SIMPLICITY | 02.11.2015

Sometimes things don't have to be all patterns and sparkles, you know? It's hard to belive that's come out of my mouth but a tee and jeans can look so perfectly simple. I'm taking major inspiration from these simplistic attires and wearing a plain shirt and jeans on a more regular occasion.

Images taken from Pinterest

I'm totally in love with the tom-boy element of it all, the baggy jeans and boxy t-shirt with a pair of old school chucks gives me all sorts of feels. I love that dressing down can look just as good as dressing up. It's also a pretty wise idea for winter because most practical (I know, how boring and mumsy of me) coats take over my outfits anyway so there isn't a lot of point in making all that effort with a cute OOTD just for it to be covered in your dozens of winter layers, scrap it and get back to basics!

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