Twas the weekend after Christmas and everyone was miserable... Twitter and Facebook have been flooded with comments about eating too many roast potatoes and drinking too many Pinots. It's Christmas, it happens, the festivity hits and no one cares about what they put in their mouths until the morning after a night of no sleep thanks to a rather big food baby. It's quite comforting to know most of us went through the pain of that this weekend. Oh, you had no sleep? Me neither! Curse those caramel barrels! As we've all been through such a hard weekend full of food (boo, how horrible for us) I thought I should address something we should all think about this time of year - and all year really. Body confidence. I know, those two words freak me out too.

Top - Topshop (and finally), bracelet - Etsy, rings - vintage.

I want to talk body confidence and the lack of it. Yeah you may of consumed your daily amount of calories in a matter of hours but those pigs in blankets wont be heading straight to your thighs, will they? And do you really care if they do? It's incredibly sad to hear people saying how they'd rather scrimp on the 25th rather then enjoy that delicious pack of truffles that their grandmother brought them. Even more so when your family are having a discussion about diets around the dinner table. People always say if you can't treat yourself on Christmas then when can you? A phrase I think we all muttered on Friday. It's about trying to have confidence all year round and the amount of negativity we see online is enough to last an entire 365 days.

Christmas is high on the list of days to feel bad about yourself but there are many more where we feel self hate creep in. I often wake up and think of how I'm going to cover up my tired eyes and pimple covered forehead but I've learn to embrace it after all there's only a certain amount of face wash you can try before giving in to imperfection.

I've read some incredibly inspiring posts on the subject recently and it's inspired me to not give a crap about myself so much. The likes of Megs from Wonderful You and Katie Snooks have embraced their bodies in a rather endearing way that's made me think twice about my face and my body - girl power at it's finest!

There's something about taking photographs in your undies with minimal effort made that makes you say fuck it, I may not be perfect but I am me. Yeah, I have a head full of messy, odd coloured hair and legs covered in lumps and bumps but I'm content. If you're unhappy then change it, if not - embrace it!