20TH JULY 2015

Time to get my summer on and as I'm not going to be sunning myself up by a pool somewhere warm anytime soon, this little treat from Boohoo showcasing their summer range will make me feel like I am. It features dreamy kimonos and bikini babes, yep. I need to get into the summer spirit and receiving a pretty pink bikini along with a few other summer bits totally helped me - Thanks Boohoo!

This particular bikini is so super girly but I kinda love it, shock horror! The shape of the top is so flattering and pretty and with the help of the frills is makes it even more cute. I much prefer strapless bikini tops to those with straps because hello, who wants odd suntan marks?! Boohoo are killing it big time with their summer collection and they're yet to join the 'let's start bringing out our A/W stuff already' club, so that's another plus. I have seen a cape or two floating around the shops and I can't cope quite honestly, hold your horses people! So, I'll carry on floating through their site until I see a burnt orange sweater then probably call it quits. There are a few other swimsuits that I'm into, but because I'm not going on holiday I don't have an excuse to purchase them. This beautiful and kind of sexy two piece has been in my bookmarks for a few days though - shh, it's our secret...

A pretty bikini is the way to a girls heart, and a box of tea along with some skin products is pretty nice too. In my last outfit post I did make a comment on my pale complexion so hallelujah for the bottle of Malibu tanning oil that was lurking in the bottom of the package, these babies will be bronzed in no time (I hope).

I'm just going to sit here dreaming of my previous holiday in Lanzarote and think about booking another one ASAP. After all, I gotta show off this beautiful two piece somewhere and my bedroom is not where I plan on doing so.
If you want to see more from the range, search the tag #WeAreHot on Instagram or head to their official page @boohooofficial!


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