Welcome to my little corner of the Internet (says every blogger, ever). I'm CJ, a portrait photographer, writer and wannabe blogger. I live in London and spend my free time taking flicks of beautiful people, as well as working the 9-5 at Topshop.

I work hard to create a wide variety of content from fashion to lifestyle, music to feminist issues. I also co-own a new, up and coming website titled The Girls Club. The Girls Club is a place where we want to spread the love and give female creatives a place to express themselves and produce incredible content for our site, and of course theirs. We want it to be the place for like-minded individuals to make a statement, be 100% themselves and just create some bad ass content. We make it our aim to shine a light on incredible female-run brands, artisits, bloggers and all other forms of creatives. We think it's important to support and encourage the extremely talented woman in this industry! Sound up your street? You can apply join the club here!

As well as running two websites, I am also building a portfolio of portrait and street style work. I've been lucky to work with brands such as Sacred Hawk and Carbs, two incredible brands I am beyond proud to support. I have taken photographs of credible bloggers like Holly White and Paige Leanne, to name a few. You can view my online portfolio here, and also book a shoot with me via my 'Book a Shoot' page.

Thank you for taking the time to visit CJ Carpenter. If you'd love to work together feel free to send me an email via chloejaynecarpenter@outlook.com
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