Ah, something I've had said to me so many times, having people in my life that aren't as open as I am with nudity, or confident about embracing the human body for everything that it is. I understand that not everyone is as comfortable with being naked as me, but to those of us who are, I think it's something to be extremely proud of. I'm seeing more and more people taking their kit off, exposing their bodies and looking incredible while doing so. I salute everyone who does, it's groundbreaking and something we should all accept as a normal thing to do. If you don't want to bare all, that's 100% OK too, but we should fill the people who do with nothing but confidence, power and complete admiration because it probably took a lot for that individual to get to that happy place.

I've read some powerful posts this month, each of which have stayed with me and I know I wont be forgetting about them anytime soon, all focused on the female body. I want to shed a light on them with you, just in case they slipped through the net. The first of which is from my beautiful friend Holly White, who last week wrote a post titled, 'Okay, I Think I Love Myself'. This post was all about how she has overcome body issues and is truly starting to enjoy the skin she's in. Being someone myself who has struggled with weight and issues surrounding food, this post spoke to me on a lot of levels. It's hard being in the modern world surrounded by flawless people, only to end up constantly judging yourself and wondering why on earth you don't look like that too. It's an issue I've overcome, and one Holly has too. It's a subject that needs to be spoken about openly and the world needs to know how many of us suffer with mental health surrounding our appearance. Holly smashed it out of the park with this post, it contains beautiful self portraits in the cutest of bras, and of course a powerful bit of writing. My favourite part of it was the piece of text I've copied for you below. Holly, I hope you don't mind me sharing your wise words on here too.

'I'm learning to appreciate the skin that I'm in. No, I may not love it, but I appreciate it. This body keeps me alive, keeps me going each day, and this body holds my laughter - my memories - and I have to thank it for that.' - Holly White

Another post I loved (all be it published more than a month ago) is from babe of mine, Chloe Plumstead. It's been literally years since I've had the pleasure of seeing Chloe, but I'll always remember the total joy I had meeting her. She had so much about her that I loved, she is honestly one of the most talented bloggers I follow, writing about so many subject issues and posting incredibly shot images to go with. She ticks all of my boxes, mostly for the honesty she brings to her writing. Last month she wrote a follow up post from a piece she made last year titled, '2017: The Year of Being Fat & Happy' where she spoke about calorie counting, yo-yo dieting and the fact she no longer gives a fuck about these things. Since then we've seen Chloe taking her kit off and posting some absolutely beautiful images in some equally striking lingerie, showing us that she really doesn't care. It's female empowerment down to a T, and even though we might not know these women as much as we'd like, we can still feed so proud of everything they have over come in life. 

I am gradually seeing more and more females posting selfies half naked, and to me it is the best thing to pop up on my time line. We as women have gone through hell and back to gain a voice in this world, to be in a position where we can be naked and happy. Our bodies are art and the way we choose to flaunt it is up to us and to those who judge us, shame on you. We are using our voice and the skin we were born with to overcome the prudes of life, the up tight individuals of the world who get bitter about showing even a hint of skin because 'women should never expose themselves'. We are forces of nature and won't stop expressing ourselves, be it through the power of words or image.

So, why do I always have to be naked? Because I have grown and overcome challenges in life with my body and my mental health. Because of the power of feminism and what it has taught me, how it has helped me through my young adult life and most importantly, because I can. 

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