Back at it again with the band tee (how many blog posts have you seen with that joke in it? Damn Daniel). This time it's all about this vintage Mötley Crüe shirt that was made to be worn with ripped skinny jeans and black boots. Sourced from a charity shop it has the perfect 'vintage' feel along with that weird second hand smell you get whenever you enter a thrift store which is kind of comforting but also a little gross. Even though I may smell like an old lady even after a go over in the washing machine I still love the shirt.

Top - Vintage, jeans - Topshop, blazer - Newlook (similar), boots - Newlook (similar), sunglasses - Matalan, scarf - Topshop (similar)

Teamed with a star print skinny scarf from Topshop and a blazer gives it a smart look that makes me look classy, that is until you see I'm wearing a shirt with a American rock band on which gives it a rock'n'roll twist, just my thing.

I've been living in my Jamie jeans since the day I got them and realised they are the only jeans I now need in my life. I haven't even looked at another pair of jeans since then. Their the perfect pant to sit above your waist to hide any unwanted fat and I also find they sculpt your body perfectly, they might even suck you in a little. If you have never tried a pair then let me pressure you into buying a pair right this minute, do it! Jeans are a nightmare to buy but these have been my savour and I practically live in them, I don't even change into my sweat when I get home sometimes due to how comfortable they are and that's saying something!

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