ONE YEAR ON | 20.3.16

This shirt strongly represents how I'm feeling because in exactly 49 days time it'll be my one year anniversary of living in Bristol, what a hectic and crazy year it has been. I wont scrimp on the details with you after all I put hard work and effort into this blog so why not put my heart and soul into it too? This past year has been full of stress, complications and a lot of tears but that's been completely out-weighed by the glorious feelings I have towards my life now.

I moved to Bristol with my now past boyfriend thinking that our new life would contain happiness and last longer than the few months it did but I wasn't happy and I didn't want that life I'd created to last any longer. I don't regret moving away because that wouldn't of made me the way I am today, or my life the way it is either. I learnt a lot during those few months, some more valid then others like how to set up a joint account or what a water metre is and that some men leave urine on the toilet seat, so there were some great life lessons to be learnt. I'm sometimes a strong believer that things happen for a reason and I wouldn't be here in Bristol without that shit happening.

I am now out of the flat I shared with said ex and into a house share which by the way I worked myself up about for weeks on end. It's so daunting thinking about moving into a house with complete strangers that it made me ridiculously anxious, will we need the bathroom at the same time? What if I need to brush my teeth and the bathrooms occupied? Which by the way has already happened and I ate a whole pack of mints that day. These are all very petty things to dawn on but my brain overworked itself and my nerves were another level when I first moved in. Don't get me wrong it's still a little awkward and not quite the one bedroom flat I dream of but it's far better than living with an old boyfriend.

I've also moved on in a relationship sense and without getting into it too much I'll just say it's all tops. Being with someone so kind and loving through the hard times I've faced these past few weeks has been a blessing. With that and what I suppose you could call my new life I'm doing well, really well in fact. I'm still on the hunt for somewhere I can call home but I'm keeping my head held high while browsing Gumtree every hour for a housemate. That being said I'm the happiest I've been in months or maybe even a year which is a good example of things happening for a reason, wouldn't you say? I adore my life in Bristol and wouldn't change this past year for the world, OK, maybe less tears would of been nice but I won't get picky.

I can't wait to see what the next year of my life holds and in the nearer future I'm so looking forward to summer. Who else is counting down the hours until it's warm again? I don't mean to be rude, Spring, but do get over and done with so I can feel the heat again. I have a hunch this summer is going to be one of the best ones yet! I do hope you are all doing well and keeping yourselves happy in life, if my rubbish situation could get better then yours could too. Chin up, move on and enjoy life.

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