I’ve spent a lot of time in casual gear recently, donning jeans and a t-shirt on every occasion possible. So, it’s time I played dress-up once again and wore something a little jazzier. I don’t own a lot of evening gear, but the pieces I do have are statement enough to be able to wear often and still make an impact - I mean, what’s more out-there than a metallic dress? It’s safe to say I’d get noticed and probably even reflect in some scenarios, but, nevertheless it’s very cool and just another statement piece I’ve added to my wardrobe recently.

You might be thinking, ‘hold on, I’ve seen this before’, and you probably have as it is a few seasons old. I bought it second hand for pennies, instead of spending full price at its brand store - Topshop. It’s a boutique piece so would easily have been at least £60 full price, meaning I got it for practically 90% off which is one huge steal. Buying branded pieces second-hand also means your not dipping your finger into the retail market, your money goes straight to a charity that needs all the funds it can get. I’m restricting myself from buying straight from the high-street, but if you still want new and trendy items you can certainly find them hanging around in second-hand stores - much like this Topshop boutique piece. I remember it coming into the store, I worked for the company and the shiny new items we got on the daily made the job far more interesting. Wondering what I could spend my uniform allowance on this time, I came the festive collections. Winter party-wear had arrived, the metallic tones, garish sequins and dark velvets had come flooding in. This fancy number sold out fast, meaning I never got my hands on it. Now, with no more staff discount and a far more environmentally conscious head on my shoulders, It’s wound up in my pre-loved closet.

I wanted to take this piece to a whole new level by adding my most seventies accessories to make it appear far more retro than it is. This worked a treat, my most loved Rockins scarf and velvet boots make it very Saint Laurent, while my sunglasses add a Chloé touch. I’m completely smitten with all of these accessories, picking the perfect accents can bring any outfit into a desired era. Of course, the seventies will always be my favourite and most inspired time, but this dress can easily fit into a lot more trends and styles by swapping the shoes and ditching the scarf.