You may not know that I am in fact moving out on the 6th and it's the biggest thing I have ever done, I practically feel like an adult! It's all a very scary and daunting but also an extremely exciting experience that has come around so fast. Last year I thought I'd be at home for a long while yet, as I had no future plans in mind. I had thought about moving away and doing something a little different with my life but it didn't become a reality until now. I happened to find my love in life and he so happened to want to start somewhere new to. So there we were, thinking about plans and dreaming about our future home together, and all that dreaming has come around and it's finally here! In two days time that will no longer be a measly thought in both of our brains. Yikes, it's all about to become very real.

Of course the moving experience will be the most stressful encounter that we have been through and we will probably have handfuls of each others hair by the end of it, but we will also be left with our first home too. I will talk a little more about why and where we will be moving in my next post but for now I wanted to take my brain away from the stress of packing and think about something I'm very excited about, home decor. That's right, I will have my own space to kit out the way I want it! I'm a huge interior nerd, I absolutely adore anything homey and I often sit and look at DIY's such as making a bed out of Ikea storage or ways to display my dozens of pairs of shoes. So it's now time to put that never ending Pinterest board to use and actually take some home inspiration from it, finally! I literally cannot control myself, all I can think of is pretty hang rails and chairs and plants, somebody needs to stop me from buying useless attractive things and actually spend money on items I need...

I've collected up a few that I've recently pinned, but you can also find a heap more on my Home Decor board via Pinterest. A few other boards I keep returning too are of course Ghostparties, her taste is immaculate and modern and her own home is so dreamy too! Another board I often pin from is Kelsey Barnes, I'm always finding her pins on my home page and taking them for my own board.

If you're also moving soon then hopefully this will get you in the mood to decorate your home, or if you're an interior obsess-er like myself then simply just enjoy. For now though I better stop procrastinating and get back to packing everything I own into cardboard boxes.


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