If you’ve been living under a rock then you wouldn't know that cords have had a major re-birth and I’m talkin’ more than just pants too. Everywhere you go there’s suits, dresses and even shoes in the retro fabric, and in multiple colours too, it’s definitely this seasons biggest trend. I’ve always been a lover of cords, having owned many pairs throughout the years, but it’s one of those thing’s where you almost get annoyed at the fact everyone is now wearing them. It’s great that I can now get my hand’s on them far easier than before, being able to go online and find them instantly without having to search for hours trying to grab the best pair. Now, I can bag some so easily from the lower end of the high-street and the very top. Today I wanted to talk about a brand that are a more high-end brand, but one that has continued to blow me away with it’s quality fashion.

It’s been ages since I’ve sat down and spoken about a particular fashion item, so I thought I’d come back with a bang and share these dreamy 7 For All Mankind cords* with you all. I briefly mentioned this brand in the last post I shared, which featured my incredible black suede jacket and my boyfriends classic denim shirt. Today, I bring you my favourite piece they gifted me. It’s like they read my mind when packaging my gift, like they somehow knew I was in the market for a new pair and they had to be the ones to fulfil that need. I’m so thankful they did, because these are a really beautiful pair that fit me in all of the right places.

I have a constant battle with finding jeans that fit me, I’m definitely an in-between size which is a total nightmare when shopping. They’re either too big or too small, it’s very rare I win the jean battle and score the perfect pair. These though, these come first place in my pant collection now. Fitting me like a dream is something, but also having the best quality and finish to them is an added bonus. I love brands that really focus on the finer details, working hard to create a distinctive logo or design. My favourite thing about these cords is the detailing on the back pocket, it distinguishes them from others and helps products look even more high-end. If there is one little turn off for me, (but something I am getting used to) it’s that they’re low-waisted which in term means a constant case of pulling them up. I’m definitely more of a ‘the higher the pants the more they cover’ kind of jean wearer. I like my pants high and tight to hide all of my sins, it also means they stay firmly in place throughout the day I don’t feel a cold sensation in that region, we all know there’s nothing worse than the classic Builders Bum. I can live with it though, it just means tucking in my tops and giving off even more of a seventies vibe.

I have to admit I have never invested in a decent pair of pants, even now as these were a wonderful gift from 7 For All Mankind. If I was to spend the cash and really treat myself to a pair that would tick (most of) my boxes then it would 100% be from 7FAM. It does make you think about saving up and investing in pieces rather than buying and binning clothes a few months down the line due to poor quality and fast fashion. Although cords might just be a trend piece for most, for me they aren’t. I’ve had a pair in my wardrobe ever since I discovered who Led Zeppelin where, they are the ultimate seventies piece and we all know that’s an era I love the most. I’m stoked to be able to add these too my every growing pant stash, and to slowly but surely start off my small designer collection.







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