Last week myself and my partner decided to set up camp on our living room floor and watch a BBC documentary about Woodstock. Being a lover of everything older than the late ’90s, I couldn’t wait to settle in and spend two hours lost in the joys of one of the greatest events in music history. I knew a fair bit about Woodstock already - I’ve sat with my mouth open over Jimi Hendrix and his legendary “The Star-Spangled Banner” several times, but seeing so many clips I hadn’t seen before and the nostalgia behind the real footage was next-level cool. Everything about the documentary was exciting to me, the free-spirited vibes, the retro hues and of course the number of flares in sight.

It’s a no-brainer, but the fashion was what took it to a whole new level for me. I’ve seen the music and heard the stories, but seeing imagery bought it to life even more. In nearly every clip there was some seventies soul in a pair of flares and a very cropped top, men even took part in the flamboyant fashions which aren’t a look we see many donning these days. Times were different back then, no one cared about dressing to impress the majority, or wearing the new season trend, they only cared about being themselves and sticking to their ‘hippie’ ways. If men wore crop tops and the tightest jeans you’ve ever seen (Jimi, I’m looking at you) no one judged them, and that’s one thing I wish stuck with the years gone by. We are a much more judgemental era, we criticise and we insult if anything is even slightly out of the ordinary, we are no longer free-spirited generation. This is why I’m so big on older times, it seemed like a much simpler era and in far more ways than just personal style. Being in a community of likeminded souls who don’t give a fuck about what you want to do, or who you want to be must of been magical. Everyone seemed to ooze cool and confidence, I was simply in awe for the entire duration of the documentary.

So, due to my undying love of the late sixties and early seventies, I’ve brought Woodstock to Manchester and been wearing my flares ever since, and even been on the hunt for more to add to my collection. These are a huge favourite of mine, they were a cast-off from my Mother who bought them from a vintage shop on the whim. Sadly for her, they didn’t fit. Although they’re over-sized on me, I just love the comfort and casualness of them. They go perfect which my vast t-shirt collection and are the best pair of pants for A/W, they also make a great change from jeans. Cord was huge last winter, and I’m surmising it’ll come back in full force this year. This pair is a Wrangler classic, which in my eyes is one of the best brands you can buy for your denim goods. I’ve only ever purchased Wrangler second-hand, and even then they’ve lasted me years. It’s good to invest in pieces like this, you can, of course, buy them brand new from the official store, but getting that perfect pair of vintage jeans is a truly special thing and can be super rare to come by. They are one of the more expensive items you find in vintage shops, people know you’d pay more for them, so they put the price up on sought after goods. It’s common sense and understandable, but even though they do add on a few pounds to the price tag - it’ll still be cheaper than buying full price and you’ve got that added perk of scoring the dream pair of vintage denims. I know I’ll always keep this pair of hand-me-downs, I’ve got room for growth (it’s not like I’ll stay a size 6 forever) and they will never go out of style, and even if they do, this vintage soul will still be wearing retro clothing until she’s old!

I added my Good Morning Keith* tee for the ultimate retro feel. The font and logo make any outfit more far-out and nostalgic. I also wore a printed headscarf and tinted shades - the best accessories for turning any outfit into a seventies throwback!