Meet Holly Rebecca White, who I'm sure you're all already familiar with let's be honest. I was fortunate enough to meet this beautiful woman on May 9th, which just so happened to be my birthday (thanks for entertaining me for a few hours on my 23rd, kiddo!). We spent some time wondering about finding locations for shooting blog content for each other, mostly for me though so I could say 'Hey, I shot Holly White everyone!!'.

It was an absolute pleasure to meet Holly, she's someone I've spoken to for a while and always wanted to eventually meet. Holly isn't even eighteen and she's succeeding in a blogging and modelling career, so it's strange to say that I look up to her when I've got four years on her, but I do. Keep on doing what you're doing girl, you're acing it!

To see these shots in action, head over to www.hollylovesthesimplethings.co.uk and read the post where they're featured, she talks about her new found happiness (which makes me over the moon BTW!) and her one hell of a sassy outfit. If you're new to reading her wonderful site, I suggest you dig deep and catch up on all of her latest posts, she's a great writer and creates some of my favourite content out there.

I'll stop gushing for now before I embarrass her like a proud older sister or something. Thanks again for letting me shoot you, Holly! I know this wont be the last time that's for sure, I'll see you soon!

If you are a content creator like Holly, I would love to hear from you! I'm currently working hard to build my portfolio of work so I would adore to meet and photograph more blogger babes. Send me an email over to tigerlilyblog@outlook.com and let's get shooting!

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