Before I get into today's post, I just want to mention about the current changes happening on my site. I'm having a little update and moving some things around which means when you read this, you may be faced with some untidy headers or a sudden change of layout. It's nearly spring and I'm having a clean-up over here for a nice change. It feels good to start a fresh and edit some things here and there, so I'm excited to see the end result and hope you are too.

Now, let's get into the good stuff and talk about my outfit. It's going to be hard to get your hands on any of these specific pieces because the majority is second hand. But, I wanted to share my new favourite items of clothing with you all. No sweat - you could probably pick up some similar pieces on the high-street!

I'm having a love affair with vintage shopping again, mainly because I've scored hard recently when popping in on the off chance. I go through fazes of finding gems then hit a dry patch all of a sudden, a total nightmare! People think it's all about having the time to rummage and look at every piece to find the good stuff, but I don't agree. To a certain degree, you do need to be willing to hunt through the rails and bargain bins but not to such extent. I've walked straight into stores recently and found something that I've loved and had to snap up pronto! Some stores just don't carry the good stuff, so I recommend heading to larger ones that people will know about and be more inclined to hand their goods in to.
Luckily I had the chance to shop the charity stores in Staines where my boyfriend lives - the only good thing about a long distance relationship is exploring somewhere new! Staines has a few in the high street that worked their charm on me. I picked up this now-retro House of Holland skirt that's perfect for the end of winter months and hopefully summer too. Tartan is everywhere at the moment and will forever be a classic that's always in trend.

Tartan is clearly a punks favourite print, but with the help of Clueless it's become more feminine in modern fashion. There's nothing quite like seeing an old-school punk in their red check trousers with dozens of chains hanging from them, and a biker jacket that's from their youth - 'it's not just a phase!' springs to my mind. But, I love it even more when you bring the Clueless element into it too. So, I've mixed the two styles together and created something Sid Vicious and Cher Horowitz would both be proud of.

I've teamed my tartan skirt with a cream turtle-neck, which just so happens to be another vintage piece. I told you, gals been doing good! I've thrown my new leather jacket over the top to keep the punk element there but still kept it a little girlie with a feminist statement - 'GIRLS RULE'. The best and only statement you need if you ask me.

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