If you have yet to see Drive featuring my all time crush, Ryan Gosling, then you won't understand my constant referencing throughout this post so this is a warning and an apology. On with the referencing we go! In the film Gosling wears one killer driving jacket which is silver with an embroidered golden scorpio on the back. Obviously he looks magical while wearing it and I can't say I'm on quite the same level, although now I have this jacket in my life I do think it bumps up my cool a couple of notches. I've started to call it my Drive jacket and it makes me feel like I'm walking around in a bubble of happiness with a slight era of cockiness, standard.

Shirt - vintage, bomber - Topshop, jeans - Topshop , boots - Topshop, scarf - Asos.

It's been a mighty long time since I've fallen for a piece of clothing that wasn't above the £200 mark so treating myself was definitely a must when it came to this bomber. Every time I graced my presence at work I saw it styled so perfectly in photographs which didn't help my need for it one bit. I thought I'd never get my hands on it after waiting months for it to come into stock at my Topshop but I struck some luck for once in my life as a customer returned one - HOORAY! I've never loved a customer so much as I did that day. It did cost me a pretty penny but thankfully I get a little discount which eased the pain ever so slightly. Besides the steep price tag it's totally worth the money because it is two jackets in one, yep you heard right IT'S REVERSIBLE! You thought it was cool already and now I've hit you with some more.

I really think I've sold this jacket to you so please feel free to tell my boss that my selling technique is on point. If a piece of clothing makes you feel like Gosling then why the hell wouldn't you want it?! 

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