SOCCER MOM | 9.5.15

Don't even bother lying to yourself by dissing my choice of song for this post, it's a classic and goes swimmingly with my all-American (rejects, get it?!) look. Embrace your past emo self and enjoy three minutes of memories...

So I've figured out that wearing sports wear doesn't have to be sporty, you could opt for a serious soccer mom outfit like yours truly. Let me just pull the mini van round and we can go watch the boys play ball together? Cool. I'll also allow you to tell me I look like a referee in this shirt because a-las, it has already been said and I agree with the statement, it is full on referee chic. It's like I'm taking on a new meaning to sportswear and not wearing it to do sports in but to look like someone who just sits back, relaxes and watches the game instead.

Shirt - Topman (similar style), jeans - Primark, jacket - Topshop, boots - Topshop, cap - Topshop.

These New Era hats have fallen onto a lot of teens heads in the past week or so and I joined in as I'm a huge fan of a cap, they've definitely kick started my need for summer style and I'm not lying when I say it shielded my eyes from the sunshine, 5 degree sun but sun nonetheless! I'm now on a hat splurge which has got me looking out for some one of a kind vintage caps with city names or badges on. You know when you have the vision in your head and hunt high and low to make it a reality? That's the situation right now.

As I wasn't about to wear my sporty hat with a tracksuit I went for something more me which was a shirt and jeans as per usual. I may experiment in the near future with a pair of smart joggers if I'm feeling spontaneous but I'm actually really into this laid back look right now. Mixing smart with casual has always been one of my favourite styles to experiment with, like wearing a blazer with a pair of ripped up jeans for example. Taking away the smart vibes my jacket and shirt combo give out with a casual accessory adds a little fun and laziness to it! Plus, I'm totally into the all-American 90's look I'm giving off with this OOTD.

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