (oh the suspense). Depop and eBay seem to be the best for unique custom finds as I'm finding myself browsing on there nightly, I told you it was an obsession... Stay tuned for some custom goodness!


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13TH JULY 2015
Dress - Motel Rocks, jacket - Forever 21 (mens), shoes - Converse, sunglasses - Dorothy Perkins, watch - Topshop, rings - Bloody Mary Metal and Topshop.

I felt like it was time to put this gorgeous Motel dress to use and dress it down to make it a little more boy-ish and casual, as it's a dress that's mostly worn in the evening thanks to it's glorious shimmery gold fabric which is perfect for many night time events - I mean those of an after 10pm nature. I kept seeing it hanging in my wardrobe and thinking of an occasion I can wear it again, as the last time I wore it was to an actual Motel event last year which obviously I had to wear one of their items, and it was there where I fell more in love with the brand after seeing many blogger babes donning a slip dress or cool two piece. So, it was surely time to get it out again and because I'm not much of a social butterfly, I decided to not wait for a reason to wear it and just go for it by toning it down with my regular grungy accessories.

I borrowed the boys leather instead of my own to give those extra boy-ish vibes, but also because it's so much better and over-sized than mine, I should just buy a mens one next time because I can't promise he'll be getting it back, whoops. The jacket wasn't enough so I had to team it with a pair of chucks which just so happen to perfectly match the golden colour of my dress. I did keep it a little girly by wearing my new pair of heart shaped glasses (which every time I say that I think of the Marilyn Manson song) which are too cute, not a word I use too often when talking about my personal outfits. I do adore them though, they're super sixties and add a real quirky touch to any attire.

Not only is this outfit decent for regular daily activities but you can swap the chucks for a pair of heels and there you have it, a glitzy attire for an evening do! Oh, and don't forget to take the shades off because you're not Jay Z and can't get away with sunglasses at night time, ever.

It felt good swooshing about in a dress that's a little more feminine and fancy than usual, but still keeping to my tom-boy roots felt good too. It's also pretty nice to finally get some sun on my legs as these pins are still as pale as a ghost, but with more of tan this dress would look even better, time to get tanning!


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29TH MAY 2015

Shirt - Cheap Monday, jeans - BDG, shoes - Primark, belt - Primark, sunglasses - Newlook, bra - Intimissimi, belt - Primark, earrings - Forever 21, jewelry - Topshop & Bloody Mary Metal.

So let's get this straight, double denim is a love or hate trend and for me it's a 100% yes please! I've mentioned before about my love for the double D (that sounded a little naughty) look and I'm going to talk about it in more depth because it grinds my gears way more than it probably should, not double denim itself but something that tends to come along with it...

A week ago during an #fbloggers chat on Twitter there were major talks about 'fashion rules' and how people live by certain ones, which for starters made me a little sad. People were saying about how they would never wear this and never wear that and I sat there thinking, ok, fair play you're not currently into that trend but I said the same thing about sandals and look whats on my feet people, sandals! I know it's easy to say you'd never wear something but just hold on ladies and gents, people change. Living by certain rules isn't the way to go and you shouldn't hold yourself back when you may think 'oh, she looks great in those socks and trainers but I said I'd never wear that so I can't'... No, wear what you want and don't let a decision you made previously determine that.

On said Twitter chat a lot of people responded to the question 'do you have any fashion rules?' with a flurry of 'I WOULD NEVER WEAR DOUBLE DENIM!!'. I sat there in my denim shirt and pants feeling proud of myself for wearing something a majority of people somewhat despised. One girl even said 'people who wear double denim have no fashion sense, I would never be caught dead in it'. I understand people not being into a certain item of clothing or a current fashion trend, I get that, I for one don't like Ugg boots but that girl walking down the street wearing a pair can carry on, it's her choice and she can do what the hell she likes because after all, isn't that the joy of fashion? Again, tattoo chokers, not for me but some people like Amy Valentine and Zoe London look smoking even when wearing one so that doesn't mean I instantly think they have no sense of style! Fashion has no rules and that's amazing. I might meet someone who is dressed head to toe in something I couldn't imagine myself in but good on them for being themselves and wearing whatever the heck they want.

As annoyed as I secretly got during the chat it's not a hate on the chats in general, I love heading there when they're on and talking to fellow bloggers about certain subjects and finding new blogs to follow. If you haven't joined in on one yet then you should, it's lovely being more active on social media and learning a little more about the people you may follow. The chats I try and make weekly are on Mondays and Thursday, head over to your twitter and search the hashtag #fbloggers between 8pm and 9pm to see what subjects on the agenda, you may even come away from it with more feelings than you thought much like myself.

Let's embrace my double denim get up and all agree to not hate on someone for wearing what they find 'fashionable'. For my ensemble I've stolen my other halves much loved Cheap Monday shirt and tucked it into a pair of darker washed denim jeans from BDG. I've also protested more by wearing a pair of sandals which I've said previously about how I've never been into, even more proof that we can change at any point. If you don't want to wear something then don't, but don't comment on how other people shouldn't wear it either. We are our own person and the reason fashion is so amazing is because we can express ourselves how ever we want.


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Top - Forever 21, shirt - thrifted, shorts - Levis (DIY), boots - Duo, hat - Primark, belt - Primark, jewelry - Topshop.

It's no secret that I'm bootie obsessed and with the help of Duo I've found the perfect pair of beige ankle boots! The search is off people, THE SEARCH IS OFF!

I actually can't believe I didn't own a pair of beige ankle boots, what's up with that? I have a few that could almost make the cut but these fit the bill perfectly. I have one pair with straps and buckles on and the hint of khaki and another with a wedge but these are plain, simple and amazing. Thank's to the lovely people over at Duo I've managed to feed my addition even more with this beautiful pair which fit right on into the forever growing bootie family.

Recently I've had an item or two that have been on the more expensive side of things and it's made me think about really investing in some key pieces for my wardrobe. I managed to get my hands on a sold out Marc Jacobs shirt - don't you worry, as soon as that suckers dry cleaned I will be sharing it in all of it's glory! and I have to say that spending a lot of money on an item is really worth it. I can't stress enough how amazing it feels to have a pair of handmade, leather boots on my feet. They're an absolute dream to stomp around in all day and they smell amazing... Is that odd? Maybe, but the smell of leather is something else!

Duo have some pretty special boots and shoes online at the moment and I'm thinking of saving up for different style as now I've witnessed having good quality shoes on my feet, I feel I need to up my boot game even more with a few really special ones. I do wear them on the daily so it'll be 100% worth it (there I go with the excuses again). They're currently running a sale which you can actually find this particular pair on, but hurry because they'll be all snatched up soon!

Not only are these boots perfect but the box arrived in was equally lovely, but I am a sucker for packaging after all! Do check out their website, especially now they're in sale,

PS - Today is my mothers birthday, happy birthday mumma Carpenter! Sorry I didn't get you a pair of these boots for your birthday...


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7TH MAY 2015
Top - The Cove Boutique, shorts - Depop, socks - Topman, boots - Dr Martens, sunglasses - M&S., watch - Topshop, rings - Bloody Mary Metal and Topshop

Tube socks, band tees and Doc Martens, that'll do nicely for my inner tomboy.

I feel fifteen again whenever I wear my Docs as I used to wear them everyday to school, much to my teachers dismay (such a rebel I know). They've just had their 7th birthday and they're going to have many more because I want to be one of those older ladies who still rocks a heavy metal shirt and clumpy boots, maybe even by then I'll want the grey gone and go for some mad dye job like purple or jet black and be covered in tattoos that have gone all blurred and wrinkly. I'm completely cool with all of this, growing old gracefully and all that, if gracefully means being a seventy year old grunger that is!

As for tube socks, they're my new thing. They have a sense of the nineties skate scene and I will be wearing them with Vans and Converse because of that. I found these ones in Topman as they're a rarity in any form of woman's section unless you want to pay more then eight pounds - yes Urban Outfitters I'm looking at you! They sell them in a variety of colours like blue and green with the option of length also, I quite like the idea of ankle ones with trainers so I may try those ones next.

I can't not say a lovely big thank you to my buddy Kate for popping these wonderful shorts on her Depop forever ago as I still love and wear them to this day, so thanks girl! I still manage to fit my arse in them even if with a squeeze!

Time to mention the fact I'm wearing one of the best t-shirts to enter my closet, and probably my life. Cheers to The Cove Boutique for stocking such awesome stuff that I can't help but buy. You guys just wait till you see my other one (yes I bought two) it's everything and I'm sure you wont be shocked when you see what band is on that one, I'm so obvious it's stupid. You may remember a post I did a while back featuring another item from their glorious store, if not then you can have a read of that here and see what else they have to offer on their online store or Instagramas you can buy from there too, pretty good right?!


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23RD APRIL 2015
LISTENING TOO: LYNYRD SKYNYRD - FREE BIRD ♫ Tee - thifted, jacket - thirfted, jeans - Primark, hat - H&M (similar), bandana - Claire's Accessories, watch - Next.

I have never been to Pittsburgh, but I'm such a sucker for a cheesy Hard Rock Cafe tee! My dad used to wear a variety of them when I was younger, I remember him lending me one to use as a Pajama top when I went to stay with him for a weekend a few years back and loved it. Since then they've had an important place in my heart, which is supprising as I normally say a big 'HELL NO!' to tourist crap like I HEART LONDON postcards or European fridge magnets, but I can't help but love these.

When me and Dan went to Rome we had to make a venture to the one there, we vlogged about it - which feels like forever ago now, Dan had no facial hair and I had braces, yikes. As cheesy as it is, it's so much fun. The menus are epic and the atmosphere does indeed rock.

I actually found this shirt in a local charity store and the old school muscle tee shape made me need it. We did fight over it as we both have a guilty pleasure for Hard Rock Cafes now, so we've decided to share it, after all it is a man's top so I did feel bad for taking it from him. I just love the 90's cut off sleeves and the fact its super rare, maybe one day I will actually go to one in Pittsburgh and get an updated shirt.

Although I didn't need it for once I popped on my cropped denim jacket, which I also bought from the same charity store a while back. Another super 90's piece (can you tell I'm loving this era lately?) which probably was in fact from the 90's itself. A black denim jacket is an essential for me as it helps me to stray away from my leather jackets for a change.

I'm all about accessories at the moment, I seem to always have a bandana or a thin scarf tied around my neck. I love the way it looks especially with plain tees or band shirts which are my most worn pieces, it just adds a little extra to a plain outfit. I've also opted for a hat too, I'm definitely stuck in a rut with my clothing choices at the moment. Someone take my hat collection away from me before I get some serious hat hair permanently!


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6TH APRIL 2015
Top - Newlook, jacket - Forever 21, jeans - Primark, hat - Miss Selfridge, necklace - Topman, rings - Bloody Mary Metal & Topman

This seriously killer hat and jacket combo was totally not done on purpose. I bought this glorious shearling coat, which always tends to remind me of Bane (all of you Batman fans will understand) from Forever 21 last winter and it's probably one of my favorite jackets I own. I've never seen anything similar to this before, it's completely different and the colour is beautiful and don't even get my started on the buckles and collar, woah I do love this coat! I've mentioned before that I'm a bit of a coat freak, I have a wardrobe dedicated to them so saying this is my all time favorite is quite bold of me. It just has everything I love in outerwear, a cosy inside, a huge collar and loads of metal hardware. I think I have to evaluate my coats and decide which one I do in fact like the most, but for now this one is top!

Then, when wondering around Miss Selfridge I came across this equally glorious hat in among the left over sale stuff that no-one wants to make theirs. I had to take this one home because again, oh so glorious. It wasn't until I got back and hung it next to my coats I saw it was in fact going to be the best combo ever. They match perfectly and I feel pretty good about it, it may have been an instinctual thing but either way it was a good move on my part.

The perfectly matched twosome did make me feel a little western, sort of like a cowboy who wants to blend in with city life, so I thought I'd take the plunge and wear my tacky cow print slip on's which are so bad they're good. It doesn't get much more western than shoes which look like I've skinned a cow. I didn't they're from ASOS, I promise.


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2ND APRIL 2015
LISTENING TOO: ONE NIGHT ONLY - PLASTICINE ♫ Top - Newlook, leather jacket - Primark, duster jacket - Urban Outfitters, jeans - Primark, trainers - Nike, sunglasses - Topman, cross necklace - Topman, rings - Bloody Mary Metal

A casual day out getting some lunch calls for an excuse to wear my new trainers. On Instagram I posted a picture of two big red Nike shoe boxes and one of them contained this pair I recently got from one of the outlet stores for nearly 70% off and was very happy with myself about finding such a gem! I've been eyeing up all black trainers for some time now and these ones fit the bill pretty perfectly. Nike always come up trumps with their trainers, weather you're looking for a seriously snazzy pair that stick out like a sore thumb a-la Kanye West, or if you're into the more minimalist sort then they definitely cater for you too. I always think it's worth checking eBay if you want a more rare pair or if you don't have a Nike store near you, as they can have some really unique ones at a decent price - if the seller isn't too stupid - and it's better then heading to your local Office or Schuh where it's all the same sort of thing.

These ones are perfectly suited for me, they're simple, easy to style and look that little bit retro. When I bought them the shop assistant gave them to me in a different shoe box to it's original so I'm not completely sure on the model of them, but I'm almost certain they're the Nike Pegasus, what number comes after them I do not know. What I do know, though, is that Amazon have a huge variety online so check them out!

As well as wearing a new pair of trainers, I tried out something else new today, a doubled up jacket. I really wanted to wear my duster coat for a bit of a Stockholm street-style vibe but new I would completely freeze so I had an a-ha moment and layered my leather jacket under it. I liked the look of the doubled lapels and mixed texture so this was another moment I was happy with myself for! Don't worry though I soon got knocked down a peg or two when I noticed I had rolled one of my trouser legs up and the other one down which made me look totally lopsided, thankfully this moment wasn't captured but it did leave me a little red-faced afterwards. I'm not all that wonderful!


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4TH MARTH 2015
Dress - F&F @ Tesco, shirt - Motel, jacket - M&S, boots - Next, rings - Accessorize.

I had to pinch myself while editing these photographs due to how much colour I'm wearing, I'm still in a total shock now. I can't get over it, especially at this time of year and to be honest I rarely wear red as it is! It was a very beautiful sunny day though so I think the sun is to blame, it clearly made me feel a little too jolly and messed with my head. Have no fear, I'm back in a full black attire as we speak, but hopefully not for long!

This pretty little number was found at the back of a rail in Tesco's clothing section, yep that's right, Tesco. I wore it with a classic Motel Stella shirt underneath to add a collar, oh how Alexa Chung of me I know. This dress has a bit of a retro feel to it so I teamed it with some thigh high boots (not only for retro-factor but to cover my cold legs) and my mothers denim jacket, we can't have retro vibes going on if something isn't borrowed from the parents closet now can we?

I've really missed wearing dresses with winter and have seemed to collect quite a few in the sale over the past few months so I'm actually really looking forward to sporting them in the upcoming, more warmer months. I've noticed I've grown out of wearing tights with dresses lately, in fact I don't think I've come face to face with a pair in the past year. I used to live in floaty dresses and 60 denier tights but now I just want to save my dresses for the warmer seasons, maybe I've grown up and realized mother was right all along, I will freeze if I wear above the knees dresses in December!


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T-shirt - Forever 21, jeans - Topshop, shoes - Converse, jacket - The Cove Boutique, necklace - Topman

So a lot of people won't know this but when I was younger me, my sister, mother and father lived in Canada and traveled around America. From then on it's always been a place close to my heart. Although I was only a very small child at this point and don't remember 90% of it, it somehow truly feels like somewhere I love. Weather I do instinctively remember little things about it or not I don't know. A lot of things I love and do to this day are related to The States such as my interest in Native American culture, my use of the word pants instead of trousers and my obsession with California. But then again I'm sure we all have a place in mind in which we'd rather be!

My mother often tells me stories of our trips to the South West, our visits to Phoenix to see the Cowboys in among all of the cacti and vast deserts, sights of American bisons and sounds of wolves in the night. Funny how I love anything western and my favorite animal is in fact a Bison! It clearly has stayed with me all these years.

I saw this bomber jacket hanging in a seriously cool store near me called The Cove Boutique and felt like it obviously had to be mine. The Cove sells items from the likes of this one and other vintage finds, independent brands, jewelry and unique home ware too. It's really lovely to have somewhere so different in my town as Devon isn't the most out-there of places, so having somewhere like this is just what the town needs for us young, trendy folk.

Under my jacket I've kept it simple but a little bit preppy with a white T, a pair of Topshop Jamie jeans and some hi-top chucks. A nice and plain outfit to go with a statement, satin bomber jacket that makes me feel like an extra in Saved By The Bell or like I'm wearing the hot jocks letterman jacket. I've clearly seen way too many films set in the 90's! But other than feeling like one of Zac Morris' high school pals, I completely adore this jacket. There's nothing quite like buying vintage, having an item that you'll most likely never see anyone else wearing is a pretty awesome feeling.


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T-shirt - Forever 21, jacket - New Look, jeans - Primark, booties - Marks and Spencer, belt - Primark, necklace - Topman, watch - Topshop (similar), rings - Accessorize

If you've seen my 'Current Sounds' section (which you can find at the navigation bar at the top of this page) then you'll know already that i'm an avid hip-hop fan, Biggie Smalls being my top choice. I've always enjoyed that sweet 90's sound, super mellow, super chill and a little bit naughty. As we know by now another love of mine is ridiculous t-shirts, and obviously this one is a little bit mad! Little pictures of Biggies face from the iconic The Final Chapter album is pretty hilarious, so thank you Forever 21 for making this brilliant t-shirt which kind of reminds me of Eleven Paris as they're notorious (no pun intended) for their eye-catching and rather ridiculous all over prints.

I feel like my coat is a fitting choice, as the 90's hip-hop scene wasn't shy of a few fur coats here and there. P-Diddy was the ultimate fur king and still is, did you see his outfit at the Kanye West x Adidas Originals NYFW show? That fur collar was something else.

I've added a little more pattern by wearing a thin leopard print belt to the mix and kept the rest of my outfit toned down with a simple pair of black skinny jeans and everyday black booties, which if you haven't gathered I literally wear daily. I'm really obsessed with wearing basic jeans and boots and having a more 'out there' top half at the moment, mainly because these jeans are a security blanket of mine. I've pretty much worn black jeans all winter and i'm going to have to cave in and stock up on more to save my moaning every time I spill something down this pair. I think the fact they're black makes me feel a little more comfortable as I can accidentally spill tea down them and no one will notice, which is a twice a day occurrence for clumsy ol' me as it was only yesterday that I split half a cup over myself and my boyfriends bed sheets, oopsie. Another reason why I need to stock up I feel!


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Tee - thrifted, jacket - Primark, jeans - Primark, boots - New Look, rings - Bloody Mary Metal.

I'm actually stunned that this is the first time this season I've worn one of my (faux) fur jackets, what?! This must be a record or something, last year, hell every year I've worn them to absolute death! Maybe that's the reason I haven't gone for them this season but hey ho, at least this one has gotten some use!

I think band tees almost have to be worn with some form or animal print, leather or just plain black, especially those of a 'rock' genre. So I opted to ditch the leather jacket and smother my tee in all the faux fur goodness that is this mad jacket. Y'all probably know by now that I'm a sucker for animal print, I recently bought some cow print slip ons which have proudly made top ranking of 'Ugliest Shoe', but I sometimes think the tackier the better and I personally love them. Animal print be it leopard, zebra, snake or croc can either be done really, really well or totally awful and it certainly requires a specific taste. But in my personal opinion, this jacket is really quite cool. Not only that but it's the warmest item of clothing that has even been placed onto my upper body, it's so warm and cosy with it's big collar and over-sized charm.

I've opted for my trusty and very skinny, skinny jeans and my also very trusty chelsea boots. This is the kind of outfit I wear more than I should but mixing it up with a different coat such as a vintage denim jacket, or swapping my boots for a pair of brogues changes it up and makes me feel better about wearing this combo for 3 days straight. TMI? Probably.