There are a few reasons why I’ve chosen not write about fashion all that often on CJCARPENTER.CO.UK, one being that I’m so attached to certain brands that when I do post there is only so much I can talk about without sounding like a broken record. I mean how many times can I mention my fav babes Nasty Gal? (whoops I did it again with this one). As much as I love finding new and niche brands, they don’t come to my attention as often as the more mainstream fashion houses do. I’ve been introduced to a few independent shops recently though thanks to blogging and Instagram, so I will be sharing them with you soon. But right now I’m wanting to chat more about why I’ve started to change what I write about, so let’s do it…

Being a very part-time blogger means that keeping up with trends and sharing new-in pieces proves difficult. I can have clothes lined up, ready to shoot, discuss and share, but before you know it it’s become sold-out or pushed back from the ‘recently added’ section (this incredible cardigan is proof of that). Basically, it’s hard to keep up with. I could be madly in love with a piece of clothing and want to shout about it, but before I know it my time has gone and no one else can get there hands on it, so does it then become pointless to post about? Probably, and that seems beyond silly to me. I know we’ve all read our fair share of ‘fast fashion’ related posts through the recent months, but it’s a brilliant subject to talk about and one I'll mention whenever I can.

I for one don’t buy much in the grand scheme of things, I can go a month or two without having flexed my credit card, which is another strong reason as to why I don't talk about fashion as much as I would potentially like. I’m lucky that I get gifted items every now and then, because it gives me a brand to share the love for and that’s where I really find my passion for (yeah I’m about to say it) fashion.

If every blogger spoke about the same thing it would become a very boring community pretty quickly. I have my select few creatives I go to for my fashion needs, and those I bookmark for the times I want some general inspiration or a kick up the arse. From this I’ve learnt that writing about clothes isn’t all I can do, I can broaden my blog to so much more than that.

As much as I do love fashion, I’m not a trend junkie or a designer collector, I simply wear what I like no matter if it’s in this season or not. That’s where I find it difficult because yeah, I could easily ramble on about items of clothing every single week without fail, but being a girl who isn’t always a lover of the high-street makes it just that little harder to be ‘relatable’. If I’m being honest it’s not what drives me and it’s not the kind of posts I like to read either. I have my Instagram for the more fashion side of things where I share semi-daily outfits with you. Granted, if I blogged full-time and wrote every single day, had brands backing me and all the time in the world, I would write about fashion no problem and enjoy every second of it. But right now I can only post weekly, meaning when I do, I want it to be about more than just where I got my cardigan from (it’s Nasty Gal, obviously).

I’m really enjoying the content I’m creating since deciding to balance out my lifestyle posts to my fashion, I feel more productive and happy with it all. I do adore shooting fashion imagery and sharing them along side my posts, so that’s one thing I won’t ever change, meaning that the style element to CJCARPENTER.CO.UK will still be there, even when I’m writing about something polar opposite.