TAKE SOME TIME | 15.12.15

I'm hoping that you wondered where I've been hiding away to these past few weeks, did you miss me? Did you even wonder? Well, it's been a tough few weeks in casa del Tigerlily and having some time to myself was necessary. Not just to take some personal time off to make myself feel semi-normal and get a brain cell back but having a general break from the interweb can work wonders for all.

Dealing with drama and emotions is one thing but having to maintain a happy writing style while doing so isn't ok, neither is trying to take photos while you're breaking out with a huge influx of spots thanks to all that stress. When I don't feel good on the inside I'm not going to be feeling good on the outside whether that's on camera or written on a page. I'd rather stop trying to be creative than force it!

I always encourage breaks, I see a lot of bloggers struggling with a stupid amount of work and no time to breathe, unless it's to draft a moany tweet about said work load. Take some time and do you because I can assure you It feels good to have some time and come back even better than before. If you're going through some rough times then sit back, sort it out and come back when you're good and ready.

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