I've had some big personal changes happen in my life recently and It's made me feel a lot of self doubt which is more than normal for a sorry-for-herself 21 year old going through a rough time. It's time to embrace change and remember that things happen for a reason and I'm really not the failure I think I am. I'm starting to endure new things in all aspects of my life and one of those is definitely my creativity in blogging. I love to shoot and write and I think about it most hours of the day but rarely actually do it because that little niggle in my head stops me from it. I'm seriously over-flowing with content ideas at the moment and it's time I grew a pair by taking those ideas out of my journal and onto the web.

I'm having to train up some poor new souls to shoot a few photos for me which is the reason for the lack of outfit posts the past few weeks, but you never know one of them could be a budding photographer in the making! As well as training up a new camera man I'm also forcing kindly asking a couple of friends to help me out with some features I want to get up and running, all good things to come I hope. It's taken me a while to pluck up the courage to start something fresh and head for new directions but that's one good thing about going through a bad time, you come out far stronger on the other side. It's time to get those ideas off of the paper and turn them into something good!

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