It's about time I wrote a post about my best friend, Harry Morris, who just so happens to be my boyfriend - shock! Harry tells me he reads my blogs, but I'm not sure I believe him. He does have a very bad memory, so maybe when I ask him what I wrote about he genuinely does just forget. But this post isn't about your flaws, it's about your strengths, and the courage you have given me these past ten months we've spent together. So Harry, this ones for you...


As a person, you have made me better. You have made me want to achieve so much in life and become the person I've always strived to be. I feel inspired by you every single day, you really do give me a reason to get up in the morning. Neither or us are that into romance, we both struggle to get our words out most of the time, which makes writing this feel a little silly. But I know you wont mind, H, because all I'm really doing is showering you with compliments, and we all know that's your favourite thing.

It's not often you can find someone who embraces your passions in life. I've had friends and partners in the past that have drained me of all creativity, that they left me with zero motivation and no drive to do anything. So, finding someone that will get half naked with me on a Sunday afternoon to shoot some photographs for absolutely no reason, is pretty fucking amazing. You didn't respond with a sigh or a WTF, you simply said 'let's do it!' while unbuttoning your shirt. My heart probably skipped a beat then.

I really do love that we are the same person, we are so similar that it often freaks us out, and we have to sit back to take a moment and think about what just happened. Remember last week when we both randomly said the same sentence, or the time you bought the same hat as me? OK, so I suppose that's not the sort of similarity I mean, that was actually quite annoying. I still adore you anyway, and the fact we share the same likes and dislikes (mostly) makes life all the more better.

You have so many aspirations in life, it makes me want to curate a huge list to try and aspire towards. These past ten months we have done so much as individuals, let alone as a pair. We've made some great memories and I can't wait to make more. We are one heck of a great team, you and I, and I'm so happy to have you by my side.

Here's to another ten months of being each others Instagram husband and wife, to creating dreams and living our best life. I love you, kid.
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