SELF LOVE | 16.02.16

Firstly, happy valentine's day for Sunday one and all, not a phrase a lot of people enjoy hearing as it's become more of a day of hate than a day of love. For me though I believe you should spend everyday loving who you have chosen to spend your time with and if you haven't chosen (not that always a choice) to be with anyone at all, that's more than OK too. Don't feel lonely on the day of love, enjoy yourself and embrace your beautiful friends and family around you. I was kind enough leave this topic I'm about to discuss for a couple of days rather than pile my thoughts onto you when a lot of you are were a cloud of romance, so I hope you did enjoy your Sunday of pleasure (sounds naughty, maybe it even was) but now it's time stop putting it off and talk about self love - Righteous!

On that day in particular we see a lot of self hate in the way of status updates and retweets from a comedic genius who's made a great meme about being single for eternity, and as much as its all fun and games I know some people do genuinely feel down about it. My feed was a terrible sight on the morning of as I saw more miserable posts than happy ones. I say let's dedicate all future valentine's days to loving ourselves and our bodies and leave the downward spiral of misery for another day - or never. Just because you don't have someone showering you in cheese like how beautiful they think you are doesn't mean you aren't in fact that. It's not always about dedicating your love to another human being it's also about leaving some of it for yourself, remember that.

On the subject of this I've got something else to say... I don't know if you saw the disgust that was Kylie Jenners recent Instagram post condoning 'butt and breast' enhancing cream but I did and I was sick in my mouth, to be frank with you. Firstly, how she thinks it's a good idea to promote something that claims to do such a thing to her audience of which start from the early age of 13 maybe even younger is beyond me. It's disgusting to share these things with such influential young girls when they haven't even developed fully yet anyway, give it a few years and your breasts could look like that with no help at all! Not only was it shameful of her to share the post for that reason but also the fact she had the audacity to say 'what a perfect gift for Valentine's' it would be... No, no it would not. If your other half gifts you a product to make your already beautiful body 'better' then please hand him back the goods and do not give him your goods either. You do not need a jar of cream to look like a Jenner, the gym and a balanced diet would help if you really wanted it too. Don't let a somehow famous teenager make you feel bad about your body because your body is lovely and natural without a jar of butt boosting cream. As depressing as my Facebook feed was that morning, the comments I saw over and over again on that post made me feel even more down. The amount of self-hatred in this world is a scary thought so I won't go on about this any longer as I feel myself slowly boiling up inside. What I will say is this - spend some time appreciating yourself and the people around you, maybe go ahead don your best undies and enjoy your own company for once OR if you do have that special person then share the love with them.

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