KEITH FOREVER | 22.12.15

How Keith is this shirt and hat combo? I Literally pinned an image of him wearing a very similar shirt about 30 minutes ago. Keith is my style hero always and forever but that's common knowledge by now. I found this slinky silk shirt in a charity store and it had mine and Keith's name written all over it.

Shirt - vintage, coat - Primark (old), jeans - Topshop, boots - Newlook, hat - eBay, rings - Topman.

I forgot how much I adore the colour purple and although there is something about it that reminds me of Chuck Bass (if you have never seen Gossip Girl then forget this sentence ever existed), it's a beautifully royal colour that should be seen way more often, especially in the form of a silk shirt.

I pulled one of my old wool jackets out of my closet for this outfit which came with free added dog hair, apparently. I'm always into colour clashing and mixing two rather royal colours together could not have worked better, it's also not that far from my usual dark colour palette so every ones a winner. Mr Chuck eat your heart out!

FYI this hat will not be coming off of my head for a while, sorry.

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