STRIPPED | 13.9.16

It's incredible when something makes you feel good when you're stripped bare in front of a camera without a hint of skin smoothing Photoshop magic and no make-up artist to hand. These earrings make me feel that way, isn't that special? I feel so raw beside these intricate earrings that hang delicately next to me. It's awfully sexy when you can feel beautiful with nothing but the help of a piece of jewellery, although even more sexy with the help of nothing at all.

Earrings - Stephanie Bates via Jewel Street *

Photography by Chloe Upton - Visual Stylist and Photographer | Instagram

In the past few weeks my love of jewellery has grown. Before, I thought it was something that helped me express my identity with my everyday rings from the remarkable people in my life, but now, it means so much more. Yes, it is amazing when you get given a piece from someone you have a love for, but when you can pick a piece yourself and show the real you through it, that's something. You can choose pieces that make you feel many different ways like sexy, beautiful and edgy. These Stephanie Bates earrings are making me feel all kinds of fancy which isn't a feeling I have ever had.

I think it's easy to take jewellery for granted and not appreciate it for what it is. It's a work of wearable art and right now it's making me feel magical and lucky to be able to show off such beautiful craftsmanship with you all. Massive thanks to the wonderful people over at Jewel Street for helping me feel like a queen in all the incredible jewellery you've let me get on my mitts on!

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