My latest music obsession comes from the Bristol based four piece indie/rock and roll band Family Jools, who give off some serious vintage vibes. In a recent review from Rebel Noise (read the full article here) premiering their latest single 'Get Off', the band got related to The Beatles which was a huge deal to the band. Who wouldn't want to be related to the most influential rock band of all time?! For most musicians that's an achievement in it's self, and the first of many for the boys.

Their latest single really is special, I haven't heard anything to this calibre for a long time. It's a throw back to simpler times where bands would sit in their home-grown studio bashing out melodies with rough sound recordings and raw, dreamy vocals. Front man George has a unique voice that fits perfectly with the style of music they want to create. I've been to a few gigs they've headlined and it's even better in person which is an impressive skill to acquire, especially when creating these sorts of tracks that you'd think would only sound good on tape. George gets so involved screaming his raspy tones to the crowd and it's truly mesmerising, infact, It's so good I can picture Lennon smiling to himself peacefully, smitten over his rock and roll legacy still living on in up and coming, modern bands like Family Jools.

The boys are heading for good things in the future, having played a tone of recent gigs in places like Camden, and even scoring a Sofar Sounds session. Not only that but Fred Perry Subculture picked them as the ones to watch for 2017, which is highly impressive. You can see what all my hype is about by finding their tracks on Spofity, Apple Music, or iTunes. I've also added them to my Monthly Mix tape playlist on the left side of this page if you want a quick listen here and now!

I'll leave you with their latest video for their track 'Get Off'. Be prepared for a piano-riddled tune with laid-back North Soul attributes. It's a pleasure knowing these boys personally and can't wait to see it all unfold for them. Hopefully I'll have the complete joy of shooting them soon, so there will be plenty more coming up from me and these lads in the future!

30th Nov - LONDON - Fiddlers Elbow
15th Dec - LONDON - The Monarch
7th Jan - STAG + HOUNDS, Bristol

11th Jan - THE MONARCH , London
19th Jan - SOFAR SOUNDS - London
3rd Feb - THIS FEELING, Bristol
3rd Feb - St James Wine Vaults - Bath
26th Feb - Louisiana - Bristol

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On Friday the boys of The Shantics came to visit, not only to see me (joking) but to play at Bristols finest gig venue, The Fleece. They co-headlined with Zepher, who I've written and photographed many times before - have a read! I was pretty excited when they got the gig as I've only seen them practise in their very cool and cosy band room, so this was a right treat for me. You could say I'm a fan girl of the band, being friends with the boys in general helps I suppose. Friendship aside though, these boys are next level songwriters and performers. So, me and Louis of Zepher got together a big group of our nearest and dearest to watch the magic happen. It ended up being a fun night full of tipsy antics and brilliant music.

THE SHANTICS |  YouTube | Spotify | Instagram | Facebook | Official Website

ZEPHER | Youtube | Facebook | Instagram

The night started off with a couple of local bands, but sadly we missed them play due to taking far too long to get ready, typical of us girls. We managed to get there half an hour before The Shantics were due to go on so we ordered in the drinks, took our positions and waited for start of Colour Wheel to kick in. They played a set list of songs that are yet to be released which sadly means I can't share them with you. You can keep updated on their social media like me though, I'm waiting patiently for their next release so I can add it to my Spotify and listen at my leisure. There isn't a single track I'm not a fan of so I'm buzzing to see what these boys get up to in the future, It's going to be one hell of a ride! Their first self produced single, Maybe I... is available to listen to on both YouTube and Spotify so you should add it to your play list right away. To give it a quick listen it's available on my music player to the left of this page, or watch the official lyric video below.

After a glorious half and hour set from The Shantics, Zepher made their mark on stage, obviously killing it. Louis has started to include a tambourine in his performance which I'm super keen on, his rock and roll persona when throwing it off the stage is brilliant and certainly gets me going! They added a song or two I hadn't heard of before which was a pleasant surprise, and after spending the night before in Manchester I think they were still on a buzz that certainly rubbed off on us all. Being the entertainer he is, Louis dedicated a song to the city itself in a Mancunian accent, trying to be a Gallagher of course. All in all it was a perfect night for me, sirrounded by people the I adore most while being entertained by the boys and their ridiculous talents.

Thank you to both bands for making it a night to rememeber, let's do it all again soon!

(Photographs used are my own, please credit if used)
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Let's flash black a few weeks to the when I was invited down to Loot in central Bristol for some photoshoot fun. I wrote a post about the perfectly retro store they've created here if you want to see whats inside the vintage heaven for yourself. As well as writing up a little post, I spent the day shooting some looks for their website, where you can shop till you drop. I wanted to share some of the images with you so you can have a browse and see what's up for grabs!

Wilderness Green Vintage Silk Shirt

Miami Hurricanes Vintage College Sweatshirt

Sapphire Blue Vintage Silk Shirt

Cullman Basketball Vintage Grey Sweatshirt

Russell Athletic Philly Eagles Sports Sweatshirt

Jansport Virginia Tech Vintage College Sweatshirt

Tangerine Orange Silk Shirt

Rodeo Tasselled Denim Blazer Jacket

Get a load of that vintage goodness! The website holds so many one-off pieces for you to own, so make sure to have a scroll through their New In section to see the new pieces they've sourced. My personal favourite has got to be the ridiculously cool Rodeo Tasselled jacket which has clearly been pulled straight out of the 90's, I bet my mother had one just like this. I also have a connection with the Russell Athletic Philly Eagles sweater, maybe that's due to my love of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but either way it's a super cool sweat that needs to be worn with retro kicks and the lightest pair of Levis you can find.

If that wasn't good enough, I've gone back for another round! So don't worry, I'll be keeping you updated on more from the glorious Loot. Prepare for more vintage garms coming your way!

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GIMME THE LOOT | 18.9.16

When I hear the word vintage I think of pound symbols and sad looking bank accounts, but I know a place with retro pieces that we can certainly afford. Loot, which is located in the heart of Bristol (just next to the central bus station, if you're stopping by on public transport then you've got to pop in!) is an emporium of hand-picked gold dust from simpler times. They have a hefty amount of sports team sweaters, old school Levis and an unreal selection of band tees. I know, my idea of heaven, if only it was my personal closet!

There are tons of second hand shops here in Bristol, like the many gracing the streets of Gloucester Road and Park Street, but Loot has something about it that makes it a blast to shop in. Whether it's the old-American vibes, the killer tracks they play or all of the incredibly cool clothing they supply, they have it all. I may be biased as it's everything I love condensed into one room, but I really can't think of anywhere else I'd rather buy my thifted goods from. Charity shopping is fun and all, but you're not always guaranteed a good run, so if I'm stopping off here I know I'm not going to leave empty handed.

As if browsing Loot wasn't enough, I was lucky enough to spend the day with the team shooting some looks for their website, which was a lot of fun. It's always interesting being in front of the camera rather than behind, so I'm excited to see my little face gracing their website. Keep an eye out for me! Although you can be sure that I'll do a post sharing some of the images they shot and styled soon.

If you're not a Bristol local then be sure to check out their website, if not for my mug, then for the many vintage pieces that are also available to buy online!

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I give credit to anyone who takes live music photos for a living, it is hard. It probably wasn't my smartest idea as it was my first time in doing so, and the fact I was shooting heavy pop-punk bands didn't equate to an easy ride. These lads know how to use every inch of their stage by jumping around and screaming singing with the audience, which as you can imagine is hard to capture in photo form. I tried my very hardest but I think I'll leave it to the experts next time.

Photographed - Vaults, Limiter, Tuskens.

Let's go back three weeks and talk about an event my friend Sophie put on at The Stag & Hounds in Bristol with some friends for their college course, which I'm sure they aced as the night was great. It was full of hardcore, male driven bands who look like they jumped straight off of their skate boards and onto the stage. I admit that the music wasn't my usual choice but anything made after the 90's usually isn't so no hard feelings there I hope.

The headliners (Tuskens) absolutely smashed their set and that's coming from someone who hasn't got a clue about this side of the music spectrum. The crowd knew the songs on the set list which I'm sure felt great to the boys in the band. I felt myself nodding along with the heavy guitar rifts and the sound of the lead singers Americanised vocals. It was a glorious throw back to when I fell in love with Blink 182 and Sum 41, both not as heavy as Tuskens but give off that old-school feel both Blink and Sum 41 do.

It was hard not to get into the spirit of things when you're surrounded by men and women who clearly have a passion for the bands they are there to see. We witnesses one young gentleman trying to start which I assume was a mosh pit but looked more like interpretive dance. I adore it when anyone gets so into the music that they just let it all go, if I were seeing a The Smiths tribute band I'd be getting my moves out too!

The venue was small but intimate, almost like we were in someones living room and the bands were playing purely for their friends (which was probably the case) and family. There's something about pop-punk that feels like a culture rather than a taste of music, a lot like rock and roll. These kids live and breath the bands they listen to, the way they dress and act reflects that. Snap back caps and over sized t-shirts with an intense quote plastered on the back seemed to be their version of the leather jacket and spray on skinnies. 

I learnt a lot that evening like how to not take photos of bands, but also it was a reminder that music truly is a way of life. Thank you to Sophie for the good times, I hope you smash your course out the window like Keith Moon would a guitar!

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ONE YEAR ON | 20.3.16

This shirt strongly represents how I'm feeling because in exactly 49 days time it'll be my one year anniversary of living in Bristol, what a hectic and crazy year it has been. I wont scrimp on the details with you after all I put hard work and effort into this blog so why not put my heart and soul into it too? This past year has been full of stress, complications and a lot of tears but that's been completely out-weighed by the glorious feelings I have towards my life now.

I moved to Bristol with my now past boyfriend thinking that our new life would contain happiness and last longer than the few months it did but I wasn't happy and I didn't want that life I'd created to last any longer. I don't regret moving away because that wouldn't of made me the way I am today, or my life the way it is either. I learnt a lot during those few months, some more valid then others like how to set up a joint account or what a water metre is and that some men leave urine on the toilet seat, so there were some great life lessons to be learnt. I'm sometimes a strong believer that things happen for a reason and I wouldn't be here in Bristol without that shit happening.

I am now out of the flat I shared with said ex and into a house share which by the way I worked myself up about for weeks on end. It's so daunting thinking about moving into a house with complete strangers that it made me ridiculously anxious, will we need the bathroom at the same time? What if I need to brush my teeth and the bathrooms occupied? Which by the way has already happened and I ate a whole pack of mints that day. These are all very petty things to dawn on but my brain overworked itself and my nerves were another level when I first moved in. Don't get me wrong it's still a little awkward and not quite the one bedroom flat I dream of but it's far better than living with an old boyfriend.

I've also moved on in a relationship sense and without getting into it too much I'll just say it's all tops. Being with someone so kind and loving through the hard times I've faced these past few weeks has been a blessing. With that and what I suppose you could call my new life I'm doing well, really well in fact. I'm still on the hunt for somewhere I can call home but I'm keeping my head held high while browsing Gumtree every hour for a housemate. That being said I'm the happiest I've been in months or maybe even a year which is a good example of things happening for a reason, wouldn't you say? I adore my life in Bristol and wouldn't change this past year for the world, OK, maybe less tears would of been nice but I won't get picky.

I can't wait to see what the next year of my life holds and in the nearer future I'm so looking forward to summer. Who else is counting down the hours until it's warm again? I don't mean to be rude, Spring, but do get over and done with so I can feel the heat again. I have a hunch this summer is going to be one of the best ones yet! I do hope you are all doing well and keeping yourselves happy in life, if my rubbish situation could get better then yours could too. Chin up, move on and enjoy life.



This months been full of spending time with my favourite people and meeting a few new ones on the way which meant it was time for me to finally take some flicks. Taking my camera out when drinking alcoholic beverages seemed like a bad idea at the time but when your friends are all good looking people you don't tend to get a bad shot, even after the drinks start to roll in. They surprisingly enjoyed me shoving my camera in their faces which was great for me, get used to it guys! As well as bar hoping in Bristol we also took a little trip to London (it did included wine in the evening I wont lie). So, here's January's photo diary for your viewing pleasure...



16TH MAY 2015

I've been in Bristol for over a month now and strolling about finding all the best spots have made for the ultimate day out. Seriously though, what more could you want than a day consisting of browsing the shops, having some lunch, resting those tired legs in a pretty park and stopping for coffee on the regular, not much really! That's what most of mine and Dan's date days consist of and we always look forward to them.

As we're still pretty new to the area we have a lot of places left to discover and we plan to jump on a bus whenever we can to explore our little hearts out, that £17 a week bus ticket does have to come to some use after all. We ended up heading to a place known as The Triangle after passing there after we hunted out a Gumtree seller who sold us our coach. We went through in our hefty transit van and were drawn in by the sight of independent shops and quirky cafes, so it definitely made the top of our 'To Explore' list.

We aimed to head out by breakfast that day but you know how it is, plans fail when it comes to waking up early on your day off... So, by noon we finally exited our front door and hoped on a bus to search out the place we went past a few weeks back. Thank goodness for Google Maps because we would of been hella lost without it! We found it once again and immediately stopped for something to eat as we did end up skipping breakfast. We went straight for the wonders that was an all you can eat Chinese, Indian with a bit of British comfort food and sushi thrown in too (I know, it sounds too good to be true doesn't it?) because how could you not - spoiler alert IT WAS AMAZING. We both had a couple of plates but were eventually defeated and needed to walk off our carb infested bellies with a walk around some shops. We stumbled across a very cool record store called Rise Revival which also sells books, clothing and art work. We purchased a few bits for our home and of course ourselves.

After a wonder around and a coffee in our system we ended up being drawn towards a group of teenage skaters having a quick ten minute skate around on their breaks from the day job. There's something about skating that is incredible to watch, the thrill and the cool vibes that come with it make for great entertainment, especially with a few bails.

We initially wanted to go out on the search for Banksy art work but got a little sidetracked with everything else we came across. Luckily we found a couple on our way, including the Wall Hanger. We're not massive Banksy fans but it was actually great to see some of his work first hand and when in Bristol, you've got to hunt out at least one of his pieces.

I'm hoping you liked the idea of this sort of post as I plan on doing a lot more in the future. I also picked up my vlogging camera yesterday when in the middle of writing this, I must of had too much inspiration flowing about my brain as that could potentially be bad idea. Stay tuned on my YouTube channel for that and for more of these lifestyle posts!


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