16TH JULY 2015

All images taken from Pinterest.

I've taken a DIY project under my wing and now I can't stop thinking about what I can cover in patches, badges and anything else that's possible to to sew or glue onto denim.

My need to DIY denim started when I strolled past my local Levi's store and while lusting over the 501's in the window I saw a little crate full of patches in the corner. I rushed into store (I don't know why because they weren't going anywhere) and grabbed a sales assistant so they could take it out of the window and place it right on into my hands so I could rummage to my hearts content! It contained patches that looked like they came straight out of an American vintage store where you could deck yourself out in all the denim and leather you can imagine, it was dreamy.

As soon as I grabbed a couple it made me think of two gloriously bad-ass ladies I've followed for years, Brit Nason and her equally rad bestie Casey Strawberry. Both of which have the most awesome style which mostly consists of vintage goods and handmade items that you can find from their stores - Backbite and Tunnel Vision. This is indeed one of those times where I go on to moan about not living in the States because the custom charges and delivery times are an absolute joke, but I won't go into that for the hundredth time. I just need to suck it up and order some rad band shirts and Harley Davidson hot pants... Full on lusting over here! I have managed to score another gem on Depop though, which you'll be seeing in next weeks outfit post (oh the suspense). Depop and eBay seem to be the best for unique custom finds as I'm finding myself browsing on there nightly, I told you it was an obsession... Stay tuned for some custom goodness!


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