It's not often you'll see me shooting around blogger favourite, Notting Hill, but when you work with a brand like Sister Jane there isn't a more perfect backdrop to showcase their pieces. I've been spending more time in this part of the city, with it being the home of many amazing vintage shops and tasty cafes, it's actually quite hard not to be swayed by it most of the time. It's a glorious place to be this time of year, the beautiful homes and aesthetically pleasing features it holds within look so perfect under the winter sun. I decided to take it all in and appreciate it for what it was, because if there is any time I would do it, it would be for the wonderful Sister Jane.

I've worked with Sister Jane before and they are easily one of the top brands on my radar. The last time I shot for them was in the Queen of Hearts suit, which got so much love from people on my socials. I ended up wearing it to an event and it got a lot of love there too. It holds the position for being the best outfit I've ever worn, and I think a lot of you would agree it was a pretty special look. There's not much for me that can top it, being a lover of all things suiting and all, but each time they release a new collection my heart skips a beat.

This time round I decided to shoot something a little different. I adore big floaty dresses, but I can't say I ever have the chance to wear one. So, I wanted to take the opportunity given and change that statement by taking the incredible Max & Rudy Midi Dress for a spin round Insta famous W10. This dress features ruffle detailing and polka dot patterns, not to mention the very cute rabbit embroidered patches on each collar bone, sadly my long, messy hair decided to cover these up but I promise they do exist! I have slapped myself on the wrist for this, being a photographer I should know to always get key details in shot - stupid me! 

Even with some details being hidden, this dress is still incredibly flawless. Every time I get offered a chance to shoot for the team at Sister Jane, I freak a little (OK a lot). I would happily spend the rest of my days dressing up in these garments, because every time I do I feel like I'm in a fairytale. This dress is total Alice in Wonderland vibes and I really wish I had accessorised with a headband on this occasion because that would of completed this look perfectly!

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