I spend alot of time scrolling through shopping apps on my mobile, it's usually at 1am when I'm wide awake, bored out of my brains and frustraited to no end. I give in, grab my phone and take a scroll. If I can't sleep, I might as well just shop? This top was one of my midnight purchases, and to be honest it might be one of my favourite things I've bought this month (despite my leopard flares I featured in a recent post, nothing tops those). Maybe I shop best when I'm tired?

These boots were also a sleep deprived purchase. After waking up at 6.30am, taking a train to work but popping into Primark before hand for cotton wool buds, I ended up with these - and yes, I totally forgot the cotton wool buds.  I can't say I have ever worn a pair of boots like this, but we all know I'm up for giving anything a go. Kitten heels are very Marmite (I love Marmite), but it was the denim that got me, I instantly invisioned a double denim look with some vintage style jeans. The look I imagined came to life and I thank my tired self for going into Primark that morning and scoring these incredible denim boots!

I adore the seventies vibe in these shots, that's probably why I fell so deeply in love with every part of it. Every piece has a retro feel to it, and putting all of them together made for a seriously cool outfit.  This isn't a look for the faint hearted though, it's certainly one of the most daring outfits I've ever worn, but the confidence I feel while wearing it is pretty special. Rainbow stripes always make me feel proud and confident for so many reasons, and finding an outfit that you love to be seen in is one of the best discoveries out there, so it's safe to say I have a lot of love for this whole get-up.
I think it's true what that say, that wearing colour makes feel positive and certainly gives off a happy vibe. I'm not saying that if I wear black feel miserable, I only mean that when I'm embarcing a colourful pallette I feel brighter and more confident. I always look at other people who dress brightly, those with un-natural hair colours and a wardrobe that contains everything but monochrome, and think they look incredibly fun and outgoing. I certainly took on that role myself with this look, and discovered what truth there is in that statment. Wearing colourful clothes does make you feel good!



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